Rocket Fired from Gaza Hits Southern Israel - 26 May 2015

Air raid sirens sounded in towns across southern Israel Tuesday at 9:02 p.m. evening.
There are reports that as many as four rockets were fired from Gaza, and some residents of the south reported seeing Iron Dome missile defense batteries deploying to intercept the incoming rockets.
The IDF has now confirmed that at least one rocket fired from Gaza struck close to the city of Ashdod.
Sirens were heard in Ashdod, as well as numerous towns and villages bordering Gaza.
No injuries have been reported.
The border between Israel and Hamas-held Gaza has remained largely quiet since the end of Operation Protective Edge last summer.
But there have been intermittent attacks by terrorists, including mortar fire last month which hit an open area in the Shaar HaNegev region.
The IDF responded to that incident with tank fire directed towards the source of the rocket fire.

Sudanese and East African Human-Traffickers aligned with Hamas terrorists are ransoming captives and engaging in the trade of human organs to buy weapons for jihad.  This information does not come from right-wing Cassandras, but from CNN’s own correspondent in Berlin, Frederik Pleitgen.

The wages of this shameful trade are $35 million annually, says Pleitgen, in a completely overlooked but significant piece entitled “Human trafficking in the Sinai: to fight it we need to know it,” last month on the human rights webpage EveryOne.  Here are some of his most salient points:

  • Arab human traffickers continue kidnapping Eritrean refugees for ransom.
  • Every refugee kidnapped by the traffickers means roughly 20,000 dollars for armed fundamentalism. The turnover of trafficking is around $35 million per year. The Sudanese President, Omer Hassan al-Bashir, has acknowledged the role of the Rashaida tribe in the slave and organs trade…”
  • “Some of the major traffickers, including Abu Ahmed and Abu Khaled, have declared in interviews reported in the media, to be part of Hamas. In Sudan, through this massive fundraising activity focused on the abduction and sale of human beings, they are preparing the future stages of the war against the “infidels,” Western culture and the State of Israel.”
  • “[T]he Kalashnikovs in possession of Hamas militants are bought with profits from the slave and human organs trade.”

Read Pleitgen’s full piece here, and earlier Money Jihad coverage on this subject here.  Thanks to Twitter user @meankitteh1 for suggesting fresh coverage of the role of human trafficking in financing terrorism.


HAMAS. Un niño asoma desde atrás de los militantes palestinos de la brigada Ezzedine al-Qassam, el brazo armado de Hamas, durante un mitin para conmemorar el 27 aniversario de la creación del movimiento islamista, en el campamento de refugiados de Nuseirat en la Franja de Gaza. (AFP)

Israel and Iraq are both putting aside any differences to fight ISIS and HAMAS. Muslims and Christians as well as people of other faiths ( Jews, Pagans, Catholics, Buddhist, ect ) alike are involved. Pray for them. Pray for Israel. ISIS IS GOING DOWN. Palestine hates Israel but it is this war that will shut down Hamas for them

A Palestinian boy wearing a military costume arrives at a military-style graduation ceremony for Palestinian youth who were trained at one of the Hamas-run Liberation Camps in Gaza City. Hamas’s armed wing organized ¨Liberation Youth Camps¨ for young Palestinians aged 15-21, to prepare them to ¨confront any possible Israeli attack¨, according to Hamas officials.  Some 17,000 youths graduated from these camps. (Photo Credit: Suhaib Salem)