Hale Family

I feel like roommates make fun of Derek for the things we have come to love as canon.

Y/N: "Derek can I-”

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Y/N: “What? No. No, no, no. Don’t *immitates gif* me.”

Derek: “What?! I don’t do that!”

Y/N: “Sure.” *immitates gif again*

Derek: *gif*

Y/N: “See?! Right there! You just *gif*ed me!”

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Y/N: “Isaac, you little shit, I am so much stronger than you. Don’t test me.”

Isaac: “Bull shit! I would kick your ass if it came down to it!”

Peter: “Children! Let the real wolves show you how it’s done. Derek, punch my hand.”

Derek: *gif*

Peter: *Stiles in gif*

Y/N: *after a moment of staring at Peter on the floor* “Well, that was just stupid. Even I could tell you that. He’s an Alpha, ya know.”

Peter: “I am the Alpha. I’ve always been the Alpha!”

Isaac: *after a moment of staring at Peter on the floor* “Yeah, okay.” *back to Y/N* “So, do you admit defeat?”

Y/N: “Never!”

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Y/N, Peter, and Isaac: “Do you even own a shirt?”

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Y/N: “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Derek likes to make an entrance.”

Isaac: “Oh, God.”

Peter: “It’s just bringing in the pizza, for crying out loud.”

Derek: *gif* “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Y/N, Peter, and Isaac: *unanimous groan*

The first transformation by *Lelia Portrait of the Hale’s family from the tv series Teen Wolf. Derek Hale’s first transformation into a werepuppy, I imagined that he was playing with his dad and suddenly he wolfed out, due of the shock he landed on his ass, all under the amused and proud gaze of his father.

I was inspired in my beloved dog “Beka” (R.I.P) , when she was a puppy the first time she barked she landed on her ass due the shock, it was really cute and funny.

Derek’s dad huging him after this scene HERE

Sorry for my bad english LOL 


Short comic about Hale family years before the main story…. well, this is my version of it in any case. 

Young Derek wake up one morning and discovers that all his world will change.

I hope you like it.

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This is clearly Derek, Michael, and Brandon Hale. They were pretty much inseparable during their childhood and spend a ton of time avoiding Laura, Cora, and Nora because those three were vicious and scary. 

They built a ‘Boys Only’ treehouse one summer because Laura had claimed the living room as a ‘Girls Only’ space and whenever they would come home from college the three of them would meet there and catch up. 

Stiles actually went to college with Michael (who is painfully straight) and one summer he came to visit and Derek just about lost it when he pulled himself into the treehouse and saw a guy who looked like sex on a stick licking a popsicle and hanging out with Mike.

And you bet your ass Mike smelled the interest coming off his brother and teased him relentlessly about it. 

And Derek thought that Stiles wasn’t into him because Stiles grew up around werewolves and he learned how to mask his scent, but he did whine to Mike about how hot his older brother was. 

You bet your ass Michael told everyone in the family that Stiles likes Derek, but he didn’t tell Derek. The Hale family took bets that summer about when and how they would finally get together. 

Brandon won the pot (645$). It was on the 4th of July, Stiles was eating yet another popsicle and Derek finally broke down and growled as Stiles put the entire thing into his mouth. He found them the next day in the treehouse and everyone had to stay away from it for almost a week before it stopped smelling like sex. 

I have more ideas that I’ll give you when I’m not on mobile @the-mess-sterek-left-behind

No one understands the family feelings I have for Peter and Cora

He reaches to take her hand. He GRABS HER HAND and leads her away from the dangerous mean alphas.


See! See! 

Look at that face. No one is watching. If Peter just wants the Alpha power from Derek or whatever, he doesn’t need to take care of Cora.

Let’s not forget the whole: Anyone know when they’re getting my niece out of here?

I DUN CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY. Peter Hale has a soft spot for his niece.