ASiP, first time it looks like they’re holding hands —> TRF, first time they hold hands = 5 episodes later

TBB, first time Sherlock puts his hands on John’s face for, ‘work reasons’ —> TEH, first time Sherlock puts his hands on John’s face for, 'friendship reasons’ = 5 episodes later.  Both times wearing black leather gloves.  Could be like an emotional condom: a way to buffer intimacy.  Or maybe it’s something sexy because he’s more comfortable with his sexual attraction than John.  Or maybe both.  

TGG, first time it looks like John is jumping on him and touching his face with the Golem as our symbolic stand-in.  Golem/John has bare hands; Sherlock wears leather gloves  —> TEH, John actually jumps on Sherlock and puts his hands on him for, 'anger reasons’ = 4 episodes later.  Both have bare hands.

Basically, first we have something that’s a total fake out or, 'not really’, real. Then we have something that’s real but platonic.  Then we should have something romantic.  We can see an escalation, here, already.  

If this is a pattern then by 4 x01 we should have more hand holding and by 4 x 02 we should have face touching and people jumping on each other. 

I cannot believe it’s canon in the Halo universe that Chief has his own action figure oh my god, thank you for this Halo: Escalation #7

What are the chances that Kelly persuades the rest of Blue Team pay obscene amounts of money to have a Chief action figure shipped to them so they can relentlessly tease John with it

What if he wakes up in the mornings and they’ve posed it seductively at the end of his bunk


“On February 10, 2531, his ship, Spirit of Fire, went missing. Every day since then, I have wondered where she might be. I like to believe that she is still out there somewhere. Maybe her crew is safe in cryo sleep, drifting through the ages. I hope some day, we will find her… And when we do… I will beg my friend’s forgiveness… And listen to his stories about their time away…”

- Lord Admiral Hood, Halo Escalation.


Halo: Escalation - The Janus Key Arc

Issue #13 - Requiem has been destroyed, but the real war between Commander Sarah Palmer’s Spartans and Jul ‘Mdama’s New Covenant is just beginning… and everything hinges on control of one all-powerful artifact." (December 24, 2014)

Issue #14 - The brilliant but obsessed Dr. Catherine Halsey has allied herself with fanatical Covenant commander Jul 'Mdama… and now a deadly reckoning awaits the UNSC Infinity.“ (January 28, 2015)

Issue #15 - On a treacherous planet, the UNSC Infinity battles the bloodthirsty Covenant for control of the Janus Key — and the Forerunner empire’s secrets.“ (February 25, 2015)

Issue #16 - It’s total war as Dr. Catherine Halsey and Covenant Commander Jul 'Mdama launch their final assault to regain control of the all-powerful Forerunner Janus Key.“ (March 25, 2015)

#StarWars Yuuzhan Vong: How Did They Get Those Spikes On Their Armor - Escalation Ceremony

Notice how most of the Yuuzhan Vong warriors have “spikes” or “horns” on their back from their armor? Their armor, called “Crab Armor” or “Vonduun Skerr Kyrric” is resistant to lightsaber strikes and plasma projectiles.  But the “spikes”?

The “Escalation Ceremony” is a religious ritual by the Warrior Caste that attachment of Implanters on their backs along their spine that officers receive as they rise through rank.

The implanters were small, gray and six-legged. They were equipped with botyroidal optical organize and a quartet of appendages efficient for slicing through flesh and tucking surge-coral into open wounds. The implanter carried whatever enhancements were necessary for the ritual escalation.

Most starting Warriors, eventually get two finger-length horns of coral on their backs that were two pointed tips, which are hooked slightly.

The implanters secure themselves to the back of the candidates’ neck to reach both shoulders. Sharp appendages make deep cuts on the tops of the shoulder muscles, clear down to the bones that form part of the ball-and-socket joints. When the incisions were complete and Priest Caste acolytes had collected the flowing blood in bowls, the implanters inserted the hooked horns into the cut, employing a resinous exudate they produced to weld the horns to the shoulder bones and to seal the wounds around them. At the same time, a sluglike ndgin wove a helix trail through the candidates’ feet, sopping up whatever blood the acolytes failed to capture. 

Though perspiration ran freely and legs trembled, not one of the junior officers cried out in pain or so much as grimaced. 

The candidates did not squeal because that would be seen as weak and unworthy of Escalation. If they squealed they would be demoted to the shamed caste, the lowest caste. All these activities took place after a prayer, then an invocation by the commanding officer.

(Star Wars - Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse pp 170-171 by James Luceno)

beatscomicsandlife-deactivated2  asked:

Good point about the end of Dominion. I was always taken by the fact that he got away, and how very seldom stories end with the antagonist getting.

that and that buaku is the antagonist but not //the villain//, that he and the puma sisters are the replicants from blade runner if they became master thieves, that they turned to crime after being rejected by society for being androids, and that their goal is to steal a spaceship and fuck off from the poisoned future earth. it’s all startlingly complex for a comic about cops fighting 80s street crime with tanks.