Haitian Flag

The Haitian flag is badass. As it currently is, the flag was the first flag created after Haitians ejected the French colonizers and became the first (and only!) Country founded as a result of a slave rebellion.

The story goes that Dessalines took the French flag and ripped out the central white strip–ripped the white out of Haiti–and declared that the blue stripe represented the Black residents of Haiti, most of whom had been enslaved by the French colonizers, and the red was to represent everyone else in Haiti who wasn’t white–those of mixed race ancestry who may have had lighter skin tones than many enslaved Haitians, or who were considered free gens de coleur/people of color.

Dessalines literally said ‘fuck all you white people, you don’t get representation here, get out’. Colonial powers were super scared of Haiti and this is why–enslaved people had stood up, won, kicked their oppressors out, and then gave them all a giant middle finger. Napoleon basically got back on his boat, declared Haiti a lost cause, and fucked off.

The other best part of the flag is that blue and red are the colors of a huge amount of Lwa. All the Ogous take red or a red-related shade, and almost ever Petwo Lwa takes red, or red and some other color. Dantor usually takes red and blue and there’s at least one Ogou who takes the Haitian flag. Haiti is literally flying the colors of the Lwa who gave power to their rebellion.

This is why vodou is inseparable from Haiti and it’s history, and Haiti is inseparable from vodou. You can’t pull apart the two at all because they were formed and grew together.

Haitian Flag Day

The Haitian revolution (1791-1804) is the only revolution in history, where the enslaved have defeated the goverment & became the goverment.
They gave money & weapons to Simón Bolívar (who Bolivia is named after), he helped to liberate some of South America from slavery.
After killing all Frenchmen on the island of Haiti, they declared that everyone else who remained was black. So even the Polish & German troops who helped the Haitians fight themselves free were considered black.
The island was the most profitable in all of the Caribbean during slavery, at one point it produced 25% of the worlds sugar.
When the French were kicked out of Haiti by Toussaint L'Ouverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines & the rest of the Haitian revolutionaries, the French were forced to sell the centre of North America, it was called the Louisiana purchase.
Those enslaved in Haiti were forced to be Christian & read the bible. But it was Vodou (Voodoo) that helped to liberate them, there was a ceremony by Cécile Fatiman & Dutty Boukman (Vodou priestess/priest, who presided over the ceremony at the Bois Caïman in the role of mambo) this was the night before the revolution, they prophesied that the enslaved, would lead a revolution against the French oppressors & get revenge for the horrendous enslavement of the African people. Fatiman lived to 112. They beheaded all the Frenchmen on the island, since then Vodou has had a stereotype of dark or black magic attached to it. People around the world, even Africans have become scared of “black magic”. This is a shame because celebrating your magic is something you should never be ashamed or afraid of.
It’s Afrikan spirituality & necessary. Now you have African Christians saying Vodou is bad…of course they would, who taught Afrikans in the Americas Christianity?
All Afrikans who managed to escape to Haiti were free on arrival after the revolution. The French punished the Haitians for their revolution, by creating a debt of 90 million francs, it took Haitians about 100 years to pay back about 21 Billion in today’s money. Haiti is still in debt to Europeans, it went from the richest island to the poorest. #chakabars Long live Ayiti ❤️🖤💚 ™@chakabars