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Grace put down the birthday card she’d found pressed in the Doctor’s scrapbook, and raised an eyebrow at him. ‘Grandfather?’

He looked away from her, and drew his knees up towards him, curling all his loose limbs inwards. 'Yes, well. It’s a bit of a long story.’

'I’ll bet.’ They were sitting on the floor of the TARDIS library together, half a dozen volumes of the Doctor’s scrapbooks scattered around them. After dinner he’d invited her for a rummage around in his past, and she’d spent a couple of hours poking through a collection of increasingly improbable mementoes with him. This, though, was just the tiniest step beyond anything he’d mentioned. 'So when’s the next family reunion? I’d love to meet all the other kids you’ve got hidden away in a closet somewhere.’

He was avoiding her eyes. He was definitely avoiding her eyes. 'I’m afraid it, ah, doesn’t work like that.’

'Oh, of course. Silly of me. I should have known. It’s an alien thing, huh?’ It figured, something like this was bound to turn up. It was such the cliché, after all - falling for the mysterious stranger whose dark past was overly cluttered with melodrama.

'Yes, as a matter of fact it is an alien thing.’ His voice was getting faster, higher, his words tumbling over one another. The whole conversation was beginning to sound like a really bad hospital staff meeting, where everyone talked as fast as they could in order to get a complete thought out before getting interrupted. 'And it’s not like you need to worry very much, I hardly have any dealings with them-’

'It wouldn’t have hurt if I’d at least known you had kids.’ She waved the card in an exasperated flourish. Oh, that’s lovely, Grace, what the hell are you thinking, you’ve met the man three times in two and a half years and you’re already getting possessive.

He held up his hands as if trying to hold off her flow of words. 'Grace, that was many lifetimes of mine ago. I was a different person then. Literally.’

'Well, I don’t know who he was. I’m still not sure I know who you are.’ He moved as if to get up, and she reached out to his shoulder to keep him there. 'There are all these basic little things you still haven’t told me yet. I mean - how old are you?’

He thought for a moment, counting back through the months. 'Six.’

'What?’ She sat up and stared at him. 'Six what? Centuries? Six oogleplexes? What?’

He shook his head. 'No no, six years. That’s how long it’s been since I had that little run-in with your surgical probe. That’s when this body was born.’ He waved offhandedly, as if it was all perfectly obvious.

'No no no, I mean how old are you really? All your lives together.’ Good grief, she thought irritatedly, it sounds like you’re interviewing Shirley MacLaine.

Well, I’m not really sure, there’s some question of whether I lost count…’ 'Well round it off, at least.’
He started frantically counting on his fingers. 'Um, about…’
'Come on, it can’t take that long to…’

’…one thousand and twelve.’



'Um, no, I’m fine, don’t worry.’ Grace remembered to close her mouth. She turned herself slightly away, drawing her body inwards. This was sensible, it was logical, when someone’s lived a bunch of lives in succession it’s reasonable for them to go past a normal human lifespan. She really should have thought about this before, it was obvious really. There was absolutely no reason for her to suddenly be feeling cold.

He scooted over and sat down by her side. 'It’s a big number, isn’t it?’ he said quietly.

She nodded without a word.

He smiled gently, and the corners of his eyes crinkled up. 'I know. That’s why I prefer six.’

- Doctor Patient Relationship: Vampire Science, Second Draft Chapter 1, by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum  


DIVERSE LIT MEME: characters of color + non-western setting: The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco

The dead miko is a creature of fire, and it is with fire that she is at her deadliest. But I am a creature of 

water, of the movement and 

flow of 

tides and rivers, the 

     depths of stagnant pools. I, 

too, can be deadly.


The lindwyrms <3

Melbourne is Halloway’s other father - lindy genetics require two human parents - and Queen Diantha’s true love. He is the court doctor and ended up having an affair with her, assuming nothing would come from it, because lindwyrm children are so rare.

Halloway, of course, proved them both wrong.