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From smearing mashed avocado and honey on your face to completely covering your hair from the roots to the tips in coconut oil; there isn’t really a limit to how much fun and weirdness you can get yourself into when you’re trying to look after your skin and hair. Here’s a list of the things you can do to make your skin as smooth as satin and your hair as lush as ever. By the end of all this, you’ll make yourself feel, look and breathe beautiful! This article will focus mostly on makeup and hair tips that are fun, easy and affordable.

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Simple Steps to Repair Damaged Hair

By Jill Percia, Women’s Health
Mon, Nov 07, 2011


One of the many great things about summer is that its casual vibe allows you to wash and go, giving your hair a much-needed break from abusive heat styling. But when winter returns, most women bust out the hair dryer and flattening iron. “You’re more likely to load up on treatments such as hair coloring and chemical straightening in the winter months—especially around the holidays,” says Los Angeles–based hairstylist Michael Shaun Corby. Following are the two most common types of damage and simple steps to repair them.

Repair Chemical Damage

Too many chemical treatments, like highlights and hair straightening, sap strands of natural moisture, leaving them dull and brittle. “Chemicals penetrate into the hair and eat away at the protective lipid layer, which is what keeps your locks nourished and glossy,” says Emily Overton, a principal scientist for Procter & Gamble.

How to heal:  Do a steam treatment once a week to help open the cuticles and let your conditioner really seep in to rehab your hair, says New York City colorist Rita Hazan. Here’s how: After shampooing, apply a deep conditioner with protein and essential fatty acids to wet hair. Try Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment ($42, at Sephora). Microwave a big bowl of water for three minutes, then put on rubber cleaning gloves to prevent your hands from getting burned. Quickly dunk a medium-size towel into the bowl, wring out excess water, let it cool for a few seconds, and then wrap it turban-style around your hair. After five minutes, rinse.

Repair Heat Damage

Hot tools such as hair dryers and curling irons fry off your hair’s cuticles, the first line of defense against dryness, leaving the cortex exposed. The parched cortex is left no choice but to soak up moisture from the air to compensate, causing frizz. And if you continue using hot tools on damaged hair, it will become even more brittle and eventually break off completely, warns Overton.

How to heal:  Prior to blow-drying, towel-dry hair (pat, don’t rub) and spritz on a heat protectant with panthenol—it will help evenly distribute heat, and coat and condition areas that are already damaged and weak, says Overton. Try Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Style Heat Protection & Shine Spray ($6, at drugstores). Then use a dryer with a powerful airflow, which reduces styling time and minimizes heat exposure, and a nozzle attachment to create a safe distance between your hair and the dryer’s piping-hot metal coil. Try Remington Fast Finish Hair Dryer ($28, at Target).

If you flatiron, go over each section just once, and turn down the heat. Corby says 360°F is enough for fine hair; use 410°F for thicker strands.

Bonus: 10-Second Healthy-Hair Test

Pluck a strand from your head and drop it into an eight-ounce cup of water. The faster and deeper it sinks, the less protein and moisture it has. If your hair floats, it’s healthy.


I just want to add that I used the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment when I was stripping color from my hair (see blog from about a month ago) and I absolutely loved it and it made my hair feel fantastic. I kept on using it every other day and just now I am just about out of it. It’s pricey so I doubt I’ll buy more, but if I ever need to do damage control again I’ll be using Living Proof.  Eileen 

Things that are great for your hair!

Tea tree oil. Mix it in conditioner or soak your hair in it over night then shampoo the next day. Same with vitamin e oil.

Coconut oil. Soak in it over night and wash in the morning. Amazing!

Not washing your hair for a few days. Even if it’s just every other day, it’s still better!

Aphogee shampoo. Works miracles. They have a damage repaired shampoo, a moisture one. They have keratin treatments. They have leave ins and everything. The best is the 2 step treatment. Use once a week and it reconstructs your hair back to virgin state in 6 weeks. Great for people who dye or bleach.

Dove damage care. Best shampoo conditioner as well for when you can’t afford other.

Beyond the Zone battered and abused hair mask. For fried hair as well, or just a really good deep conditioner. It works wonders! My hair was about to break and that stuff saved me for cheap.

Olive oil, egg yolk, some good conditioner, and honey. Homemade protein. Don’t sleep in it though, will make your hair extremely hard from too much protein.

Suave damage care shampoo. For when you can’t afford the better. Works wonders!

Washing with cold water. Saves your hair and gives it shine! Stops fading and frizz.

Pravana leave in conditioner. Kinda pricey, but worth it for saving your hair and for all day no rinse protection.

Manic panic, punky color, special effects and any vegan based dye. It helps condition when you want color.

Don’t brush when your hair is wet! Use a wide tooth comb for such and another for when it’s dry. Wet air is fragile and will break.

All I have for now. Add more if you know of more ways hope this helps some people!

going all-natural skin care + 6 things i stopped buying

1. Deodorant: Instead, use Witch Hazel (suggested scent: rose petal) on a pad, apply under arms

benefits: helps reduce discoloration in armpits // lowers skin pH so odor-causing bacteria can’t exist // no harsh smells


2. Shampoo: Instead, cleanse your hair, as needed, with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar, and rinse out after 3-5 minutes.

benefits: repairs hair cuticles // cleanses your scalp // does not strip your hair of natural oils // no sulfates and other stripping chemicals


3. Makeup Remover Wipes: instead, use a washcloth (preferably black) and apply solidified coconut oil to your face, then use the cloth to wipe your entire makeup off until satisfied. *(continue with face wash routine or face mask)

 benefits: reusable // machine washable // save money // gentle on the skin // effectively removes makeup


4. Ineffective Lip Balms: instead, make or buy your own natural oil-and-shea butter-based lip balm (suggested brand: BUTTERelixir Lip Balm)

 benefits: 100% natural // cruelty-free // protect lips from sun and wind // can also be used to moisturize and help improve nail and cuticle texture and strength // no GMA, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances // BPA free // non-toxic vegan 


5. Disposable Razors: instead, instead, use a stainless-steel safety razor with reusable blades

 benefits: eco-friendly // zero-waste // reusable // unisex // sustainable


6. Shaving Cream: instead, use hair conditioner (preferably a natural and/or organic brand such as Petal Fresh Pure) on desired external areas (**shaving with a sunburn, use aloe vera for a cooling effect and skin treatment) 

benefits: cost-effective // moisturizes skin // allows easier movement with razor/shaving stick // convenient in the shower // smoother skin // prevents ingrown hair and bumps // hydrating  

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coco oil disaster reporting: I'm okay! thank you all for the care! my hair is still kinda funny from all washing but it looks okay now. I'd ask for RFA+3 react @ MC messing up her hair (dyeing/haircut), maybe put this in your queue? thank you loves!

I’m actually really glad to hear that your hair is doing better and tbh I was talking to myself (don’t judge) about my hair and started to wonder about yours the other day (wow that’s probably creepy im sorry) so I’m glad I finally got to your request ^^;; ~Admin 404


-He’s probably the one who helps you mess up your hair?

-MC! He dyes his hair! He can totally help you dye yours!



-Cries with you when you see the results


-He finds a beauty club on campus and joins, hoping it’ll help him figure out how to fix your hair

-You won’t let him near your hair anymore, at all. He has to pat your back when he’s consoling you for weeks afterwards because you’re very serious about not letting him touch

-Begs to go with you to the beauty parlor to watch them fix it though!

-Literally praises your hair 27 times a day once it’s actually the colour you wanted, because you look so good!!! He tries to tell you that you were beautiful before but the glare you give him makes him hold his tongue

-You considered messing with his hair the next time he did it

-But realized that would be tERRIBLE and you weren’t sure you could deal with the poor baby’s crying poor bby ;A;


-You were just… simply getting ready for a night out with your boyfriend

-You couldn’t just go out in some comfortable clothes, nnooo

-You decided you had to dress up- jewelry, makeup, hair, the works


-So when you attempted to curl a piece of your hair and attempt to simultaneously talk to Zen, you thought ‘Hey, it’s easy, I can do this’

-You were wrong

-Did you know you could set the curling iron too high? No, of course you didn’t, because you didn’t read the instructions

-’Oh no,’ you thought, ‘I know how to curl my hair. I don’t need this. What’s it gonna say? Step one: curl your fucking hair?’


-Because that curl? Completely burnt off

-You now have a missing chunk of hair and the house smells like burning hair and no amount of candles can cover it

-Trust me, Zen tried. After over-reacting and practically dropping to the floor, mourning the lost chunk of hair

-Who’s more upset, you or Zen?

-You’re crying, he’s crying, everyone is crying up in this house

-He tries his best to try and help you hide it

-Luckily for you, it’s in a spot that it can be easily blended in until you decide what to do to fix it

-So he helps to style your hair in a different way until then!

-Always coming home with adorable hair accessories to mix up your hairstyle!

-And when you’re upset, he’s always there for hours at a time telling you how amazing and beautiful he thinks you are, and refuses to stop his speech until he knows you’ve forgotten all about your hair disaster (at least for the moment)

- seriously has to buy like 20 more candles to help the burnt smell in the house


-You just wanted to do a nice, relaxing, hair mask while you took a hot bath

-Did you buy a premade one at the store? No no of course not

-Your Pintrest loving ass had to make a homemade one




-Hours upon hours you’ve spent washing your hair and you just. Couldn’t. Get. It. Out.

-So when Jaehee came home and heard the water running she was obviously concerned because??? You texted her like a million hours ago that you were going to take a bath

-Did something happen to you??? Were you hurt??? OR WORSE???

-*Judo kicks down the door*

-Sees you just sitting in the bathtub, running water over your head, quietly sobbing

-*Mother Jaehee instincts kicking in*

-You explain what happened and she just laughs at you??? Like stOP LAUGHING MY HAIR’S A MESS

-She spends the rest of the night helping you strip your hair of the terrible mask you attempted, doesn’t stop until she knows your hair is gonna be okay

- that and she doesnt want that gross oil feeling all up on the pillows mc, keep it away from her at all costs


-”Why in the world did you attempt to cut your bangs yourself?? I have a hairdresser. Why didn’t you just make an appointment”

-You sat in the middle of the bathroom floor in defeat, a large chunk missing from your bangs, where you’ve been sitting for hours, crying on and off

-He stares at your hair for a good while, without saying a word. He’s trying to assess the damage, not judging you, stop crying MC

- mc, he has money, JuJu can fix this for you

-Bang extensions? Bang extensions.

-At least until your actual bangs grow out and you can style them

-He always tells you how beautiful you look, no matter what

-If he could, he’d fix it himself, but he knows that he’d just make it worse so he let the professionals handle it

-But he is a little…mothering? Always hovering and running around both you and the hairdresser

-Loves showering you with compliments no matter what your hair looks like, but he hides all the scissors from you. No joke. You can’t do any crafts without someone having to get you scissors. They check up on you every now and then. juST LET ME CRAFT, JUMIN, PLEASE

-You once threatened to cut Elly’s fur if he didn’t stop hiding the scissors

-But all that did was make sure that you only got safety scissors and a designated scissor handler daMMIT JUMIN


-You wanted to go for just a little trim of your split ends!

-The love of your life just wanted to scare you a little bit without realizing you were a little busy!

-Cue the fact that you now have a chunk of hair missing. What was once flowing, long hair is now as short as Jaehee’s. Only in one spot. Just one.


-He told you he loved it, you can just be unique with one spot shorter than the rest!

-”It’s a fashion statement, MC! It’s fabulous!”

- im gonna shove this fucking “fabulous” pair of scissors up your aSS SAEYOUNG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

-Runs away from you and your fury, scissors in hand.

-He comes back later, plopping one of his wigs on top of your head, kissing your cheek in apology

-Promises to get you an appointment with one of the best hairdressers! He’s gonna get this fixed!

- news flash, the hairdresser is him in disguise. He actually did a fantastic job at fixing your hair

-He’s so cute though! After he gives you an adorable (and flattering) new hairstyle, he can’t stop taking pictures of you??

-The group chat is spammed with candids of you and everyone else thinks it’s absolutely adorable! They all love your haircut too <3


-Okay but he’s the one who fucked up your hair

-How was he supposed to know just how much coconut oil was supposed to go in your hair? He’s never done it

-’The more oil, the more it’ll smell like coconut, right?’ is what he thought to himself

-Smh this asshole was just thinking of himself- he wanted to spoon you and just lose himself in a sweet coconut scent

-”Here, you said you wanted to try a hair mask thing, right? I researched and found that coconut oil helps… I got you some! Let’s go shower”

-Like hell yeah I’ll go shower with you Jihyun, who would turn that down??

-But now you regret it. You regret it and you wanna pour the rest of the bottle over his head

-Obviously he’s apologizing like crazy

-Sounds like he’s on the verge of tears and you can see the guilt splattered across his face


-He’s calling everyone he knows, looking all over the internet, anything he can do to help your hair

-Even calling some famous hairdressers he’s met overseas

-*Lays napkin on your head* “Sit with this on MC, maybe it’ll soak some of it up”

-Like clockwork, he’s changing the napkins on your head

-Well he got what he wanted- your hair smells like coconut. So does your whole bathroom. And house. And everywhere you go. He can pick you out of a crowd by following the coconut smell


-Also does his own hair

-Refused to help you dye your own because??? He’s not taking responsibility if something goes wrong

-He should have knocked on wood because…. You fucked up. Real bad.


-You MCFucked up(™)

-He walked into the room as you stared in disbelief that your hair was dry, coarse, and just all around dead

-What did he do? Stared blankly, finger-gunned, and walked out of the room. whAT THE FUCK SAERAN GET BACK HERE AND CONSOLE ME

-He sat in the bathroom while you dyed it *insert whatever colour you want here* hoping maybe the dye would bring it a little life?

-It Did Not.

-He bought you a few different hair masks and damage repair shampoos hoping it would help, and help stop your crying

-You made him promise to help you with your hair the next time you decide to do it. He agreed because jesus christ MC why would you do this to yourself okay but??? This whole part vof the hc is literally what i did when i first bleached my hair ;A;

-Seriously though, he helped no matter what you wanted to do from then on. You wanted to retouch the colour? He’s helping. You wanna change the colour? Also helping. You want it to go back to a normal colour? HelPING.

-Literally always on the internet looking at different articles on how to help repair hair damage, how to keep it healthy, different products you could use, he is not gonna let you do that again because??? He loves your hair and actually felt terrible when you cried about it

Always in my head

Word Total: 1280…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Imagine trying to fall asleep next to Poe. I say trying because he would just keep grabbing your ass, pulling you into him, kissing you on your shoulders.(Not leading to sex or anything. He just missed you a lot.)

Pairing:  Poe x Reader

Y/N wandered in circles inside the small room waiting for news on Poe, he had been missing for a few days; she nibble on her nails looking down the floor. She sat down for a few minutes bouncing her leg up and down, but when her leg started cramping she lay down on the bed, but on his side; that side that smelt just like him.

        The three of silence were making her a wreck.

The first one was on her mind, she couldn’t think of anything else. But of Poe… All the worst possibilities were haunting her head, as much as she tried to focus on other tasks her mind refused to cooperate with her… Poe that was the only word that echoed in her mind.

What if Poe was captured by the First Order? Were they torturing him?

The second one was in her room as she paced around it, no BB-8 beeping, no whining Poe, no… nothing it was silent the only thing was her feet scraping the aluminum floor beneath her.

The third one, being any news of him. Nobody knew where he was, the General had tried to calm her down telling her that Poe was alive; that maybe he had been uncommunicated. That he needed to repair the communication device. That bad news travel fast…

But that was two weeks ago…

She finally sat on her black sofa looking at the empty wall in front of her, the food that Jessika had brought her was already cold. But she didn’t care.


Frantic knocking shook her out of her stupor. “Coming” her voice came out of a whisper, she rolled her eyes as the knocking continue followed by angry shouts of a man. “The hell do you─”

“I am home”

“Commander Dameron, I told you to stay at the clinic; the injuries are still fresh and open, you can’t wa─”

“Poe” Y/N said looking at Poe, he barely stood in front of her; visible he wobbled from side to side. He winced and hold his side. There were multiple lacerations on his face, his hair was a mess with some black tartar on it, the color of his skin was dull like a flower that was in the sun and suddenly was hidden in the dark with no water. “You’re here”

“I told you, I always come back for you”

Y/N smiled and stopped herself from throwing herself into his arms. “You should go to the clinic”

“At least someone has some sense, let’s go back to the clinic I need to sterilize the wounds on your body”

“But I just got home, can’t I get a few minutes with my beautiful wife” Poe whined at the doctor, Dr. Leeman rolled his eyes and shook his head and looked at Y/N.

“Come on, we’ll come back once you’re fixed all right?” Y/N alleged looking at Poe. Poe nodded and turn around.

“Where is your jacket?” Y/N asked as Dr. Leeman started to cut Poe’s shirt with a pair of scissors.

“Lost it,seemed” Poe said he grimaced as the doctor removed the pieces of shirt that were adhered to his injuries on his torso. “Took a little tumble down with a Tight-Fighter”


“A Tight-Fighter? Why were you─”

“Long story short, a Stormtrooper help me out of captivity; we borrowed a Tight Fighter and they were─ ouch that hurt be careful” Poe bit his lip as the doctor rolled his eyes.

“I am trying, but there is sand in the injuries. Did you rolled down a mountain of sand?”

“Much like I was being eaten by sand”


“Quicksand, that thing is tricky” Poe smiled as Y/N frowned. “Hey, all that matters is that I am here with you” She only nodded and stood up from the chair. “Where are you going?”

“I am going to help the doctor because someone is being a baby”

“I am not a baby”

Y/N helped Poe sat on their bed careful not the touch the bandages that were on his torso. They were a lot of bruises on it too, but the doctor seems advisable to put anything on them since they need to be exposed to air to be cure more quickly. “Do you want anything to eat?”

Poe shook his head and lay down, Y/N quickly ran to his aid and help him get lay down slowly into his side of the bed. “Something to drink then?”

“All I want is to sleep with my wife,” Poe said putting a hand over his face. “That thing the doctor gave me is making me so sleepy”

“Just let me─”

“You should not be condescending to your dying husband Y/N”

Y/N rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. “Just let me go change”

She came out of the bathroom already change in more comfortable clothes. Y/N smiled seeing Poe passed out on their bed, she leaned down and softly kissed Poe on the forehead.

Y/N couldn’t contain her smile as she lay down the other side of the bed, as far as she could from Poe she didn’t want to move around the bed and hit him. He had already enough injuries on his body to add more.

She was having a pleasant dream when she felt something on her bum. A hand, Y/N reacted without thinking and raised her hand and hit… Poe


Y/N quickly opened her eyes and saw Poe holding his cheek. “I am sorry, I thought it was─”

“It’s alright” Poe removed his hand from his face, his face was red and Y/N grimaced because she was the cause of it. “I just missed you so much”

Y/N smiled and lay down close to him. “I can’t get closer, I might hurt─”

“I don’t care, I missed you so much. Being away from you has been more torture than the one by the First Order” Y/N rolled her eyes and scooped closer to him. She bit her lip as Poe’s hand squeezed her ass.

“Really Poe?”

“I miss your ass too” Poe said cheekily gazing down at Y/N. Y/N shook her head. “You have a nice ass, what can I say?”

“You’re saying that you marry me, because of my ass?”

“You can say that, it was love at first ass”

“Poe, I thought you were being romantic here you’re such a pervert” Poe shook his head and kissed Y/N’s hair. She rolled her eyes as Poe started to kiss her neck down to her shoulders. “You’re still a pervert”

“The first time I saw you, well I saw your ass first” Y/N contained a laugh and let Poe continue, as he passed his hand through the length of her hair. “You were repairing my X-Wing” he said with a smile on his face. “You look so beautiful when you came down the ladder, though your ass looked nicer”

“Stop talking about my ass, it’s embarrassing” Y/N said hiding her red face against Poe’s neck.

“But you know what?”

Y/N raised her face and turn her face to look at Poe. “What?”

“I love you” Y/N smiled and Poe leaned down slowly until their lips touched. Y/N squeaked and broke the kiss, as Poe’s hand slid down her back down to her ass and started to caress it. “I love your ass more”


“What?” Y/N smirked as Poe jumped.

“Y/N, don’t touch my ass!”

“You have a lovely ass too” Y/N laughed as Poe started to murmur under his breath. “I love you, Poe”

“I know” Y/N looked at him, Poe winked at her; she only shook her head and suddenly stood up looking around the room.

“What’s wrong?”

“Where is BB-8?”

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How does bounty hunter Obi-Wan take care of that much hair? It there a way to manage/treat/deal with fine, light hair so you don't have to wash it so often? (In case it wasn't clear, I don't mean to nitpick. I like the idea of hair long and strong enough to strangle people with without it being wildly impractical and I'd like to know more.) Does he use his hair to do other things?

Hearing a shift, Qui-Gon glanced up quickly and smiled when he saw Obi-Wan step out of the tent, his hair currently undone and hanging down his back to his rear in long red waves. In his left hand was a can that he was shaking hard.

“What is he up to? I’ve never seen him with his hair undone.” Anakin offered warily.

“You don’t think keeping that much hair is without work Anakin, do you?” Qui-Gon chuckled and tugged on his own tail. “There’s a reason my hair reaches my shoulder blades and no longer. After that it gets to much work for me.”

“So he’s…doing hair care?” The blond blinked and glanced back as Obi-Wan started to spray the content of the can into his hair, starting at the bottom to the top until he had coated all of it.

“Yes.” Qui-Gon watched the bounty hunter as Obi-Wan tucked the can on his belt and pulled his brush of it, carefully starting to brush in the content. “Its a repairing hair spray with the added benefit of strengthening the hair and keeping it tangle free.”

“…You gave it to him, didn’t you.”

“Courting gift. He started buying them himself after he learned of it.” Qui-Gon chuckled to himself as Obi-Wan continued brushing out his mane of hair as the sun caught in the waves. “He looks nice.” He smiled softly.

Then he shook his head as Obi-Wan started to braid his hair up with the Force. “And of course he’d utilize the Force like that.” The tone should have been exasperated but it came out fond.

Anakin watched his former master, frowning ever so slightly. “You…really like him, don’t you.”

“He’s interesting. Funny if you get to know him and he’s very smart Anakin. A bit crude but considering the life he leads, its not so surprising. He’s strong, capable of defending himself.” Qui-Gon shrugged. “And when I look at him through the Force he makes me feel…soothed I guess?”

“He’s so…crass though.” Anakin sighed. “I worry about you Master, I’d like to see you happy.”

“He makes me laugh Anakin. And his crassness is a cover, can you imagine day in and day out getting harassed for a quirk of birth? He didn’t choose to be an omega.” Qui-Gon shrugged before patting his former padawan on the shoulder. “I’m a grown man Anakin, I can make my own choices.” He smiled then moved to the copper haired bounty hunter, greeting him calmly.

“Did you sleep well?”

“I’ve had worse accommodations as you well know.” Obi-Wan hummed, pulling his hair up in a bun before cocking his head lightly while watching the taller man. “So, food?”

“Follow me Ser Kenobi.”

“…You know you can call me Obi-Wan, right?” He followed the tall Jedi, moving beside him through the camp.

“I didn’t want to presume. I know you like your space.” Qui-Gon offered in return as his robe snapped around his feet.

“I…appreciate that. I appreciate your willingness to…” Obi-Wan huffed a bit and ran his hand over his neck. “…Qui-Gon, I’d like to talk with you later in private if you have time today.”

“I would like that.” Qui-Gon pulled the flap to the mess tent to the side, gesturing for Obi-Wan to enter first. “Now, do you still drink tea? I can make a full pot.”

“Yes. Sapir?”

“Indeed Obi-Wan. Sapir and local produce, I hope your stomach is strong for bland food.” The Jedi teased and the bounty hunter smirked at him.

Voltron Fanfic- Markings

So, after seeing @socij  awesome art of the Paladins with lion pawprints on their backs, I could resist writing a fic to go along with it.  So, hope you all enjoy this.

Title: Markings

Rating: PG

Series: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Characters: Shiro, Coran, Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Allura

Summary: If you can’t remove a mark, then best to reshape it.

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I honestly don’t think I can keep bleaching my scalp anymore. I’m seriously looking into doing a shadow root next time I get my hair done in 5 weeks. The damage to the skin on my scalp I think is getting to be too much and I don’t want to cause anything irreversible. I’m going to go hard on my hair repair routine these next few weeks! I also want to get a dark brown wig but the only ones I know of are the freedom culture ones on ig that are like 2k 😓 and idk how long they last so idk if that kind of money is really worth it? I don’t want to spend my money on anything other than the best quality I can find though.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking about going natural 😊 , do you have any tips ?

Stop straightening your hair, start deep conditioning, you can make them at home. One good one is a mixture of 1 banana, olive oil, honey, and coconut oil. You can also just blend avocado and coconut oil and apply that for an hour. Deep condition 2 times a week. Find products that moisturize, for example shea moisture curl and style milk is really good, kinky curly knot today is a good leave in as well. Trim all your dead ends to start off fresh, and just be patient , hair takes time to repair its self but its not impossible! Good luck babe hopefully this helped a little


Hiya dolls! here are some of my most fave products for over bleached, dry and damaged hair ! I use these ones weekly (oils daily). I tried to do a mix of high street and top qual products- but I cant stress enough that your hair is a life long investment so for gods sake spend the extra 20 quid and take good care of it yeh? :) xoxx



Panties 4x
Lorac Pro pocket shadow palette
Elizabeth Arden rollerball
Eos chapstick


Pixi glowtion day dew
Pixi glow tonic
Pixi glow mist
Soap and glory mascara
Soap and glory eyeliner
Maybelline vivid matte lipstick x2
Bling bomb x2
L'Oréal hair dye


Ion repair hair mask x2
Btz hair mask
Application brush
Ion repair spray


Honestly there’s so much I won’t bother

Today was pretty good. Joanne’s is extremely easy- empty, no employees and two cameras in the whole store. Kohls was a little unnerving because I’ve heard a lot of people get busted by their lp. I went in, grabbed some stuff and left without lingering very long. Probably won’t go there for a long time cause I had a bad feeling. Sally’s is small but I bought some stuff so they weren’t sus. Target was easy, they have cameras everywhere but I concealed while walking next to clothing racks so that my hands weren’t seen and booked it out of there.

Advice for first time hair dye users!

So I have a friend dying her hair soon and I just gave her my best advice and I thought I should share it with the rest of you ☺️ 

  • My first piece of advice would be use manic panic brand dye. They have the best and brightest color and they’re vegetable based so it actually nourishes your hair. (And they’re 100% vegan 😄) 
  •  Make sure when you have dye in your hair wash it as little as you can possibly stand. I can go about a week and a half and it makes my dye last forever.
  • Make sure you know how much dye you need and buy extra. I have pretty thick hair and it takes 8-10 ounces of dye to cover my hair but I always buy 12 just in case. Any left over dye you have can be saved to touch up your roots (make sure you read the label to see if the dye can be stored after you open it) If you have thinner hair then 4-6 ounces should be perfect. But I highly recommend buying extra if you have the money (manic panic is about $10 for 4 ounces) 
  • Before you dye, don’t wash your hair for a week or so if you can stand it. The dye will strip your hair of all of its oils so the more oily the better. (But after you rinse the dye out it’ll feel the cleanest you’ve ever felt your hair ever. It’s like a super shampoo. It’s the best feeling in the world) 
  •  Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. Use conditioner. Use. Conditioner. (This isn’t hair dye specific, just general hair advice)
  • Conditioner.
  • If you live with your parents, warn them that hair dye can (and most likely will) stain your tub/sink. 
  • I don’t care what the directions say, leave your hair dye on for as long as you can stand it. If the directions say leave it on for 30 minutes, leave it on for 2 hours. Manic panic’s label says 30 minutes but your color will turn out much better if you leave it on for longer. My experience is the longer the better, and use a blow dryer to add heat while you wait, (15 minutes at most with the blow dryer) it intensifies the color. 
  • If you can stand it, put a shower cap over your hair and sleep on it and rinse your hair in the morning when you wake up. (I’ve never tried to over night method but I’ve heard amazing things about it!) 
  • If you’re bleaching your hair I recommend getting a deep conditioning treatment (you can get them at Sally’s beauty for pretty cheap, they’re basically a really fancy conditioner) 
  • I also recommend TIGI’s hair repair mask (about $10) and a really good conditioner. You need to nourish your hair a loooot if you bleach it. 
  • Have fun!!!! And it’s totally okay to be nervous, dying your hair can change your appearance but at the end of the day it’s so much fun!! 

Please feel free to add to this with your own advice!