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Do you think you can do headcanons on haldir with a really short human s/o? (Like 5'1)

-I think that’s probably one of the first things he’d notice. You’re not 5'10 like the rest of the ladies. You’re so smol.

-Protective Haldir is a constant. No climbing trees, no venturing off to explore the forest, be careful with those knives JEsus. He’d probably look at you like you had three heads if you asked to go to the boarders with him.

-“No, I do not think so. You are far to small and vulnerable.”

-Cue your sassy response. Though after a while of prodding he would take you with him.

-Him not being able to find your short self in a crowd of 6ft+ elves.

-You can’t find him either because he’s blonde just like every other elf. But he has a commander symbol on and his cloak his red in contrast to the other elves who wear blue or grey. So that makes it easier.

-Kisses you on the forehead on impulse and hugs you close. He definitely has a red hue on his cheeks while walking to his men but will keep an arm around your shoulders.

-Him chastising you for not staying close to him


-Girl you better follow his orders because that’s exactly what they are. Orders. Not request.

-Your shortness is just another reason why he’s madly in love with you

-He loves to be the protector. It’s his favorite thing.

-In the comfort of your home, he’s very loving. Wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, kissing your head a lot, picking you up and holding you in his lap, stroking your soft skin, basking in your scent. He loves how homely you are, as he’s always away for months on end. You’re what makes him come to love the concept of home because he’s always been consumed by wanderlust but you’re the one thing that makes him want to come home to simplicity of Lorien.

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Learning that this:

is like a serious hug to elves

just made this:

a whole lot funnier

cause Aragorn, raised by elves, knows how to elf hug, and he’s just like, nope, doesn’t convey my gratitude enough, human hug time, must touch." 

And Haldir is just *shock* "uh, o…okay then, yeah, I guess this is okay, silly human *pat pat*”

(EDIT; Credit to thranduilthings for the first gif; Credit to hobbit​ for the second gif)