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Solea Pfeiffer and Michael Luwoye as Alexander and Eliza Hamilton - Hamilton First National Tour - San Francisco, CA.

Hamilton National Tour thoughts

So yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Hamilton and ther were just a few hunts I’d like to note

  • During the first act Hamilton and Laurens are constantly doing this bro hug, you know the thing where dudes shake hands and pat each other on the back because they are “manly mans”. It’s adorable
  • Obviously it goes without saying but Eliza is so precious I love her
  • I mean tot say this at first but omg the spinning stage is literally the coolest thing, like it doesn’t seem like it would make that big a difference but it DOES
  • There were several times that the pit would have to extend the intro to a song because the crowd was cheering so loud, and the crowns I was in was mostly older people and I’ve seen several shows in this theater and never have I seen that much applause
  • Like honestly the entire experience was magical and live changing, but less about me and more about the show
  • In Farmer refuted, Hamilton attempts to confront the farmer a few times in the beginning but Burr stops him. Then, just before Hamilton’s “yo” Lafayette puts his arm around Burr, pints somewhere and essentially distracts him and takes him to the other side of the stage. Also Seabury keeps like moving to stand in front of Hamilton and at one point Hamilton his stands in the small pedestal with him. It’s hilarious.
  • The king. Honestly everything about the king was hilarious, more in him later but he dude is just so funny
  • The Laurens interlude into non-stop is so abrupt, like it really shows how Hamilton didn’t even like take time to grieve, he juts immediately got to work, He’s really “Non-Stop”
  • After Lafayette’s rap in cabinet battle, I forget which one, he does a mic drop but Madison catches it. I don’t know why it was so funny but the entire theater was cracking up.
  • I know others have mentioned it before but in take a break when Philip stands up and despite being nine looks like a grown man it’s so funny, it’s made even better when, immediately after his poem, he leaps into Hamilton’s arms. It’s so cute and so funny
  • Also i dont know if I’ve mentioned it but I would literally die for Eliza
  • In “We Know” when Hamilton calls Burr “senator” Burr rises a fist in the air, like celebrating his victory. It’s one of those small details that you don’t hear in the soundtrack that really makes the play
  • King George sits on the side and watches “Adams Administration” and he is living for the drama it is so funny. And then his dancing in Reynolds Pamphlet was iconic
  • Burn. Wow. Just wow. I cried, my 5 year old sister cried. My mom who “isn’t that into musicals” cried. If you think is powerful on the soundtrack, it’s ten times more powerful live. You can hear the emotion in her voice. I want to cry just thinking of it.
  • I don’t know why but he part of Blow Us All Away where Phillip confronts George was so funny. Like George in the balcony and Phillip yelling up at him? Iconic.
  • I’m sure others have mentioned t but Eliza’s scream at the end of Stay Alive (Reprise)? It was like someone was shredding my heart with a chainsaw and caught it on fire
  • If SAr caught my heart on fire, It’s Quite Uptown poured gasoline on it. You could hear Angelica sobbing as she sang. Like the song is sad, but seeing it live is indescribable
  • Also Madison’s “please” in the Election of 1800 was 10x funnier and more relatable live.
  • Burr discretely hands money to some of the people who are saying good things about him in this song, I think it was the guy who said “He seems approachable” but I’m not sure
  • The bullet in the world was wide enough? Iconic. Liek watcjing the ensemble pick up he bullet and try to stop it was breathtaking. Even though everyone obviously knows Hamilton does it is still devastating.
  • Burr is audibly crying while he sings after he shot Hamilton
  • I just need to take another moment because Eliza. I love her.
  • When Eliza says “I speak out against slavery,” Washington vows his head as if he’s ashamed because he didn’t. It truly is the details that make this show.
  • Towards the end of the final song Hamilton is standing by her, but in the end he steps aside so she alone stands in the spotlight
  • I know everyone talks about the gasp but I can’t just not mention it. Like after watching Eliza question if she has done enough to see her look to the audience and realize that because of her, his story is being told. I know is fictional, but I’m crying just thinking about it.
  • Also when they take final bows, Eliza is in the center,not Hamilton. I feel like this reinforces the theory that the title Hamilton refers to Alexander AND Eliza. There truly would be no hamilton without her
  • Honestly the show was amazing. I mentioned my mom earlier? She never really got me and my sisters obsession and didn’t really like musicals but she laughed and she cried so much. This orning when I woke up I heard her in the phone with one of her friends raving about how good it was, how life changing it was.
  • There are no words for how good Hamilton was. I’m still in shock honestly. Now I’m gonna go listen to the soundtrack again and cry
canon whereby hamilton throws a dog at seabury during Farmer Refuted

Shoba Narayan can currently be seen in Seattle (and on other Second National Tour stops, coming to a theater near you) as Eliza Schuyler. Just over a year prior to joining Hamilton, Shoba made her Broadway debut as an ensemble member and swing in original Broadway company of Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812. During her tenure at Great Comet, Shoba had her own track and also covered both male and female roving violin and viola ensemble tracks, including the infamous fur cloak soloist track. Of greater note, however, is the fact that Shoba understudied as the titular female lead, Natasha Rostova, becoming the first woman of Indian descent to play a principal character on Broadway in over a decade (and was the only South Asian woman in any Broadway musical, period, at the time). She starred in the role alongside Josh Groban and later, Hamilton’s own Okieriete Onaodowan, and is the second actress to play both Natasha and Eliza, the first being the originator of both roles, Phillipa Soo. Shoba is the first Indian actress, and the second actress of South Asian descent to be a principal actress in Hamilton, the first being HamChi’s Ari Afsar.

 Prior to making her Broadway - and Hamilton - debuts, Shoba worked in a variety or Television shoes and film projects, including Quantico, Gossip Girl, Halal in the Family, Growing Up Smith, Coin Heist, and Price of Freedom. She was also a stage actress, having appeared in multiple productions throughout her youth including West Side Story, Les Miserables, and The Wizard of Oz. 

Shoba attended Boston Conservatory where she studied Musical Theater. 

In addition to acting, Shoba is a classically trained dancer. She was trained in ballet starting at the age of 5 at the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet. She is also an award-winning bharathanatyam dancer, and has toured both the United States and India, and has given lectures and demonstrations of the art at museums, colleges, and community events. In practice, Shoba has even worked at combining the disciplines of ballet and bharathanatyam on stage. She has also studied tap, jazz, and modern dance.

 In addition to voice and violin, Shoba has also studied Carnatic Music. 

Shoba is also an outspoken feminist, activist, and philanthropist. Since her youth, Shoba has been actively involved in fundraisers and community outreach benefitting underprivileged communities and children. 

Social Media - @shoba_narayan

Shoba singing (No One Else from Great Comet) - https://youtu.be/ZJkrIIUibJo

 Shoba performing with the cast of Comet at the Tonys - https://youtu.be/xICCxThFQpQ 

Shoba Dancing (bharathanatyam) - https://youtu.be/q2FUtCJGdtU

Hamilton National Tour Cast

So, they recently released a list of the cast of the Hamilton National Tour. I’ve compiled this list of links to the new cast performing. Enjoy!

Alexander Hamilton - Michael Luwoye

Aaron Burr - Joshua Henry

John Laurens/Philip Hamilton - Rubén J. Carbajal

Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson -  Jordan Donica

Hercules Mulligan/James Madison - Mathenee Treco

George Washington - Isaiah Johnson
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joV7TlkBtgA (as Mister)

Angelica Schuyler Church - Emmy Raver-Lampman

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton - Solea Pfeiffer 

Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler Van Rensselaer/Maria Reynolds - Amber Iman

Alexander Hamilton
2017 Tour Cast

alexander hamilton - hamilton, 3/14/2017, first national tour, san francisco.

joshua henry as aaron burr, michael luwoye as alexander hamilton, ruben j. carbajal as john laurens/philip hamilton, jordan donica as marquis de lafayette/thomas jefferson, mathenee treco as hercules mulligan/james madison, solea pfeiffer as eliza hamilton, isaiah johnson as george washington, emmy raver-lampman as angelica schuyler, amber iman as peggy schuyler/maria reynolds

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Philip Company

Hamilton - 05/05/2018 - Second National Tour - Salt Lake City, UT - Matinee - Tracked by ariafsar. elizabethhamilton1780’s master

Joseph Morales (Alexander Hamilton), Shoba Narayan (Eliza Hamilton), Nik Walker (Aaron Burr), Ta’Rea Campbell (Angelica Schuyler), Marcus Choi (George Washington), King David Jones (s/b Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson), Fergie L. Philippe (Hercules Mulligan/James Madison), Elijah Malcomb (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton), Nyla Sostre (Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds), Jon Patrick Walker (King George), Julian Ramos (u/s Philip Schuyler/James Reynolds), Cameron Burke (u/s Samuel Seabury), Brandt Martinez (Charles Lee), Eean S. Cochran (u/s George Eacker), Tia Altinay, Conroe Brooks, Daniel Gaymon, Kristen Hoagland, Abby Jaros, Justice Moore, Jen Sese.

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