Hi and Merry Christmas!

What I’m showing you all is the gift I made to my family for Christmas.

they all made of Hama beads or pearl beads. it’s a lots of works because there is many specially the 3D hama beads cake and melon. But I have lots of fun doing this.

Hama beads made  and take photo by me metakazkz

i just finished the first part of my project on the 151 1.gen pokemons
is it 44,544 perler beads and 1.27 meters wide and 87 cm high.
the finished pice will be 2.25 meter high.. dont really think i’ve reliced what i’ve started yet xD
im around 1/6 trough the second part :D


Preface specifically for my sister: If you tell Bro about this I WILL keep your Christmas present. *super death glare* Not kidding.

Anyway. So I went to all of the craft stores in town today and NONE of them had individual bags of black and glow in the dark perlers. They had plenty of other colors… Just not black and glow.

So I trudged home and started thinking of a new Christmas present for my brother. I didn’t have anywhere near enough black and glow beads left for the lamp shade. Then I remembered a little 3D arcade cabinet I saw on Pinterest a while ago and thought “oh my god I could make a phone stand for him!!!”

So I did. And I don’t want to give it to him. ITS SO PERFECT I WANT IT FOR MY PHONE. But it was so time intensive that I’ll probably never make another one unless someone is paying me big money. Haha.



My Adventure Time Hama bead collection :)

Couldn’t include all the photo’s of individual pieces but they’re all in the top photo, of the whole gang :) 

Please don’t remove the source, i’m very proud of these if you did want to reblog ect.

I am considering making and selling a few sets of these, set of all 11 characters, for £41. If you’re interested please message me, it would give me something to do and I think it could be a really good gift or treat especially before christmas :)



need something to stare at? check out me making this miles jai picture out of perler beads!

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnuDPTC2G68)


Terraria Boss Fridge Magnets

The bosses in Terraria range from almost laughably easy (I’m looking at you, King Slime), to downright impossible.  However, you have triumphed!  And what better way to commemorate your victory than a set of magnets of the bosses’ heads?

These durable plastic beadsprites have been mounted to magnets for easy display.

In order:

Eye of Cthulhu
King Slime
Eater of Worlds
Brain of Cthulu
Queen Bee
Wall of Flesh
Spazmatism (of the Twins)
Skeletron Prime
The Destroyer
Duke Fishron
Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord

The full set is for sale at my etsy shop here!

They’re also available individually here!