Shailene Woodley is cutting her hair this weekend to prepare for her role as Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars movie. And she’s donating her hair to Children with Hair Loss, an organization that provides free wigs to kids who’ve experienced hair loss due to cancer, burns, or other medical conditions. 

When Shailene told me about this, I immediately thought there might be people in nerdfighteria who want to join her. (We already have one convert joining in: Shailene’s mom!) So if you have eight or more inches of spare hair, consider donating it to Children with Hair Loss.

And if you do, let me know via the tags hairforhazel or itgrowsback, so I can put together some pictures/reblog your beautiful faces.

I want to be clear that this was entirely Shai’s idea. (I don’t even think the studio knows about it.) I hope if you’re able, you’ll consider joining Shai in donating. Thanks!

(ALSO: huge thanks to Wyck and Isaac, the guys producing the movie, for taking time away from, like, movie producing to sort through the very complex world of hair donations.)


Now if anybody knows me, I have been growing my hair out for years and it’s very special to me. Lately it’s become a huge hassle and I’ve been playing with the idea of chopping it all off. And this was just the push I need. I’ll be sending about nine inches to Children With Hair Loss. All the ladies at the hair salon loved the idea and said that they were going to go and read The Fault In Our Stars now.
Thank you Shailene and John for giving me that push that I needed and showing me a charity that takes processed hair!

To find out more please check out John Green’s post about it: here


So I finally got my hair cut today. I’ve always wanted to be brave and cut it short, but never had the courage or confidence–until now! Shailene Woodley’s post about her haircut served as direct impetus for me to be daring, as well. And for a good cause!

This event has prompted some self-reflection. I’m feeling extremely blessed; I dragged my mom into it, too. :) She has always been so supportive, and is responsible for me (steadfastly and stubbornly) believing all things corny about following my dreams. She is one of the chief reasons that I have retained my optimism in times of trouble. She is my best friend.

Anyway, John, if you see this, both my mom and I enjoyed TFIOS, are excited for the movie (!!), and strive to be awesome everyday.

dftba! :)


Lets keep the ball rolling guys:
If you have hair to spare consider donating it to Children With Hair Loss!
If not, then donate any spare change!
If neither, help spread the word. Every little bit helps!!

Children with hair loss: 
Shai’s blog post about the cut:



When I was 13 I was diagnosed with Leukemia and cut my hair for a wig. Then many of my wonderful family and friends cut there hair for me, and sent it to my family.

We were unable to find somewhere to make the wig for me. By the time we were able to look my hair was growing back (I only had 6 months of treatment).

So our next step was to find somewhere to donate. But Locks of Love doesn’t give wigs to people with cancer. Everywhere else I could find had a really complicated process. But then I heard about Shailene Woodly donating her hair in preparation for her role as Hazel Lancaster. I checked out the website and it is remarkably easy!

I have hair from 14 people including myself, my mom, grandma, two aunts, and several friends. I have been in remission for 3 years now and I hope these wigs help many children.


Harry Potter vs. Science!

In which Hank makes a video deciding what to make a video about…for real, while sitting on a bench in Tower Hill in London at night and screaming at his camera while people walk by. It has been an interesting trip to the UK :-)


Children with Hair Loss is an organization that provides free wigs to kids who’ve experienced hair loss due to cancer, burns, or other medical conditions.

If you have eight or more inches of spare hair, consider donating it to Children with Hair Loss :)!

Don’t forget to tag hairforhazel or itgrowsback! Thank you Shailene Woodley and John Green for spreading the word!


More about donating hair:
Children with Hair Loss:
UK Based Little Princess Trust:


So two and a half years ago I cut most of my hair off with the intention of giving it to Charity. I actually thought I had… I just did a major room clean out and found this in an envelope in a drawer under a recipe book.  People often claim they’re the best procrastinators, to them I say “challenge accepted.”

Anyway, I don’t think I’m TOO late for the #hairforhazel trend (In fact you could almost say I was just really, really prepared for it), so I’m going to jump on that bandwagon and the hair is now in a new envelope, addressed and sitting on the bench so I hopefully don’t forget about it this time! (Or at least my mum will see it and remember for me)

It’s 45cm, or almost 18 inches long. I forget how long my hair used to be!