Dear Brigette,

Fall is creeping up to me.  I need autumn and winter wear!  ASAP!  Stat!!!!  So I was flipping through my favourite outerwear from Fall 2011, and voila, Shipley & Halmos caught my eyes.  Okay, so, their stuff can look really simple and boring at times, but with my aging and growing career I can’t always go and wear a Jeremy Scott pizza cape.  I’m growing towards the more “functional” and “professional” look this season.

External image

I want that purple shirt and possibly not purple jeans (‘cause my BF wears purple jeans all the time) maybe blue or slate grey trouser.  I did buy a pair of Dunderdon blue trouser few months ago!  Not sure if my hair is curly enough to pull off the beanie hair look, which I mean, my hair is not curly at all.  So I’ll stick with my vintage fedora or just my hair.  And even in the Portland massive rain winter, I want to go into work looking professional but fancy free.  I like that salt and pepper sweater, it goes really well with a work trouser and a scarf?  SCARF?  Why not!  I work at a creative studio!  Shopping list 1: spring scarf, CHECK!

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And YES!  More scarf!  I usually would never wear two strips at once, but hey, this combo looks pretty good.  I think mostly the width of the strip on the long sleeve and scarf are so contrast that makes it work.  And the scarf is a cold colour comparison with the warm dark colour of the long sleeve shirt.  I usually look chunkier with anything that has thick strips, but maybe this year I can find something that’s more fitting.  Shopping list 2: thick strip long sleeve, CHECK!

The last look I actually really like, even though I’m not so into the coat… it is kind of growing on me.  I really love the pairing though.  That Scandinavian sweater goes so well with everything else on the model.  It pops the pattern on the sweater without making it look like a bad Christmas family album.  Shopping list 3: Scandinavian sweater, oh WAIT!  I already own one!  I bought one from Iceland!

External image

Lastly, how about this extra number?  An art piece called rain jacket by Mjolk.  Not sure if I could pull it off, or anyone 6ft with model like body.  But I do like its colour and little touches.  Can someone in the back alley make a jacket like but with my measurements?