Learn how to develop a personal schedule around the mcat, and studying habits.

Took my mcat Sept 6 2014 - but before I got any further get some tea or coffee and watch the video above (click the link) and read below. This might be a long post.

I did not want to broadcast my taking of the exam (I am somewhat superstitious) but after taking the exam, I feel I could provide insight and narrative concerning my experience. So now, I present free MCAT resources a curation of personal experience and techie helpers.

- I took an expensive class. I wanted to self study but my parents know me. I learned that though the process. My mother knew that that while I thrive on independence, fine tuning my test taking abilities in a classroom preparatory way could help me more. However, one of best friends self studied with her sibling and she seems to enjoy the freedom to challenge herself. My biggest advice would be to be creative, give yourself a least 8 months, and purchase all the practice exams.

- Practice exams. I took all of the AAMC’s as well as the provided on from the test company. Found it helpful in part, practice exams cut the fat. It is either you know or you are a good guesser. It is also very subjective. Some years proofed easier than others - this also means the same for sections. 

- The best way I improved my verbal was honestly using prep books and my prep class. Then applying my knowledge daily. Some weeks I was preforming 3-4 exams a weeks.

- When preforming exams. Time yourself get into the testing mode. Even if that means waking up the same time as you would for the exam, taking 10 minute breaks and using scrap paper.

- Review the exams. EVERY question. This was the tiring part, but I began to see trends and create better process of elimination questions.

- Motivation. Keep a journal, quote wall, or as one of best friends did a prayer book. Any thing that can inspire positivity while allowing you to remind yourself of your worth and potential as a student.

- Also do not let a bad score get you down, or a high score make your head big. I have met many students who score well on practice exam and tank their real exam and vise versa. Be present.

- Reading comprehension and thinking (critically) will get you farther than flash cards and practice questions alone

- LSAT/ GRE verbal = good verbal practice. The career center at my school gave me this tip!

- My first exams, were not perfectly timed. Wanted to get use to the format (3 sections in chronological order: Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences,) and encourage confidence in myself early on.

- Recommended: Examkrackers (everything!), Kaplan (Strategy), Princeton Review (questions and summaries). All AAMC practice exams, 


- Speak with people who have taken the mcat. 

- Khan Academy

- Student Doctor Network

- Medical Student HQ Podcast + My tips for pre-med/ pre MCAT honesty

- Mcat. me mcatme

- I wished I used Evernote to outline and track myself

- Study like you have a final every week

- My blog friends have awesome study advice that can be applied (MCAT and regular school year): hexaneandheels , mcatquestionoftheday , mcatforme, organizedcharm, studyforyourself, studentinthemaking, studybuddyxo

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