My Adventure Time Hama bead collection :)

Couldn’t include all the photo’s of individual pieces but they’re all in the top photo, of the whole gang :) 

Please don’t remove the source, i’m very proud of these if you did want to reblog ect.

I am considering making and selling a few sets of these, set of all 11 characters, for £41. If you’re interested please message me, it would give me something to do and I think it could be a really good gift or treat especially before christmas :)



Preface specifically for my sister: If you tell Bro about this I WILL keep your Christmas present. *super death glare* Not kidding.

Anyway. So I went to all of the craft stores in town today and NONE of them had individual bags of black and glow in the dark perlers. They had plenty of other colors… Just not black and glow.

So I trudged home and started thinking of a new Christmas present for my brother. I didn’t have anywhere near enough black and glow beads left for the lamp shade. Then I remembered a little 3D arcade cabinet I saw on Pinterest a while ago and thought “oh my god I could make a phone stand for him!!!”

So I did. And I don’t want to give it to him. ITS SO PERFECT I WANT IT FOR MY PHONE. But it was so time intensive that I’ll probably never make another one unless someone is paying me big money. Haha.


Chibi Godzilla

An original design by me, perlerzbyrex.

I made this for my boyfriend. In time I plan on framing it and putting a  background behind it. 

Edit: If anyone is interested in commissioning another one of these from me, please let me know! I would be more than happy to make another and sell it to you :)

-¿Qué significa <<domesticar>>?

- Es una cosa demasiado olvidada- dijo el zorro-. Significa, <<crear lazos>>

-¿Crear lazos?

- Sí- dijo el zorro-. Para mí no eres todavía más que un muchachito semejante  a cien mil muchachitos. Y no te necesito. Y tú tampoco me necesitas. No soy más que un zorro semejante a cien mil zorros. Pero, si me domesticas, tendremos necesidad el uno del otro. Serás para mí único en el mundo. Seré para ti único en el mundo…