I know I’ve posted a recent picture of my nails in Leanbox/Chika Hakozaki fashion (Xbox) because I was messing around with nail tape and whatnot, but I have a massive collection of nail polish as it’s something else that I collect.

I realize that I don’t make sense to many people… a huge bearded dude who collects pastel horses and nail polish, enjoys slice of life anime, is a former performing metal musician, a good cook, a gamer, an enjoyer of both firearms and candle-lit lavender-scented bubble baths, yet secure in his heterosexuality and… a damned good QA engineer.

I don’t even know how or why I’ve gotten into half of the things that I do, but it’s too late now… I know what I like and have the financial means to make it so (for another few months unless I don’t land a new job soon).

So, these are the first polishes I have from Julep that include the “Oxygen Technology”, green coffee extract and Hexanal… personally, I don’t believe ANY hype with nail polish at all because the cosmetics industry is full of snake-oil claims that never hold true, just increase the cost of the product.

Still, I haven’t had any trouble or complaints with Julep’s previous polishes outside of a discontinued one that had ENORMOUS glitter in it, so I at least know it’s a quality product, and that’s all I’m really after.

As to if I’ve tried any of these colors yet, I have not. As a dude showing up to a job interview in purple or blood red nail polish doesn’t send the correct first impression, and a lot of people feel uncomfortable with it… it’s more of something that can happen AFTER a job position has been established.

It’s scary to think how much I’ve spent on nail polish looking back. I have well over 100 bottles currently (and purged many very old bottles a year ago). I own very few cheap bottles, most of my collection is OPI, Julep and Layla, and when they range from $8-15 a piece… that’s quite the chunk of change.

I’m thinking of trying to get them pictured here, but I’ve really been lazy and lacking of a great way to present them. I keep them mostly in boxes to protect them from light and they’re not categorized at all at this point. Don’t know if I’d do it by color or company or what. Suppose I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

I don’t know, I’m just looking for extra excuses to use Tumblr, as ponies are great ‘n all, but it’s far from the only interest I have, and with such few followers, it’s not like I’ve pigeon-holed myself into specifically that subject matter.