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2016 is the year of big changes. I’ve pretty much mapped out the whole year with small goals and much larger goals of what I hope to do and accomplish. One of the more recent and smaller [big] changes is colouring my hair the colour I’ve been dreaming about for sooooo long now. Working with a modelling agency its really hard to get them to approve on big image changes like hair colour because it can make or break a career. I’ve taken a break for a few months not to focus on my future and do the things I want to do for myself (like colouring my hair). 

 Over the past months I’ve been going to Moods Salon in Vancouver and they are honestly some of the most talented stylists. They’ve done hair for names like Kendall Jenner, Victoria Secret so many more that I just can’t even think of right now. Their prices when it comes to colouring hair are pretty standard but when it comes to haircuts, they can be a bit pricey. Highly worth it though because I used to get my hair but by the same woman whenever I was in Vancouver and my hair would always knot itself in this once place in the back and when I would take photos of the back of my hair I couldn’t see some places that were more thinned out. She’s amazing at men’s hair and cuts by boyfriends hair every few weeks. She’s one of the few people he lets touch his hair because he’s quite fussy with his hair. 

 I’ve slowly been getting balayage highlights in my hair but it’s taking a while because of the amount of recent box dye I’ve been doing in my hair. A salon I went to in Shanghai completely bleached my hair no problem and it was actually really healthy but in North America I think they like to take things slower which can be frustrating. The stylist I’m working with also happens to be a friend so she’s been so great in making sure she doesn’t compromise the health and condition of my hair. This time I’ve asked if we could just bleach the entire thing and she seems to be on board which I’m quite excited for. 

 I think one of the reasons I’m so eager to just get it done and have it done already is because I’ve been wanting to break away from this image I feel like I’ve known for so long. I look in the mirror and a certain shade of brown or hair style takes me back to a series of memories, some good, some bad and I think I want to just create a new beginning of looking at myself in the mirror and being excited to see something new and different. It may be silly because obviously appearance is exterior but i’d be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to a temporary change. Not even reinventing myself but rather bringing out a different side of myself and having fun with it while I can.

 It’s all happening today so I’m thinking we’ll be working on my hair for a good 5 hours or so which will be nice. She’s currently interning so she can’t take paying costumers at the salon but because she knows I want to film the process, she said she would just take care of it which I think is so unbelievably sweet of her. As soon as she gets a chair I’m going to help promote her like crazy because she really deserves. At such a young age she’s already proved to be such an amazing stylist and I can’t wait to watch her grow.

 This image change is more than just a colour change, for me it’s going to be the start of a new chapter in my life. The small start to the BIG changes of 2016. Can’t wait to share it xx

Hair trends...For a Brunette

Brunettes…at some point in your life you always want to be blonde….

5 steps for getting it right:

- Dont get obsessed and go to light.

- Dont try and bleach the hair to get it blonde quickly, slowly build up the colour gradually, that way you can judge what suits you and keep the condition healthy and glossy.

- Stay with what suits your skin tone.

- Bare in mind the maintaince of having a root every 6 to 8 weeks.

-Hazelnut and caramel tones are what will look the most complimentary in a natural dark hair colour.

See below for some of my favourite shades…