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What you think of the theory Rosalind is Lincoln sister? I don't think Constance is old enough to be his mom and that theory would go along nicely with the one Lincoln is Thomas Ward. That would make her their sister. Ward brought up a sister once. She could be older like Christian was. Ward's family is always brought up but we barely met them. This would be a nice family drama.

If you are really into guessing what is coming on AOS I am begging you to read this and let me know your thoughts, because I think this theory is it.

Almost immediately after posting my first mom!meta my further research brought this idea to light and got me REALLY excited about it.

As everyone who knows me knows, I am aggressively attached to the Lincoln is Thomas Ward theory.  I discuss it in less depth here, but I believe Lincoln and Grant both are meant to play aspects of the character Hellfire and I think this makes fuller sense if they are related–especially if they are brothers.

A HUGE part of the mythology of Hellfire (JT James) is that he and his powers are descended from the Phantom Rider–a character whose story has insane emphasis on brothers.  The original Rider’s are Lincoln (cough) and Carter Slade (which, sidenote, presidential names anyone? Sound familiar? *side-eyes the Wards*).  These characters are brothers–Lincoln is practically raised by Carter.  Carter becomes the first Rider, and when he is killed (saving Lincoln’s life), Lincoln takes over the power of Hellfire and his job as the Rider.

Something extremely interesting to consider is that Mockingbird is also a very heavy part of this story.  While the Rider, Lincoln kidnaps and brainwashes her–when she comes out of it, she kills him.  His spirit, however, doesn’t love that he was bested by a woman and sticks around until Hamilton Slade, a great-great descendant (also, presidential names again…) uncovers an urn (??) on an archaeological dig researching his Rider descendants.  Out of the urn (??) comes Lincoln’s spirit–which then possesses him and attempts to use him to incite his revenge on Bobbi Morse.  I can’t say I love the prospect of blaming all of Grant’s wrongdoing on some sort of possession…but his vendetta against Bobbi fits this perfectly.

Something else intriguing? There is another Hamilton Slade in the 616.  His mother’s name is Margaret.

So—how does this all relate to the Wards?

  • First, most painfully obviously–the presidential names.  It has been noted time and time again that the powerful Ward family has a tendency to name their children after past leaders of the US.  The Slade family has a very similar M.O.
  • Also there is the obvious “Lincoln” name passed on.  It’d be interesting if our Lincoln adopted his Great-great Grandad’s name as an alias in escaping his abusive, dark past.
  • Brothers. From the start I’ve said the Hellfire mythology is all about siblings.  It has been my main argument for Lincoln as Thomas Ward all along. It would be a very interesting and relevant angle to take on JT (current Secret Warriors Hellfire)
  • The Mockingbird Thing.  As I said, I am extremely hesitant to allow for Grant’s actions to be excused via possession, but Spirit!Lincoln Slade’s revenge vendetta is too odd a connection to pass up.
  • I think Campbell is a red herring.  We were supposed to notice that.  There is no way it was either a, an accident, or b, meant to be missed.  They want us to draw ties between those two and argue about that with the name Campbell attached, rather than draw ties to the Ward family.
  • “When I first got here, I almost burned the place down.  Literally.”  There is a very interesting connection to be made between this and the Ward home burning down.  I think that Lincoln has had his powers since long before the Afterlife took him in. (more here) Assuming he is Thomas, I think that this could very likely be the source of Rosalind’s uneasiness about powered people–and that expression upon seeing his face again.
  • There is a general consensus that the Ward sister’s name is Rose? I have been unable to find where that consensus is drawn from but it exists–if anyone has sources on this, please let me know.  But I’ve done extensive research and have been unable to turn anything up.
  • There has been an interesting foil set up between Lincoln and Ward that I discuss in greater depth somewhere–I’ll attach the link when I find it
  • Constance Zimmer recently said that someone on set had just learned that their character was not what they thought.  Honestly, this could only apply to Rosalind or Lincoln–all the other characters have already been provided enough backstory to settle them into who they are.
  • How can they pass up the opportunity of making Lincoln be scarred from The Well Experience and giving us an ELECTRIC character who is scared of water jfc

A lot of people don’t like this theory because they don’t want Lincoln’s relevance to rely on Grant/familial ties to the Ward’s–but I’d argue it is just the opposite.  This season is about Inhuman’s, not Hydra.  Last season, we were left with Grant rebooting Hydra–why the hell would he be relevant if that is his plot this season? (spoiler alert: it’s because it isn’t)

We get confirmation that Grant and Christian have fallen out of touch with their sister but there is never a mention of what happens to Thomas. Whether or not the obviously estranged siblings (Thomas and Mystery Sister) would know each other or their other brothers if seen again is highly debatable–but I think they both want to detach themselves from the name Ward as far as they can.  Listen for the name Ward to be mentioned around either of them, ever–I doubt it will happen until we are on the verge of confirmation.

Also, I’m just going to leave you with this: