Football Terms For Theatre People

The Superbowl is coming up and playbill.com was kind enough to translate the big game for all of us :)

Cheerleaders: Chorus girls.
Coach: Director.
Deflate-Gate: You lose $4.5 million on a show because your South African mystery investor suddenly dies from malaria.
End Zone: Backstage, including our dressing rooms. (Hasn’t everybody scored in a dressing room before?)
False Start: “Didn’t they call places like 15 minutes ago?”
First Down: Scene Change!
Fumble: It’s like falling out of your triple pirouette. Ugh.
Hail-Mary Pass: Oh, Lord! In football, this is when the players throw the ball really far in hopes of scoring. In our world, it’s like when a theatregoer is trying to “score” tickets to a show via the lottery system. Imagine: You’re at The Book of Mormon on 49th Street and your friend is at Wicked on 50th, and you’re keeping in touch via cellphone. Your name is called at Wicked, and now you’re running for your life to get there before they skip your name and give the tickets away to someone else. The whole time, you’re like, “Hail Mary, full of grace…”
Half Time: Intermission. Substitute a $5 bag of peanut M&Ms for a hotdog.
Huddle: We call this: Prayer Circle.
Instant Replay: “One more time, facing away from the mirror…”
Interception: To best explain this would be to refer to the way Anna Kendrick stepped onstage to sing ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ in “Camp.”
Kick Off: The start of the game, otherwise known as the “Overture.” Am I right?”

And while I’m making personal posts: I have recalculated and it appears I in fact have closer to 2 years rather than 2.5 until I can enter. So that’s it then. Two years to get healthier, holier, readier… and maybe travel a little. If I ever get a job in this dying town - say a Hail Mary for me if you get the time, please.

So this is exciting. And kind of intense. Yay!

okay so google isn’t being very helpful so hail mary pass, here, anyone know anything about small-time japanese winter festivals? like, not new year’s or anything big and fancy, the kind of thing a rural small town would have in winter, preferably early winter or even late fall. just like the sort of things they might do. i am a helpless american whose primary knowledge of japanese small town culture comes from persona 4 and that didn’t have anything like this. so maybe it’s not even a thing, and only big cities do it? i don’t know! which is my problem!

so on the off chance that anyone here has even a vague awareness of these things, please help me


Making Lenten memories 

Lent offers opportunities to pass on your faith to children. Here are some ideas for making Lenten memories:
Pray together. Even if it’s just an Our Father or Hail Mary, it unites the family.
Let each family member mention one person or problem that they would like to pray for in a special way at dinnertime.
Take the kids grocery shopping for the poor. Let them help you bring the food to your parish pantry or the local food bank.
Let children light a candle at church for people throughout the world who are sick or hungry.
Sample Lenten food favorites,such as hot cross buns or pretzels. If you’re really adventurous,check the Internet for recipes and make your own!
Check your diocesan newspaper for the location of a Passion play. Take family members and friends.
And if you still not decided your own personal penances, here are some more ideas.

Minna, all my friends in Japan, I am praying for you now. I hope you and your family are all safe and I am joining you in prayers. -_-)~♥ *hugs*

Hail Maria (Kanji + romaji versions)

The Prayer to Virgin Mary is so strong, and having been consacrated to her… I always pray her the most… She is minna’s mother ♥

Medetashi seichou michimiteru Maria
Shu onmi to tomoni mashimasu
Onmi wa on'na no uchinite shukuserare
Gotainai no onko Iezusu mo shukuseraretamou Tenshu no onhaha sei Maria
Tsumibukai warera no tameni imamo rinju no toki mo
Inori tamae.