The final episode of KRV is out and done with! Honestly, as the editor (yes, it’s me, Wave, hi) I’m pretty happy with this. That could just be sleep deprivation talking but I’ve watched this like four times and I don’t hate it yet.
The song is “Dream” by @tessaviolet (I hope I have the right blog there) (I put lots of detail in the description) (contact me if anything is out of order) and this is the culmination of six months of effort. See you when next we upload!
Phasma: @luisorbus
Hux: @kaedegrania
Kylo: @wavecosplay
Our Group: @pixellatedcosplay

When the new Get Down episodes were released I only meant to watch one episode, but I ended up going through the entire season ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now I just want to give everyone a hug..


Tessa Violet - Dream (official music video)