Hair trends...For a Brunette

Brunettes…at some point in your life you always want to be blonde….

5 steps for getting it right:

- Dont get obsessed and go to light.

- Dont try and bleach the hair to get it blonde quickly, slowly build up the colour gradually, that way you can judge what suits you and keep the condition healthy and glossy.

- Stay with what suits your skin tone.

- Bare in mind the maintaince of having a root every 6 to 8 weeks.

-Hazelnut and caramel tones are what will look the most complimentary in a natural dark hair colour.

See below for some of my favourite shades…

Hair Colour Trends...Golden Blonde

A blonde’s worst fear…..GOLD…. I always get  ”I hate yellow”, ” I dont want it to look brassy”,  ”please dont make it to warm”  but in fact if you get it right golden blonde is a colour that will really soften, warm up and compliment a skin tone, especially in the winter months when our tan’s have gone you need to move away from the ash tones that can wash out your complexion.

I like big BUNS and I cannot lie.

Who said ballerinas are the only ones who can rock a perfect bun? A good chingnon is the perfect way to mix up your standard hair routine. Buns seem to be sweeping the fashion world; from the perfect ballet bun, the large & in charge sock bun, the messy bun, the loose curls bun, the elegant twist, low buns, braid buns, buns, buns, buns. 

I’ve become much more daring with my hair styles and I have to say, the results have been more than complimentary (a lovely confidence boost). I tend to opt for the buns on bad hair days (perhaps day two after a wash?), who knew it would be those days when my hair is most admired? Love it. 

Buns are the perfect way to show off that beautiful collar or neck line of an outfit. There is nothing worse then having your hair down when you have a fussy neck line, a chunky scarf, a bulky sweater or top.

In the past I was skeptical towards wearing my hair in a bun while hitting the party scene (or any scene for that matter), what would I hide behind if not my long, beautiful locks? Not to mention, men love long hair. But how many girls do you see in a bar or club with their hair down? Straight or curled. Snore. Men have had a surprisingly positive reaction to the high chignon. We all want to see your beautiful face!

xx n

“But I suck at doing my own hair.” Not to worry… Here are some great YouTube tutorials (you can learn anything on this machine) on some of my favourite… flavours… of buns. 

The Sock Bun:

Soft Curl Bun:

Bohemian Bun:

Braid Bun 1:

Braid Bun 2: