• steven universe 2013:fandom gets excited because there’s a lesbian couple with their child in a crowd scene
  • steven universe 2016:half the cast is canonically unambiguously gay, gay romantic duets + sad gay ballads, multiple entire episodes dedicated to romance between women, tie in gay children’s book coming september
How Beyonce helped me love myself

I am a product of an interracial relationship. My father is African American, tall and dark, while my mother is a short, pale Samoan. Their relationship was a tumultuous one, starting out with the typical Army shotgun marriage, and ending with my dad cheating on my mom and dealing drugs. “Like a black man would”, I thought as I was growing up. My spurned mother reacted by moving us all back to Samoa. I have vivid memories of the old airport, where there used to be a taupou painting standing over the baggage carousel greeting us. “It’s so hot. I want to go home” was my only thought. We moved into my grandparents house and went to Sunday school, Samoan school, and regular school with the other kids. At the time, my sisters and I were anomalies; the only black people most people had seen outside of their television sets. “I’m a freak”, I thought, “I hate it here”. I was called meauli, a word that translates to “black thing”. My skin was too dark, my hair was too thick, the mosquitoes ate me alive, and I barely spoke the language. My mother tried to remedy this but I never picked it up like my older sister. “More of a freak”. I read books and dreamed of being old enough to go back to America and not feeling so singled out. The racism was so heavy, I quit Samoan school by 6th grade and Sunday school by high school. I couldn’t fit in. I hated every single part of myself and wished I could die and come back as a Samoan…a full Samoan. Being black was a curse and I hated my dad for being it and my mom for procreating with him. I was ashamed of being black from the day I landed in Samoa to the day i left for Seattle at 16. When I got here, Beyonce had just dropped “Single Ladies”, and it was over. She was perfect and she was black, making waves in a white man’s world. My first purchase was an ipod, and i listened to that I Am album religiously. I joined the military and during basic training, during the few times we were allowed music, I heard that song again. As soon as I got out of basic, when I could actually buy my own clothes, I modeled myself after her. For the first time in my life, my color was a symbol of beauty, and not shame. I was proud of myself. When I saw her in concert last week, I cried. After living most of my life hating myself, here was a woman who is my color making something of herself. Standing up for herself. Sitting on top of the world. There is nothing more powerful than finding self love after hating yourself for over a decade. I loved myself as a black woman for the first time, and it was beautiful. Long live the Queen.

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Looking forward to the new blog! Do you know if it's a filly or a colt yet?

Main character is an adult lady pegasus horse! But then the supporting cast is just like a mess of everything and it’s great and i’M PUMPED

but you guys will hear more about it SOONNNNN