Studio 54: The Legend

Text by Anthony Haden-Guest .Concept and additional text by Anthony Haden-Guest .Photographs by Felice Quinto

te Neues Publishing Co.,New York 1997,144 pp.,paperback

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If the 1970s was a decade of heedless optimism, then Studio 54 was its glittering epicenter. During its reign as New York’s number one hot spot to see and be seen, it was the place where paparazzi mingled with celebrity, where high-brow danced with low-brow, where pop art and fine art talked into the wee hours of the morning. In this stunning and evocative volume, renowned Italian photographer Felice Quinto captures the energy, the giddiness, the chaos, and the craziness of the place Vanity Fair named “the greates club of all time.”

The flamboyant and hedonistic days of Studio 54, the iconic 1970s discothèque are remembered here in this collection of photographs taken by Felice Quinto where celebrities and socialites fill the pages of this fabulous book, as they did the club. The many black and white photographs are accompanied by writings from Quinto himself, Niels Kumner and Anthony Guest-Haden.  

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