Danganronpa 2 - Goodbye Despair
After many hours I finally finished this ‪#‎Danganronpa2‬ art! It’s a companion piece to the one I did way back for the first entry in the series. I was listening to the game OST while working on this - such a fun album! For those wondering, it’s a great game worth playing before even touching the Danganronpa 3 anime that just started(available @ Funimation). If you can, make time to play DR2 (on Vita or Steam) as the new anime is full of spoilers for this cast of characters. So with taking in all this DR media recently, I’ve been on a Danganronpa high as of late! Enjoying the new show so far & was impressed with DR2 when I finished earlier this year. I’d say its right behind Persona 4 Golden as a must play PS Vita game.


“So if you’re bisexual, why aren’t you with a girl?”

And it had been going so well. A cascade of ink splotches all over Hajime’s notes when he clenches his fist, snapping his pen clean in half. The other members of his group project are staring, but not at him, their eyes are at the guy who’d asked without any shame and loud enough for the rest of the tiny study room inside the library to hear.

Hajime knows that the question is directed at him. He could just sock the guy in the jaw, never liked him anyways, he’s the kind of person who leeches onto a group for the assignment and all he contributes is his name on the final presentation they’re handing in. The room is silent. Nobody says a word.

The guy snorts and leans closer. “C’mon. You got the choice, after all. Aren’t you making it harder for yourself? Nothing against gays, they’re great and all, but you don’t have to go the hard way. And isn’t your boyfriend gay anyways - “

“It’s not a choice.”


They all watch him when Hajime rises out of his chair. Midnight-blue ink falls from his hands and smears on the floor when he takes a step, another, slowly rounding the table past his group members until he’s in front of the guy. 

On the other side of the study room, sitting with some psychology post-grads even though he’s only in his bachelor yet, Tooru looks at him with soft eyes of amber and fire.

“I said,” Hajime looks down at the guy, and speaks, “that this isn’t a choice. You should know better than to say that attraction and love are something we have control over. But if you really want to be that asshole, I’ll tell you. And then you’re going to get your stuff and leave, because the only thing that annoys me more than your disgusting attitude is your inability to remember a single law that we’ve discussed in the sixteen hours we’ve been working on this project and you’ve been sitting there like moss on a rock.”

Someone whistles behind Hajime’s back, sharp and impressed. He ignores it, but a grin slips over his mouth when a group member mumbles “Thank fuck, someone said it, the bloodsucker’s getting wrecked.”

Hajime clears his throat, and fuck it, he allows himself to grin in a way that Tooru likes to tease him about because he looks like something with fangs and claws that hasn’t hunted down a decent prey in a long, long time.

“You could give me the world and everything on it to choose from and I’d still only want him.”

The silence breaks with a shout across the room. “I love you too, but it’s still your turn to cook tonight!”

this boy.

this boy right here

is being looked at by hinata-kun.

and he is fucking winking at him.







this boy.

has been.

gay with.


you cannot convince me that nagito does not have feelings for hajime even if hajime doesn’t have feelings for him. it is canon one-sidedly at least.
even whenever they were in island mode, all their interactions implied romance.
“love nest”, hajime’s expecting komaeda to confess love than friendship at their shot-through-the-heart event.

i love this ship. i love them together. you cannot change my mind.