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Cats can't eat raw squid, makes them be paralyzed. Ofc miss fortune is half squid half cat so idk how it effects her (love your art btw)

Funny enough, this is probably the most grace she’s shown after hearing bad news.

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So here's a confession: When I was a little kid, I was convinced that I was half cat, half human. I walked around the house on all fours and I would meow constantly. At night I would crawl around our house. One night my mom caught me and when she asked why I was crawling around, I replied very seriously "Because I have to." So long story short, I was a creepy little child lol


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yes oh my god yixing would just be sitting there half-drowning in cats and he looks up and he has the biggest smile on his face because /cats/ and 'can we keep them?' but of course like you can only keep maybe one or two (or maybe 5) at most and his face just falls 'but they're family i can't separate them!!!' and he's trying to hug like 20 of them to him at once and the rest of them are curled around him refusing to let go and you're just like 'how do i deal with this now'

Knowing Yixing he’d expand Zhang Studios to Zhang Studios and Cat Shelters just so he can keep every single meower and give them lots of love

heres a rushed drawing bc i got way too excited to actually finish it lol

i need a criminal!au (not gta lol) fic where meg and gavin are the hacker power couple and ryan is the bubbly tech guy who makes sure everything is up and running. meg sometimes gets tired of being so smol so ryan picks her up sometimes :’^)))

Иногда мне кажется, что что бы я не рисовала, это обязательно будет наполовину кошкой. 

А еще я рисую всякие рандомные скетчи, но дальше них редко когда доходит, хех)


this is my cat Fi. That’s short for Fiona, not Fi-Fi-Fo-Fum though I do sometimes yell that down the hall as she chases her Elusive Red Dot. 

I adopted Fi (or rather, I got her from a nice lady in a trailer park) when it became clear that no one would take her (and she would be euthenized) because of her deformity. The lady originally told me she had one slightly twisted foot. 

As you can see, both her legs are majorly twisted. One is completely backwards, and one sits sideways off her hip. 

Often, vets recommend euthenization for cats who show no signs of recovery. I was vehemently against this.  I drove an hour and a half to save this cat. I am not technically allowed to even have a cat. But…Fi needed a home where she would be loved. And people who could give her the care she needed. We already have a three legged dog. I saw Fi and I knew she needed to be with me.

Because Fi was already 12 weeks old when I got her, there was little chance she would respond to physical therapy. And because of the severe nature of her deformity, our family (in consultation with a vet that would see reason) aren’t opting to do cut her tendons for reattachment just yet. The surgery is quite crippling, and doesn’t promise any solid results.  Should she need it later…well. We’ll come to that. 

The point is…the vets told me to let her go. That she would suffer. Fi was not expected to live a good life. I was warned that she would be stunted, and that she would miss out on natural cat-things. 

But let me tell you about Fi. 

Fi is a mother fucking ninja bad-ass of catness. 

Fi can run. Fi can jump. Fi can climb up the mattress in the hallway waiting to be moved, and leap on unsuspecting heads as they pass. Fi can terrorize my dogs. Fi can chase the red dot. Fi can chew through my husbands headphone cords. Fi can do all sorts of cat things. Fi can kick the cat litter outside of her box. She might not be running any marathon in the future, but she gets around just fine. The only thing I’ve noticed so far that Fi cannot do (especially well) is pouncing. I don’t expect she’d make a great hunter, and so I make sure to buy her the good cat food. She also has an overbite that makes her look sort of pissy. And sometimes she poops on her foot. But that’s okay because she really loves bath time.

Fi is living a disabled life to the absolute fullest. And Fi gives no shits. (except when she poops on her foot)