Native New York

At the Highline with some friends. Tsii'yeel and all! We should start a Native Hair Day, no? Braid It Out 2015. Detanglethon ‘15. 

…Though NGL the moment humidity hits I’m gonna bun up and pretend I meant it.


If you feel the sadness creeping up on you, please go out and explore. Even if you’re by yourself. Bring your camera with you, notice the little things.Take a picture of anything that makes you smile. Wear a dress. Twirl in the shadows of the afternoon leaves. Sing to yourself- whistle. Walk with your arms swinging by your sides. Smile at the people passing by. Blush. Let the positive vibes radiate out of your body. Lie in the middle of the grass and let it tingle your skin. Close your eyes and feel the sun on your cheeks, eyelids and nose. Watch the waves roll in. Let the wind blow through your hair- appreciate it. Be free. Your mind shouldn’t be a cage- let it run with the clouds. Stare at the sun as it sets, then go home and lie on your bed. Make a list of all the good things that happened, and for once forget about the bad ones. Once you’ve read all this, don’t let it just be another post, just another writing- conquer it.