So I Got A Question...

So you know how people go from ugly to gorgeous and how that’s called “glo’in up”, “glo up”, etc. Well what if you didn’t exactly get more attractive, but it like increased a small amount, like from “ugly” to “aight”?

Is the term for that like “dim escalation”? If not, I’m coining it now.

“My Dim Escalation goin’ in fam”


Hedrick Smith, The New York Times, 3 March 1967

WASHINGTON— Senator Robert F. Kennedy proposed today a suspension of American bombing of North Vietnam to open the way for peace talks. His proposal immediately heightened the debate on the possibilities for peace.

In a major foreign policy speech on the Senate floor the New York Democrat offered a three-stage plan toward a settlement of the war. He suggested that an opportunity was being missed. But he supported the Administration’s policy of “limited war objectives” and military restraint.

The three-stage approach outlined by Mr. Kennedy in a 45-minute speech called for the following:

  1. Testing the sincerity of Communist declarations by halting bombing of the North and ‘‘saying we are ready to negotiate within the week.”
  2. If negotiations are started, seeking agreement with the Communists that during negotiations neither side would “substantially increase” the scale of war in South Vietnam by “infiltration or reinforcement.” Mr. Kennedy urged that an international group patrolling borders, ports and roads, oversee compliance with this provision,
  3. With an “international presence” gradually replacing American troops, the two sides should work toward a final settlement that would allow all major political elements in South Vietnam, Communists as well as non-Communists, to participate in elections to select a national leadership and to determine South Vietnam’s future course.

The Administration reacted immediately. Secretary of State Dean Rusk issued a statement tonight saying that proposals “substantially similar” to Senator Kennedy’s were explored before, during and after the latest holiday cease-fire “without result.”

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ASiP, first time it looks like they’re holding hands —> TRF, first time they hold hands = 5 episodes later

TBB, first time Sherlock puts his hands on John’s face for, ‘work reasons’ —> TEH, first time Sherlock puts his hands on John’s face for, 'friendship reasons’ = 5 episodes later.  Both times wearing black leather gloves.  Could be like an emotional condom: a way to buffer intimacy.  Or maybe it’s something sexy because he’s more comfortable with his sexual attraction than John.  Or maybe both.  

TGG, first time it looks like John is jumping on him and touching his face with the Golem as our symbolic stand-in.  Golem/John has bare hands; Sherlock wears leather gloves  —> TEH, John actually jumps on Sherlock and puts his hands on him for, 'anger reasons’ = 4 episodes later.  Both have bare hands.

Basically, first we have something that’s a total fake out or, 'not really’, real. Then we have something that’s real but platonic.  Then we should have something romantic.  We can see an escalation, here, already.  

If this is a pattern then by 4 x01 we should have more hand holding and by 4 x 02 we should have face touching and people jumping on each other.