Ambarussa at MFC

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I was at the Medieval Fantasy Convention in Solingen last weekend, and I had a lot of fun. One of my highlights was our Tolkien cosplay shoot to which I managed to invite one of the two Middle-earth guests at the convention, Craig Parker (Haldir) - photo see below.

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Dear Tolkien Fandom

Please always remember:

  • Frodo never sent Sam away
  • Aragorn carried the sheds of Narsil with him since he left Rivendell when he was 20. It got reforged before he left with the Fellowship
  • Theoden imprisioned Éomer, he didn’t exile him
  • Whatever darkness falls on the world, it doesn’t make elves die by its pure existence. It would have been very impractical for the elves during First Age. It doesn’t do that for half-elvens either, or for those who chose a mortal life for that matter.
  • Aragorn’s friends of the Dúnedain and Elrond’s sons went all the way down from the north to fight with him in Helm’s Deep and went with him through the Paths of the Dead. Their horses loved them so much that they followed.
  • Círdan is the only known elf in Middle-Earth with a beard
  • Haldir is not dead!!!!