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Sterek on vacation!

Stiles and Derek had been arguing for almost a month over where they’d go for their summer holiday. 

Stiles wanted to visit the Hale cabin in the woods and drink coffee with Derek and lay in bed until noon. Derek, on the other hand, had spent his entire childhood there and longed for the feeling of sand between his toes and a drink in his hand. 

It wasn’t until they visited Beacon Hills and Derek’s family when Derek finally agreed to go on Stiles’ preferred vacation. He had been flipping through the old photo albums with his sister and he had realised that most of them were taken in the cabin. 

It kind of made him nostalgic and he really wanted to take Stiles there, to create new memories. Memories for just the two of them. 

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LovelyProphet: Baby wolverine derek, omg i can imagine for like 5 halloweens in a row derek being wolverine.
BATWYNN: His parents can’t get him to stop.
LoveyProphet: one year they got him to dress as superman but he pouted the whole time
“but mama I am wolverine”
BATWYNN: “Honey…”
“A wolverine and a wolf are two different things.”
LoveyProphet: “I can be both mama”
BATWYNN: Peter: “We eat wolverines.”
LoveyProphet: lil derek starts bawling bc he doesn’t want to eat wolverine.

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Hey Derek, what do you think your parents would think of Stiles?

Derek: I remember how Stiles wasn’t even shy- he’d always talk my parents’ heads off about whatever he and his dad were shopping for that day. They liked him then, and, I think now… I think they definitely would’ve liked him. He brings out the best in me, and that’s special.

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Your Teen Wolf Family based on your Zodiac Sign

Requests are open! 

Maccall Family:  Libra, Cancer, Virgo

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Martin Family: Leo, Taurus, Capricorn 

Hale Family: Gemili, Scorpio, Aries

Stilinski Family: Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius 

Jeff tryna tell me Derek- I - had - my - back - stabbed - several - times - was - taken - advantage - of - as - a - kid - and - is - a - rape victim - who - had - to - take - his - first - loves - life - out - of - mercy - at - 16 - tons - of - people - wanting - me - dead - amongst myself -Hale’s deepest darkest fear is…Jennifer


Meet The Family

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50 Reason’s To Have Sex #15 -  You finally get the chance to show your childhood bed some action

Request: So for number 15, I was thinking that the childhood bed could be Derek’s instead. He takes the reader to meet his mother for the first time (and also the rest of his family) and they end up staying for the weekend. They have to sleep in his old bedroom together (as the rest of the rooms are occupied) and on one of the nights there, things get heated, and… well… his bed gets some action and they end up breaking it and then he has to tell his mother about it in the morning.❤

Author’s Note: This idea is adorable and sexy and I just love it. It is sort of AU-ish…I didn’t really picture the Hales as werewolves for this one, rather just a close family. This is seriously a monster fic, guys. It totally got away from me. I really hope you like this one because I loved writing it! Let me know what you think, I always love feedback :) Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; smutty smut smut; awkward situations

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“Sweetheart, it’s only one weekend,” Derek chuckled as he eyed my overstuffed suitcase. I sighed in exasperation, gnawing on my bottom lip.

“I know, but I wanted to make sure I was prepared for anything. You said that you’re family is really outdoorsey and can be spontaneous, and I don’t know what all we’ll be doing there, so I just wanted to make sure-” My anxious rambling was cut off by Derek’s hands on my arms, running up and down soothingly.

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AliveHales Headcanon: Derek has no problem with teasing and bantering but he's a bit sensitive underneath his growls. His family in general and his sisters in particular frequently honestly hurt his feelings. Cora doesn't know when to stop and Laura has a knack for going for his emotional jugular. He hates feeling embarrassed especially in public but he's resigned to it because protesting or asking them to stop makes it worse. They don't mean to be hurtful but it doesn't bother them so (1/?)

they don’t get why it bothers him. This goes on until Cora brings Stiles home one day. Stiles has been crushing on Cora’s hot older brother for ages but Derek always avoids him (Derek is avoiding him because he KNOWS his sisters will give him shit in front of the cute guy and he’d rather not thanks). Cora invites Stiles to stay for dinner and at first it’s all good but the teasing starts and it’s fine but Stiles notices how Derek sort of shuts down after something Laura says (2/3)

and Stiles mouths off and knocks Laura down a few pegs in Derek’s defense. He is more than willing to use his sarcastic nature in defense of the hot marshmallow sitting across from him. Stiles likes it when Derek’s eyes light up not when they go guarded. And that’s the story of how Derek pretty much falls in love with him on the spot. It’s also the story of how Stiles appoints himself Derek’s emotional protector and you do not want to get on his bad side about that. (3/3)

*wipes tear* stiles being protective of derek is one of my absolute favorite things, bless this entire thing.

i can totally see laura and cora taking it a step or two too far with teasing derek (i’ve got four siblings, it does happen a lot during the sibling bantering and apologies don’t always happen, just more teasing that ends up being unintentionally hurtful) and derek being quiet about it, not fighting it and just waiting for it to stop instead of asking for it to.

and stiles appointing himself derek’s emotional protector, i’m !!!!!! sign me the fuck up, pal. i need stiles ripping people who are mean to derek a new asshole and derek blushing and smiling while it happens cause no one has done that for him before.

just… stiles making derek feel loved is what i’m here for ;;

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Is alive hale pack ready to be updated?

it sure is

Batman and Robin Take on the Real World by LessonsFromMoths (1/1 | 2,564 | G)

Derek really doesn’t want to go to this dumb Halloween party. It’s his first weekend back home from his freshman year at college, and he just wants to catch up with friends and go to actual Halloween parties, not ones hosted by his parent’s friends. It’s just so lame and there’s barely anyone his age here and the only other person he recognizes is this really loud and annoying and attractive kid from his 8am soc class. Well damn.

Hope Locked Up In My Throat by suchfun (1/1 | 5,599 | PG13)

Derek likes Stiles a lot and he doesn’t know what to do with it… but Laura does.

AKA five times Laura pushes Derek and Stiles together and one time she almost doesn't… but then she does.

Mischief by Ghostlyeevee23 (1/1 | 1,278 | G)

Claudia Stilinski death left Stiles remembering the name of her killer.

After Stiles and Noah come back to Beacon Hills, will Stiles be able to live a semi-normal life, Make new friends and maybe fall in love.

Kiss the Doubt Away by OverMyFreckledBody (1/1 | 1,235 | G)

Stiles takes it upon himself to pretend to be Derek’s boyfriend to prove to his parents that his sexuality isn’t a phase.

(It really isn’t as big a deal as Stiles thinks.)


“live the lavish life with me sweetheart.” he stated, “travel with me all over the world, let me buy you expensive jewelry and spend days with me in hotels on the beach. help me furnish luxury apartments and drive fast cars. come away with me.”