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Woooo your hair is so cool!! You should post some sort of haircut ref like front, side, back, yaknow? If you're comfortable doing that ofc

Ahh, thanks! And sure, I can kind of explain it.

Here’s what my hair looks like now (actually this is an old picture but bear with me. 🐻)

Before I get into the grisly (oh man am I good or what) details of my cool hair cut I wanna mention:

50% of what makes it work the way it does is hair texture. My hair is curly - naturally curly, it means I do literally nothing to make it appear this way. I literally wash it, condition it heavily, follow the correct procedures to not destroy my curls (check out my multiple rants about taking care of curly hair - and how to not fuck up YOUR curly hair HERE!)  and then just cut/trim it on my own time.

If your hair is NOT curly or wavy - basically if your hair falls straight down regardless of what you do - this haircut might not be the easiest to maintain for you. Then again, it’s up to you how far you wanna go with it.

Step #1: Cut hair when it’s dry. 

If your hair is curly (not wavy, necessarily, but curly) then it looks VERY different when wet and when dry. Hairdressers don’t ever seem to understand this simple concept, which is why I avoid them at all costs…. You need to know the general shape of the hair in real-time when you’re cutting/trimming it otherwise your entire work will coil down by 2-3cm after you’re finished cutting it, and the entire thing will look very different than what you intended… I recommend you keep this in mind when cutting for this haircut as well unless you’re really good at estimating. I cut/trim right before I’m about to go into a shower, not after. 

 Step #2: Acquire a trimmer/razor! 

I shave down the sides of my head to about 7 mm. If your hair thickness is significantly more you can go down shorter than that, but my hair isn’t too thick so anything beyond a 5mm makes me look bald (prime example is the photo above…)

Here’s where I shave it down. 

Actually it’s not too accurate now that I look at it… but basically I use the curve of my ear as a reference point to how far up to go

Step #3: Shave in half-circles?

Starting from the back of my neck with the razor touching the lobe of my ear I go around the ear and come out at my temple, creating the first neat arc. Then I go over it again a little higher - it depends on how you want it to look. Keep in mind, with this type of style some of the hair you leave on top will naturally fall down over the shaved parts and cover it up a little, so it’ll end up looking smaller than what you actually shave. 

Step #4: Trim/cut the hair on top.

Personally I do the shaving first, the trimming of the larger hair on top later. You can switch these I guess. While I shave, I usually keep the hair on top in a pony or a couple of them to keep it out of the way. Then I let it loose and, starting from the outside, begin to trim it roughly into the shape/length I want it to be. 

The top of my head is where my hair is the longest. The longest part in THAT part is the apex of my head - not my bangs, not the sides closer to the shaved spots, but the very middle. I keep it longer because I want it to be extra floofy and stand up in a kind of triangle-ish shape when washed and dried. For my type of curls this means about 10 cm. Then, as I get further from that point I trim it down shorter to about 7-cm, 5-cm on the sides near the shaved part. If I keep it longer near the shaved part they tend to fall down the side unevenly since they’re curls, so that doesn’t always look the best.

In the back I tend to keep it shorter because due to hoods/sleeping/etc that hair ends up getting messed up and frizzy and half-straight-half-curly so it just never looks good haha

I don’t have a good reference picture for this so just look at this photo of me eating a hamburger.


If you want more help beyond this, I probably can’t help. That’s about all I’ve got. 

So remember I said I got hired by makeup forever here in France? Well the body painting with them is starting… for someone who has literally NEVER teased her hair this is very frightening!!!  Serious question people:  How do you de tease it?!  I can’t imagine my hair going back to normal after this!!?