i’m so sad like. i went through a lot of selection steps to get this job and they said they’d email me, and they haven’t yet, so like i can feel i didn’t get it

this is my first professional failure

i’m 19

my life is over



My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble

Honestly Anakin’s hair just has the craziest evolution.

Like first it was a fuckin blond bowl cut.

What are you fuckin Lloyd Garmadon.

Then he gets the same shitty ‘do as Obi-wan.

Master and padawan gotta match I guess.

And for some reason he keeps that same shitty do for years.

Also he’s now brunette with no explanation.

Then he finally gets some fucking taste and gets this rad anime hair.

Then grows it out a bit so it’s slightly less anime.

Also it actually moves now thanks to the improved animation.

Then Ahsoka leaves and he’s too depressed to care about his hair so he grows it out a ton and ends up with whatever the fuck this shit is.

And I guess after some critism from his friends he started taking care of it again and ended up with these fabulous locks.

Then he got his ass set on fire and spent the rest of his life bald. Idiot.


Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

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