Halloween costumes


Happy Halloween everyone, 

so this year for Halloween simply went as my self, lol jk, but honestly i was the supreme as always so just your eveyday male witch and i think it turned out pretty well.

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Ooh and if anyone is located in San Diego and wants to do a coven shoot with me just DM me on here or instagram, thanks guys.

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PSA: Leg Avenue Selling Stolen Recasts

This is your yearly reminder that Leg Avenue sells stolen sculpts/IP from @whitefoxhats, my boyfriend’s Etsy, which is his primary source of income. 

*If you see THESE FUCKERS RIGHT HERE, these 4 inch fawn antlers on a headband, on THIS model:


Spirit Halloween, Google Express, HalloweenCostumes dot com, and a bunch of other big costume retailers sell this exact item. It is a recast of Whitefox Hats’ 4 inch Faun Antler Headband. 

They only have the one color and the one size, with no ears, and the Leg Avenue recasts are actually HEAVIER than the original resin antlers, which is… just completely stupid. You can even see that it’s an inverse cast. Also, unlike this knockoff, Ash’s products have improved since this sculpt!! JUST HIRE HIM, PEOPLE!!!

If you’re going to be a deer, be a dear and support the original artist!:  

This is unfortunately a pretty common problem; large retailers can afford to steal designs and artwork from independent artists, give them NO attribution, and face zero legal consequences for it. If you know a company pulls shit like this, don’t buy from them– Chances are, you’re getting a cheap ripoff at the expense of an independent artist. :( 


[@kieraplease @Honeysdew @Kayyybear @marimari3_ @nekostrophic @soniabladecos ] Beautiful collection of Chels….(I’ll see myself out)