Last Minute Halloween Costumes

~The Robot~

Procure tinfoil. Lots of tinfoil. Enough tinfoil to make the clerk nervous without being able to put their finger on why. Find a wire hanger. Maybe borrow it from your dad? Get a box for your head. Wrap the tinfoil around your new head box and your current body. Draw empty, sad eyes and an unsettling mouth on your new robot head. Put it on. Oh god, we forgot to give you eye holes. It’s too late, it’s already time to leave. We’re so sorry. More robot costume ideas here

~The Werewolf~

Gather some loose hair into a pile, as you would a salad. Next, cover yourself in glue—something stronger than craft glue but weaker than industrial strength bonding. Place your body in the hair salad, then roll around to evenly coat yourself with trimmings. Prepare an explanation for your continued hairiness during the week following Halloween, like “Leave me alone” or “I’m sorry.” More werewolf costume ideas here.

~The Ghost~

To walk with the dead you’ll need a yard of ghost skin and a clean, flat surface to work on. First, use a marker to trace an outline where you intend to pierce the veil between this life and the next. Then, using your scalpel, delicately carve away the excess ghost. Discard your belongings before climbing into the ghost. Remember: You take nothing with you to the afterlife. More ghost costume ideas here

Halloween Idea:

Fawn Makeup! Contour your face with a shade 2-3 times darker than your skin tone. Highlight your nose and around your eyes. With body paint or white makeup, draw dots on your cheeks and around your face. Don’t forget some above your lip! Use black makeup or body paint to paint the bottom of your nose black (around the nostrils) and bring it up a little on the edges.

Now all you need are some ears and a brown/white outfit :)

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Costume / Make Up Ideas:

Decoration Ideas



If anyone has any suggestions of anything they want me to add, feel free to ask me and I will add it as soon as I can!

The countdown to Halloween is on!

Why not try out this smashing Goth Cowgirl Madonna and/or Celine Dion Backup Dancer outfit? Fringed sleeves, a sequinned half-boleroneon orange nails, a perm, a leather lace-up belt, and, angel wing appliqués made of, you guessed it, more fringe.