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Can I uh- get some good fluff of my boy Michael and a short s/o?

Yiss~ 🐍

Michael x Short S/O

It wasn’t uncommon for people to be shorter than Michael, the man was at least 6ft 8 so he towered over most people; though they never really got the chance to compare their height to his before he stabbed them repeatedly with his over sized knife. However, you were shorter than most people, just barely scraping 5ft tall.

When you had first met Michael, he thought that you were a child who had lost their parent, but when you proved otherwise with your feisty attitude he almost laughed. Almost. When you two became a couple (God knows how, Michael probably just took you into his home and never let you leave), Michael was always teasing you because of your height.

It started off with simple things such as putting things up on shelves that you couldn’t reach, or when you were trying to reach an item that was too high up, he’d reach for the item next to it and ignore your struggles (even if he didn’t need the item he had grabbed, he just wanted to irritate you).

If he did get hold of something before you, he’d hold it above you just out of your reach and if you jumped up to try and grab it, he’d just hold it up higher until said item dangled above his head. At first, Michael didn’t seem like the type of man who would have a sense of humour, let alone this type of humour but you knew now that he was a bastard who liked to tease.

Most of the time you would just laugh and call him an asshole, maybe give him a light smack on the arm; you didn’t want to hurt him, even though Michael could brush off bullets like they were mere pellets. If Michael found it amusing, you would play along too. Though there were some days where you were just not in the mood for his teasing. You’d either ignore him completely or get all huffy; either way, Michael would try his best, which wasn’t that great, to comfort you.

The perks of him being so tall was that it was easy to bury your face into his broad chest and hear his soft heartbeat. A man who killed people so heartlessly did indeed have a heart of his own, quiet and faint but there. Your short stature also made it a lot easier for him to carry you, not that it was difficult. He would usually carry you by tossing you over his shoulder, but when you complained that it hurt and that you didn’t really want to fall face-down from that height, he began to carry you more appropriately.

Kissing was a pain in the ass; not because Michael refused to take his mask off most of the time, but because he had to bend down at a really awkward angle to kiss you. It didn’t bother you much, but you knew it was going to give him back problems at some point. You suggested that he should just pick you up so that you were level and so he wouldn’t break his spine; he seemed to agree with your idea.

Did you just ask for a piggyback ride? Of course you just asked for a piggyback ride! Michael thought you were being childish and was reluctant at first, shaking his head when you asked and if you persisted he would only answer with an unamused stare. However when you told him that you wanted to know what it was like being tall, he crouched down and allowed you climb on. You definitely hit your head on a doorway or two, but the looks that Michael gave you were not ones of sympathy; it was more like he was silently saying ‘That’s what it’s like to be tall’.

Heaven forbid you did something to irritate him and put him in a mood. Michael would pretend that he couldn’t see you, looking left and right 'questioningly’ even though you were stood in front of him. Two could play at that game. You would ask him questions like 'Do you get turbulence up there?’ or 'How do you see through all of the clouds?’. Michael wouldn’t have much of a verbal response, instead he’d cup his hand to his ear and lean down like he couldn’t quite hear you when standing up straight.

It was all banter of course, you loved Michael for how tall he was. When he hugged you, you were completely enveloped in his arms, reminding you that you were loved by this man too and that he would protect you no matter what. Michael also loved how short you were, he never felt any desire to protect someone before, not even himself. It was a good feeling, a great feeling, it made him feel strong.

When you two were in bed was one of the few times that your faces were level and also one of the few times that Michael would actually take off his mask willingly. He would close his eyes as you ran your fingers through his soft, locks of hair and you were content with doing just that until you both fell into a restful sleep.

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Any NSFW headcannons of Michael and Jake from DBD(Dead By Daylight)

Michael Myers NSFW Headcanons:

  • Michael has high endurance. He can go for hours on end, leaving you a quivering mess beneath him. He needs only a few minutes to recover from one orgasm before he’s dragging you by your ankles down to him, prepared to go another round. 
  • He has a bit of a breeding kink. It comes with the high endurance and sex drive he sports. The thought of fucking you until your absolutely stuffed with his seed, dripping with the essence he’s put into you, and making you his in the truest sense, drives him to cum more and more within you. The thought of stuffing a baby inside of you through these actions as well makes him shudder with predatory delight. 
  • Rarely takes off his mask during sex. It’s not because he’s afraid of you seeing his face, no, but it’s just a part of him at this point. It is HIS face, no matter what others might say. Loving him means loving the way his breaths hollow and echo against the latex. Of seeing his eyes peer from the dark void underneath. Of being willing to kiss those lips in place of his own when he asks for it, and running hands through its hair as he pounds into you. 
  • Seeing you covered in blood turns him on. He doesn’t care if its your own blood, the blood of someone you’ve killed, or the blood of someone he’s killed. Seeing you laying down, body and clothes covered in the red liquid that’s felt to be his only friend in the recent years…It drives him wild. He’ll stop what he’s doing to kiss you, to pin you beneath him and draw shapes against your body with equally messy fingers. To make sure you get it all over your face and your stomach as he disrobes you. Red, he thinks, is the best color on you. 

Jake Park NSFW Headcanons:

  • Loves to be loud. In the forest he’s lived in, there was no one to judge him or care just how loud he was in any situation. It was always his choice to be quiet. When he’s making love to you, though? He grunts and moans, hot and messy into the air and in your ear. He encourages you to do the same, breathy begs to hear you scream for him leaving his mouth like a mantra. 
  • Always interested in using toys in the bedroom. He’s always interested in new things or learning about toys and items you’d like to incorporate in your love life, even if he can be a bit hesitant at some. Vibrators or butt plugs (for you or him) are always okay. You’re interested in pegging him? He can get with that after some coaxing, sure. He’ll do what it takes to make sure you both end up satiated when it comes down to it. 
  • Enjoys orgasm denial. Mostly on you, but, can also be into you denying him if the situation is right and you’re feeling like you want to! He just loves having you under him, writhing and moaning his name, only to whine and curse when he refuses to let you cum. He sometimes coaxes you verbally, whispering in your ear as he works into you, only to stop right on your brink. ‘What’s that, Y/N? What do you want now? If you don’t say it clearly, I can’t give you anything, you know.’ 
  • King of aftercare. He loves to take care of you after sex is over with. Whether its just simple cuddles and tracing your bare skin, murmuring how much he loves you, or wrapping you in a blanket with some cold water and helping you down to the couch to read your favorite book to you, he wants to let you know how well he thinks you did. 

Another set of sketches!!

Moths (top left) and Randall (mid) are from @purple-game!! Played it a couple days ago with my friend, and I loved it to bits, i think everyone should play it fr. ((I JUST HEARD MY FRIEND GET THE GOOD ENDING AT 2:34 IN THE MORNING AND ITS WORSE THAN THE BAD END SKS,, I LOVE RANDALL SM))

Click for better quality!! Tumblr sucks!!

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Very typical request, but may i request some angsty Micheal Myers x Reader.

A/N: Here you go! Hope you enjoy! This low-key made me cry. 

Warnings: Extreme sadness

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You couldn’t cry anymore. There was nothing left that could come out. The blood that stained your hands from trying to keep yourself alive was dried. Everything had happened so quickly that you didn’t know what was going on. 

“Phone…” You said dryly to the co-worker who was helping you into the ambulance. “My phone…” 

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Michael's reaction to s/o who seems to be sweet, shy, and innocent then she turns into a badass as she is capable of kicking it as she knows krav maga which is self defense and carries a pocket knife.

A/N: Here you go, hope you enjoy! 

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  • At first glance you were a simple woman. Shorter than him (like everyone else because he’s freakishly tall) and had a smile that could melt his cold ass heart.
  • He’d honestly pick on you every now and then about you being too innocent and shy (even though he’s pretty shy too)
  • One day it gets to be too much and you literally kick his ass; you end up pinning him to the ground with a knife to his throat in less that a second. 
  • Homeboy is shook
  • And a little aroused 
  • But shocked nonetheless. He feels proud almost, knowing that you can actually take care of yourself. 
  • He learned then and there not to mess with you. Spoiler alert: (he still does).
  • Actually smiles watching you kick someone’s ass who’s trying to hurt you. Michael gets so soft seeing you literally take down someone twice your size. 
  • That’s his girl and he’s never been more proud.