Johansson says her most odd and uncomfortable day on the movie was the time she was “riding Sebastian Stan like a mechanical bull.” “I felt so bad for him — and me! They hoisted me up on poor Sebastian’s shoulders and I was holding on with my legs wrapped around. It was horrible!” Or, as Evans calls out after overhearing her answer: “Sebastian’s best day at work!”

“It was terrible!” Johansson insists. “He was like ‘Ow my hair.’ I’m whipping around him and choking him out. It’s a pretty great Widow move. But that day shooting it, I was looking at the directors going: ‘I hate you…this better look good!’”

You’ve got all of that to come. You and me; time and space. You watch us run.

River and the Doctor. I got super nerdy on this and wanted the circular Gallifreyan background to the text to actually say something: “Love is a promise”. Lots and lots of fun. I now may need to go watch Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead and have a good cry.



Alone in the dining room.

Looking at the spectre of Mama Agreste: Wherever she may be or in whatever state she may be in because like, we haven’t had it confirmed that she’s dead. We also haven’t had it confirmed that she’s alive. She’s somewhere but we don’t know where.

And that family, it’s ghost is haunting that room.

Nathalie is looking at the clock, but I think we all know she’s also looking at the painting and thinking about this employer of hers and this kid that she’s sort of in charge of.

Nathalie has some fucking layers. She’s seeeeeeen shit. She knows what’s going on but she’s too careful and too focused on keeping the status quo to risk changes.

But man. I bet she has some INTERESTING secrets.


Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist Photoshoot at San Japan 8 Bit 2015

Photography by PhotoVXN/vixxie.89
Edward Elric by Mishkali 

Yes, the automail is made out of real metal by yours truly <3