Ham Burger

We Bet You Can't Tell Which of These Is Real Meat

Meat comes in all forms. Can you tell the difference between the “real” thing and the animal-friendly version? (Answers at bottom)

Gotcha!! They’re all 100 percent vegan!

From ruthlessly slaughtering billions of animals to threatening endangered species and destroying the Amazon rainforest, the meat industry is awful.

Luckily, we can all make a big difference for animals and the planet simply by substituting meat with these healthy and humane vegan options!

(ANSWERS: 1. Vegetarian Plus Sesame Beef 2. Gardein Crispy Tenders 3. Tofurky Deli Slices 4. Beyond Chicken Strips 5. Field Roast Burger 6. Vegetarian Plus Half Chicken 7. Field Roast Frankfurter 8. Vegetarian Plus Orange Chicken 9. Gardein Fishless Filets 10. Vegetarian Plus Ham)

I’ve been posting about my love of Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger since I started this blog, so it seems fitting that today, on Eataku’s Fifth Anniversary, MOS announced their biggest burger yet… the Tokyo Tower Burger! (Click above for a larger image.)

Starting this Friday, March 13th, you’ll be able to get your hands on this 14-layer behemoth burger exclusively at the new MOS location opening in the Tokyo Tower food court!

From top to bottom, the ingredients on the Tokyo Tower Burger are…



Hot Chili Sauce

Chopped Onion


Burger Patty

Thick-cut Tomato

Hot Chili Sauce

Onion Ring


Chopped Onion

Pastrami bacon

Burger Patty


If you order the Tokyo Tower Cheeseburger, as seen above on the right, you also get two slices of cheese on your top burger patty, bringing your total to 16 layers!

The Tokyo Tower Burger costs 800 yen, or about $8.00, while the Cheeseburger runs 860 yen, or $8.50.

I know where I’m headed next time I land in Tokyo!

Image courtesy of today’s MOS Burger press release.