What I love best about Kubo-sensei drawing Shachihoko!Viktor is that here she is again, calmly responding to our wild screaming that more or less goes like, “WHO THE HELL IS CHIHOKO I MUST KNOW OR ELSE I CAN’T LIVE???”

Kubo-sensei’s consistently subtle way of answering our maniacal screeching throughout the life of this fandom is so refreshing, here I am just laughing my head off. I feel like a banshee meeting its tamer, lmao. I love you, sensei! ❤

hail-to-the-damned  asked:

So how fucked would the world be if some talon asshat tried to hurt Barrage?

They didn’t tried, they succeeded and she changed to the worst.
Talon signed a death warrant the day Overwatch HQ exploded, she lost Barrage in the incident…
Hell hath no fury like Caveira.


Hi oranges!

A t-shirt suggestion:

I really wanted to get a “Hail Denmark” t-shirt, but I thought it was kind of bland with only a single line of text and no picture. Because I have a feeling you aren’t allowed to put Bionicle masks on the shirt (trademarked,copyrighted, or whatever) I was thinking it might be cool if you made a “keep calm and chive on” parody shirt. For example “KEEP CALM and HAIL DENMARK” but have like a picture of Tahu’s pipe-cleaner hat or something like that.

I dunno. Great series and I look forward to “Anonymous” !!!

thank you, it’s a good suggestion but I don’t think I’m gonna make any changes to the shirts at this point

“He’s trying to tell us there’s no rooks.” Cornflower explained to Mrs. Churchmouse.
“Oh, I thought he was referring to Mr. Spike when he said ‘no cooks’. He’s no cook at all.”
“Indeed he isn’t. Hotroot pepper in the scones! I could have drunk the Abbey pond dry that night.” 

Dang, mousewives savage as heck