𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖 – 𝒊𝒘𝒂𝒊𝒛𝒖𝒎𝒊 𝒉𝒂𝒋𝒊𝒎𝒆


pairing: iwaizumi hajime x chubby female reader
genre: fluff, smut, angst; best friends to lovers!AU
word count: 11.6k (at this point i have no explanation, im sorry)
warnings: swearing, mentions of body image issues, self doubts, anxiety, bullying, fat shaming; as well as violence and blood (iwa gets into a fight mwah); ddlg (daddy dom-little girl) dynamics, soft dom!iwa, body worship, praising, sugarcoated degradation, spitting, choking, fingering, face riding, unprotected sex
A/N: And here it finally is! My first x chubby reader fic!! As a chubby someone who’s been reading fanficion for a long time, I’ve always craved some kind of representation and now I finally got to join this side of the community and I’m more than just happy about the way it turned out. I genuinely hope you guys will enjoy this and find comfort the same way I did while writing this. At this point I just want to thank my baby @natsuosfairy​ for helpping me with this fic and listening to my stupid rants, i love you so much!!<3 Please feel free to leave any sort of feedback if you enjoyed it and thank you so much for everything.

– ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇ x ᴢᴀᴅᴇ

Summary: After four years of trying to get over your stupid crush on your best friend, said male finally comes back home and all of a sudden all of those plans are thrown overboard…


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sodium-noodles  asked:

Can you please do a continuation of the "are you flirting or starting a fight?" head canons? IT WAS JUST SO CUTE AND I WANT THEM TO KISS MEEEE (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

oooh ofc ofc. mmm you didn’t specify characters so I’ll just choose myself!!

edit: wait I just posted this and im just realizing… did you mean a part two to Atsumu and Tsukki? LMAO IF YES THEN MY B AND ENJOY THIS, I’ll work on a part 2 HAHAHA. my b my b

“are you flirting or starting a fight?”

feat. Kuroo, Sakusa


  • what could you possibly have against this cute science nerd?
  • well, he’s always teasing you. at first it was all fun and games, but the day you quipped back- boy did things escalate
  • soon, the comments just got meaner. he would tease you for your grades (mainly in science since you did decently well in other subjects), and you would bring up his hair
  • it didn’t help that you two were in the same class, so you two were bickering every day
  • despite all this arguing, it wasn’t like you had some grand resentment against the captain
  • you could see that with other people- he was a genuinely nice and caring person. it was admirable seeing how his own team looked up to him for guidance
  • so why the heck was he so annoying to you all the time
  • one afternoon, Nekoma was hosting a practice match with Nohebi- something Kuroo wasn’t too fond of
  • shortly before class had ended, Kuroo asked if you were gonna go watch the team’s practice match
  • “No, why would I? you would be there” you scoff, waiting for a reply back
  • but you don’t get one. Kuroo just nods and heads back to his desk
  • after class ends, you’re planning on going home but you run into the Nohebi volleyball team- well specifically their captain
  • Daishou grins at you, “hey, you go here. can you lead me towards the gym? I got separated from my team” you shrug and lead the way, chatting with the Daishou during your walk. the two of you finally reach the gym entrance and just as he’s about to thank you, you’re interrupted
  • Y/n? what are you doing, I thought you weren’t gonna watch?” Kuroo asks. he had rounded the corner only to see you with Nohebi’s captain alone, and that irked him
  • Daishou wrapped his arm around your shoulder, and smirked at how Kuroo’s eyes narrowed at the contact, “Y/n-chan here was just showing me to the gym.” he was about to say more, but he heard his team call him from inside so he waved goodbye to you and head inside
  • Kuroo grabbed your hand before you were able to turn and walk away, “what was that all about?”
  • “it’s nothing- I ran into him and he asked where the gym was”
  • “that’s bullshit, Daishou’s been here before. he knows perfectly well where the gym is. tell me the truth Y/n.” Kuroo crosses his arms and looks at you expectantly. it was rare to see a frown on his face
  • “what the heck Kuroo, I’m not lying. why are you so pressed about this?” your voice was raised, it was frustrating to be roped around their weird feud. but what made it worse was that you were being accused of lying
  • “I didn’t like seeing him with you.” he flat out admits. you see a blush forming on his face
  • well, you surely did not know how to respond to that that didn’t involve getting flustered yourself
  • you manage to make eye contact with him, “well, if it makes you feel better, he was giving me a strange vibe when we were talking!! so I’m not too fond of him”
  • Kuroo takes a step forward, “the same way you’re not fond of me?”
  • “n-no” you couldn’t figure out why you were stammering, “You’re annoying yes, and you always tease me for no reason. but I do think you’re a really cute- I mean cool person…”
  • realizing your small slip you try to backtrack, “You’re still an idiot though, Kuroo!!”
  • Kuroo looks fairly amused now, and leans forward, just a bit, “hey Y/n, are you flirting to starting a fight?”
  • your brows furrow at him, but the blush on your face paints a different message
  • “…Kuroo, you better head inside. your practice match starts soon.”
  • he laughs at your attempt to change the subject, “you’re not gonna watch us completely destroy Nohebi?”
  • you quickly take out a scrap of paper and from Kuroo’s perspective, you’re just scribbling on it
  • “no, I actually am busy this afternoon. but”, you hand him the scrap, your number written on it, “you can text me afterwards and tell me how it went”
  • and just like that you quickly scurried off, cursing the cute science nerd

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anonymous asked:

request! headcanons for when the reader surprises her bf by showing up (at a match? at school? at work? at the cafe? your choice) after a LOONG time of not meeting each other due to LDR or other commitments for Oikawa, Bokuto, Iwa and Akaashi!! thank you in advanced :)

I’VE BEEN SO BUSY LATELY 🥺🥺 I miss writing sm, my modules are still kicking my ass huhu

Anywayy, I made a bunch of headers (or dividers? idk what you call them??) instead of listening to my teacher during my zoom meetings 😌✌️ Are they alright? Or do you guys prefer the previous format? 

  • It would happen right before a really big match, as per usual he was surrounded by a gaggle of excited fans trying to get his autograph or get a photo with him, he almost didn’t notice the familiar figure watching just a few feet away
  • Oikawa would freeze the moment he locked eyes with you and he’d gasp so loudly and so dramatically
  • He’d drop whatever he was holding, he didn’t care if it was his phone, his drink, it didn’t matter since he needed his arms free to wrap you in his arms
  • He’d run over to you in record speed, yelling out your name excitedly, basically pushing past the crowd of people surrounding him
  • He would honestly start tearing up, he was so excited for this match and all he wanted was for you to be there and now you were!!
  • “Oh my god, (Y/N)! Why didn’t you tell me anything??”
  • He would not be able to separate himself from you, you two were probably just standing in the middle of the crowded corridor hugging each other for who knows how long despite all the people that were trying to pass by
  • But again, Tooru didn’t care, why should he when he finally has you in his arms again
  • He would pepper your entire face with kisses, making you grow bright red but you loved it of course because who wouldn’t??
  • He was 5000x more hyped for that match now that he knew you were watching up at the stands, cheering him on
  • Needless to say he completely destroyed his opponent
  • He was just walking around the main area of the venue after his game, browsing for t-shirts with cheesy lines about being the ace and such
  • He’d see you out of the corner of his eye and be like “Oh, it’s (Y/N).” and continue walking by before doing the most dramatic double take while screaming “OH MY GOD, IT’S (Y/N)!”
  • Everyone in the general vicinity just froze and whipped their heads towards you two but of course, this goes unnoticed by either of you as Bokuto basically sonics his way towards you, still screaming your name excitedly
  • He’d immediately scoop you up with his herculean arms and twirl you around, asking a million questions
  • He only really stops yelling when you two get to properly hug, he’d bury his face on the top of your head, kissing it slightly and taking in the scent of your shampoo which he didn’t realize he missed so much
  • You’re going to have to pry yourself off of him because he physically cannot let go of you
  • He’s also going to cling next to you for the rest of the day, his hand will always be intertwined with yours or at the small of your back
  • He just got out of the most boring lecture in the entire world, he was practically half asleep as he dragged himself out of the building
  • The only thing keeping him conscious was the fact that he was in a call with you at the moment, ranting all about his classes, about Oikawa, and about how much he missed you
  • “I’m literally so sleepy right now, you should see how I look right now.”
  • “I think you still look handsome though, maybe even more so than usual.”
  • “What?”
  • He’d honestly think you were joking at first, he’d just chuckle and go on with the conversation
  • Even when your voice started to sound louder and louder, and started to echo slightly, he still didn’t realize that you were standing right behind him until you tapped him on his shoulder
  • His jaw would immediately drop and no words would escape his mouth as he struggled to comprehend what was happening
  • His brain would basically short circuit, please save him
  • Once he finally realized what was going one, he immediately cupped your face with his hands and kissed you deeply
  • After catching up and all that sweet lovey-dovey stuff, he’d actually start chastising you
  • “You should have told me you were coming, I could have picked you up at the airport. What if you got lost? What if something happened to you—”
  • He just can’t suppress his protective motherly instinct, especially when you’re involved
  • It was early in the morning and Akaashi had a class to attend later on in the day so he thought he’d do some work in his favorite cafe to kill some time
  • You two used to love having dates at that cafe, you two always stayed at this one specific table by the window so he always made a point to sit there when he could
  • He ordered his usual drink and went to the table to find someone already sitting there, staring right at him with a giddy little grin on their face
  • He’d just freeze mid-step, eyes widening into saucers as he stared at you
  • He was never a morning person and he had -3 hours of sleep that night so he honestly just thought he was hallucinating
  • Is that (Y/N)? No, it can’t be, they would have told me if they were coming. But they’re sitting right there, what the fuc—
  • He’d stand there for a few seconds just arguing internally with himself as his brain started to put two and two together
  • His face would break into a rare ear to ear smile as he ran over to you
  • As he got closer and closer to you, the butterflies in his stomach that he always felt near the beginning of your relationship returned once more
  • He honestly wouldn’t believe that you were actually there until you threw your arms around him, pressing kisses all over his face
  • He’d immediately press his lips against yours and kiss you in a way he never did before, as if he was making up for all the times he couldn’t when you were apart
  • He would usually never do this in public but he could hardly care now that you were finally here
jealous texts || captain edition (f!reader)

feat. oikawa tooru, kuroo tetsurou, sawamura daichi, bokuto koutarou, ushijima wakatoshi

warnings : language, kinda nsfw

a/n : this was more fun than i thought it’d be >_> might fuck around and do different editions for this



You’re his favorite thing to figure out, and the most fun to mess with. That’s all the motivation Tooru Oikawa needs, princess.

.wordc. 4.5k+
tw stepcestmanipulationdaddy, stepfather oikawa, ddlg-ish, adultery mentions, degradation, oral (giving), age gap (no age given but tooru is ±decade older than reader)


A viper. A dried out viper skin on the side of the hiking path as you walk with laboured breath behind your mother. It still moves in the breeze, like it’s ready to strike at any moment. But the actual thing that will bite you isn’t here anymore, long moved on to better places. You stare at the skin as it rolls down the path, mouth corners instinctively pulling down in pity. The animal isn’t dead yet, as far as you know at least, but it seems equally unfortunate to leave behind something that was once as much part of you as the air filling your lungs.

It’s only when fingers wrap around your forearm and motion you back with a sharp pull that you look up with wide eyes.

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Lord’s Prayer

Reader: F
Character: Daichi Sawamura
Rating: E
Summary: You were a good girl, a smart girl. You did well in school and prayed every morning. You went to church on Sunday and were loved by your family. But the resident bad boy of Karasuno High School had other ideas for you. 
Warning: Religion Kink, Smut, Doggy Style, Loss of Virginity, Multiple Orgasms, The Lord’s Prayer, Unprotected Sex, Bad Boy Daichi, Virginity Kink, Corruption Kink, Lord’s Name in Vain, Spanking, Character’s are 18+, 5.2k Words
A/N: Jesus, forgive me for this one. There’s no excuse, reasoning or rhyme as to why this happened. 14 years of catholic school will do that to a man. 
Tip Jar 🍸 | Ask Box: Open


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I folded in love in your works. Will u do polyamory relationship for Wakatoshi and Kiyoomi with reader in mafia au with really dirty things? Adore u

A/N: awwwwwww I adore you too baby 🥺🥰❤️

WARNINGS: Smut, guns, violence, abusive ex, stalker ex, READ WITH CARE

  • They both ran an underground mafia that was disguised as a huge trading corporation that made tons of money
  • You meet them through applying as a job; their secretary and you loved working for them
  • They were respectful, clean, good looking, dressed nicely, and they never made you work overtime unless absolutely necessary
  • Ushijima was very quiet towards you and only spoke when he gave you things to do and you loved his voice, it was a deep raspy sound and it always made you smile
  • Sakusa was also weird around you at first, but when he noticed how you’d use your sleeve to open his door and when handing him files you’d use a tissue to give it over
  • They both respected you as you started to notice small things and would keep in mind of them
  • Like Ushijima didn’t drink coffee, he had black tea with milk and Sakusa preferred home cooked meals over takeout
  • But one thing that always struck you as odd was they left and came in together but it wasn’t any of your business and you didn’t judge but you did have to say they’d make an odd couple
  • You never faced any trouble until your psycho ex found out where you had moved too and where you worked now
  • It was embarrassing when you told security about him and they nodded in understanding as you walked to your desk that sat between Sakusa and Ushijima office doors but you stopped noticing both of them standing at your desk
  • “If you’re having a hard time in your personal life, we understand and can help.” Ushijima said calmly and Sakusa nodded in agreement
  • Your cheeks heated up fast and you drop your head mumbling out a quick okay
  • They both nodded and Sakusa followed Ushijima into his office and the door clicks closed you hear angry muffled voices and you sigh just typing away
  • Sakusa walks out and slams the door and doesn’t look at you and slams his office and you feel the empty feeling in your stomach from what just happened
  • You never faced any issue until it was late at night and working overtime when you heard someone walk up to the desk
  • Your back was too them so you didn’t face them immediately but it happened to quickly to even process it
  • “YOU BITCH!” the guy screams and slams your face into desk making you scream loudly as your hair was gripping tightly as you thrown like a rag doll
  • Ushijima and Sakusa were in his office when he heard the screaming and got up quickly Ushijima grabbing his gun and clicking it and the scene they saw sent their blood aflame
  • Your ex was smacking you around as you screamed and fought your eyes closed trying to protect yourself kicking and sctracthing but you stop when you hear something like a branch snapping and something spraying your face
  • Someone with very cold hand touches your making you jump back but their grip was tight making you freeze your body shaking so much
  • “Easy y/n, it’s me, it’s Sakusa, don’t open your eyes alright, whatever you do don’t open them.” He whispers softly something soft wiping your face as he helps you up and walks into his office
  • “Deal with the mess Ushi.” Sakusa grumbles and you keep your eyes closed tears falling down your cheeks
  • “You can open your eyes now.” He mummers in your ear making you jump back falling off the couch
  • Your eyes snap to one of your bosses as he cocks his head sideways watching you and swallowing thickly you look down
  • “I’m so sorry for the mess I’ve made Mr. Sakusa, I’ll resign imm-“ you stop talking when you feel soft lips on yours, eyes growing wide you flutter them close
  • Pulling away you feel very thing hit you at once making you slump against him and you feel his hands travel over your body and lift you up holding you tightly but yet it was comforting
  • Falling asleep was so easy with his lemon and black tea scent when you hear the door open and that was it
  • “Omi? Is she okay?” Ushijima asks as their lackies clean up the body and blood Ushijima lighting a cigarette but stops seeing Sakusa glare
  • “First one in a couple of months love, leave me be.” He grumbles blowing the smoke out of his nose and smiles at your sleeping figure in his arms
  • “You’ve got your excuse now, to have her.” He says stepping closer and Sakusa pulls you closer not even thinking and Ushijima chuckles pushing loose strands off your face
  • You woke the next morning to a warm arm thrown lazily over your waist and you mumble softly the same lemon and black tea scent except it was stronger than normal as your eyes adjust to light you freeze coming face to face with Sakusa and on the other side the broad tan back of Ushijima
  • Sitting up,slowly you mouth oh my god and as you try to move you’re suddenly pinned down and a sleepy Sakusa stares down at you and chuckles quietly
  • “Your not leaving me.” He grumbles softly and dips his body down face hurried in your neck and you freeze heart ramming fast against your chest
  • You never once imagined being in a relationship with your boss yet here you were 5 months after that night and currently getting your guts rearranged on his desk
  • Sakusa chuckles his hair slightly sweaty and extra curly as he thrusts hard making you whimper loudly as he buries himself deep in you
  • “Look at this, your slutty pussy sucking me in with such ease, like you weren’t getting your hole pounded by me and Ushi.” He grumbles against your neck making you cry slightly from how much you wanted to cum
  • It had been 20 minutes of him teasing, nipping, pinching, and rubbing of your clit and he was still refusing to let you cum no matter how much you cried and begged
  • Sakusa pulls out all the way and leans you back on his desk and moves his hand onto your lower back making you arching it and taps your legs making you whimper from how sore they were
  • “Dont whimper baby, you need to put your legs up and spread them, I’m hungry and I want you.” He grumbles biting one of your nipples making you cry out
  • You do as he says and he bends down and starts to eat you out very slowly taking his time your moans and whimpers getting louder the more you feel the burning sensation build up
  • You cover your eyes letting out soft whimpers and you hear Kiyoomi stop and kiss your clit and stands up and raises an eyebrow
  • “Yes Wakatoshi?” Sakusa asks and you feel like dying right then and there
  • You and Ushijima weren’t very touchy and soft and all couple like you and Sakusa he just occasionally had sex with you and Sakusa from time to time and you wished to get closer to him somehow
  • “You’re needed in China, you leave now.” He says calmly and leaves and you gasp when he smacks your ass hard making you whimper and Sakusa chuckles darkly
  • “Well, I’m needed so no cumming unless it’s from me OR Ushijima, and we both know he’ll barely touch you.” He says kissing you deeply
  • Sakusa was gone for a very long time and work went back to what it used to be and it was reaching the 3rd week and you still didn’t know their big secret
  • Ushijima and you were walking out of the office one night you smiling gently since it was a nice night before you freeze seeing 5 huge men surrounding your car and Ushijima moves stepping infront of you his hand gripping your tightly
  • “Tsk tsk tsk, wakatoshi, who’s the little whore, she’s very gorgeous, one of your whores?” The head man asks making you flinch hiding yourself deeper into his back
  • “Walk away, right now.” Ushijima growls lowly his heart beating faster and he finally notices and curses himself because if anything happened to you he’d rip the world apart
  • “What the big mafia man whipped by some sluts pussy? How pathetic!” He snaps loudly and Ushijima moves quickly whipping out a gun
  • “Leave right fucking now, or I swear to god you’ll have bullets in your head and don’t you ever talk about my girl like that you understand!” He snarls
  • Listen you were in a dangerous situation and you knew that, but you have been so damn horny since kiyoomi left you in his office 3 weeks ago so hearing Ushijima say ‘my girl’ made your pussy do fucking back flips
  • The guys tch and nod their heads walking off into the dark and you slump against Ushijima taking in the scent of mint and lavender as your grip tightens on his suit jacket
  • You feel him turn around but you can’t look up knowing he wasn’t big on the eye contac but your breath freezes when his pointer finger tilts your head up to look at him
  • He leans down and kisses you softly making you freeze but you can’t help but melt as his hand leaves your chin and wraps around your waist pulling you into him
  • “He’s rough with you, but really I’m the soft one.” He whispers softly and pecks your lips and you can’t help but giggle softly those butterflies returning
  • “Well then, right now I don’t want soft.” You whispers palming him through his pants making him hiss
  • It should be a world record for how fast you got home and as you climb out of the car he easily scoops you up and carries you upstairs to your shared room
  • Laying you on the bed be kisses you slowly slipping his suit jacket off you giggle and move untying his tie and slipping it off his neck and he chuckles lowly nipping your lips making you gasp
  • His tongue slides into your mouth as he undoes your shirt and slips your skirt off as his hand gropes your breast you moan from how good it feels
  • He moves and chuckles feeling how wet you are smiles against your lips
  • “Wanna cum?” He asks lowly making you shake your head as he undoes his pants pulling his cock out he rubs his head over your pussy
  • “Yes Sir, I do.” You whimper and he chuckles kissing you gently as he slides into you making him groan you moan loudly from the stretch
  • He moves slowly as he hovers over you kissing you deeply as he mummers words of comfort and you whimper tears forming in your eyes
  • The difference between them was so clear Sakusa fucked like a dog and Ushijima while he seemed rough and big was soft and loving
  • Luckily for you, you came fast and hard since it had been a very long wait and you feel asleep quickly
  • The next morning you wake to Ushijima facing you and you feel a cold hand trail your naked body and you smirk rolling over to face Sakusa
  • “Hey mafia man.”

Words: 631

Pairings: Kenma x reader

Warnings: Characters are aged up, restraints, blindfold, ice cube use

A/n: This is another one which I’ve been excited to write, so I really hope you enjoy <3 I tried to explain the mini fridge part as best as I could, so I hope you all understood what I was trying to say in that one part


Your arms sat tied to either side of the bed, a blindfold draped around your eyes. Your body shook as you felt the cool, icy feeling of the ice cube on your right breast.

“K-Kenma,” you moaned out as he twisted the ice cube in a clockwise rotation, the cube beginning to melt letting the melted water coat your breast.

The water fell from your breast and onto the bedsheets, staining them with a small pool of water. The ice cube melted in between Kenma’s soft fingers. He quickly reached out to the grab another one of the ice cubes which sat in the small fridge he moved to the bedroom. Kenma had brought this fridge to store food in his gaming room, as when he gets into his game, and you’re not around, he doesn’t have the time to go find himself or make something to eat. He opened the small freezer, pulling out another ice cube, letting it sit on your left breast. As he twisted the ice cube on your breast, his lips wrapped around your right nipple, his tongue now meeting with your wet nipple and sucking lightly.

You moaned out to the soft feeling of his soft, sweet pink lips around your hardened bud and the cold ice cube on your breast. Your cunt clenched around nothing. Your bottoms had been thrown to the floor before Kenma had tied you to the bed. Your body was visible to Kenma’s prying eyes, his golden eyes staring down at your insanely beautiful body.

The ice cube melted, only causing him to get another one from the small fridge. Kenma dragged the ice cube down your stomach, the feeling of the cold ice on your warm skin sent pleasure throughout your body. Your eyes desperately craved the sight of your boyfriend, craving the sight of his beautiful gamer hands dragging the ice cube on your soft, sensitive skin.

“Kenma…” you moaned softly as his fingertips traced your skin. His fingers were calloused from all the time they spent on the controllers as he played his games without a care in the world.

“Kenma…” you moaned out a little louder as he placed a much colder ice cube on your stomach and dragged it down your skin.

The freezing cold ice cube felt horrible on your skin, but at the same time you couldn’t stop loving the way it dragged down your soft body and melted on you without any cares in the world. You loved the way the soft ice felt against your skin.

He let the ice cube melt down your thighs, drenching your thighs with the cold water which melted from the cube. His soft hands moved to trace the water around, playing with the little water which had stayed on your thigh after the rest had dripped off and landed on the bedsheets with a faint splat sound.

He grabbed another ice cube, letting it melt a little before placing it directly on your womanhood. The ice felt cool against your womanhood, causing you to moan out in pleasure as he dragged the frozen cube around your clit. Just before the ice cube melted, he dragged it down to your womanhood, letting the ice melt on the lips of your pussy.

He repeated this a couple times with the leftover ice cubes, even going as far as to push the half-melted ice cube into your pussy as he dragged another cube on your clit. The cube melted inside of you, a different feeling pushing through your body. It was a feeling you had never experienced before, one which let pleasure rush through your body, spreading greatly, making you feel weak.

“Guess we’ve run out of ice cubes,” Kenma’s voice broke though the thoughts in your mind.

© all content belongs to akaashisbabygirl 2020, do not repost or change

if fate permits

chapter eighteen

letting go

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“So, are we actually gonna address the elephant in the room?” Iwaizumi asks, breaking the silence that has been present the moment you’ve arrived in the small ramen place he had suggested to go to. Apparently, Oikawa Tooru recommended this place to him, all while sulking about how he used to love this restaurant until his most recent ex-lover broke up with him here. You felt pity for the lad, of course, since Hajime said that the girl broke up due to the chocolate-haired boy’s “too much” love and passion for his sport. But your companion right now assured you and said to not worry… because “Tooru can move on as fast as he falls in love.”

Going back to the present, Hajime felt like he already had his hundredth bite of the meal he ordered and you two have yet to have a decent conversation about the miseries of your own love stories. Still, the food was great, and he thinks you think so too, judging by the way your eyes seemed to light up a little bit right after you had your first bite. Gotta thank that Trashykawa for doing something good this time, he thought before smiling to himself, proud.

“You know, if it weren’t for Atsumu, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to widen my fortes when it comes to writing and I wouldn’t have met new people, including you. But ever since everything spiraled into this mess, I’ve been wondering if it was ever worth it,” you replied, speaking so fast and so sad that the spiky haired lad couldn’t reply, “because if I never accepted and pushed him to the auditions, he wouldn’t have met Yui, he wouldn’t have fallen in love with her at first sight… he wouldn’t have had to argue with me for saying that she was not his soulmate… and now I also got you into this mess because it’s like Yui’s actually entertaining his feelings!”

Under any normal circumstance where you’re both joking around, Hajime would’ve simply laughed at you; would’ve told you that you were just being silly and an overthinker. It’s what usually happens to your conversations while you sat in the middle of the empty theater room, making props for your dearest actors and actresses, after all. But the last bits of your words were like a pill that was so hard to swallow because…

“YN…” he trailed off, a pathetic attempt of a laugh trying to escape throat that seemed to have tightened up, “… have I told you that she knows I’m her soulmate? That she can see it?”

He failed though, for he could only croak it out with a voice so fragile he was sure as hell you could hear the tragedy in his words. If you were being honest, it actually feels like your own heart found its way down to your stomach.

You halted, hands stopping from slicing the small steak that was on your plate. What did he just say, you thought, his words echoing in your brain but failing to be registered. Perhaps, it was because you almost did not believe it… only one of a pair is supposed to see the thread, how…?

Almost as if he can read your mind, Hajime continued to speak, “she’s the one who can originally see the thread. If it weren’t for me being a Moira too, I would be like Atsumu: a clueless fool…” he stopped speaking, gulping so hard it felt like something’s stuck in his throat… “but you know what sucks more than being like a fool? It’s the fact that even if she already knows, she can’t bring herself to love me. I’m the one who’s on the other side of her thread, you know? Just goes to show that not all soulmates are meant to be together.”

“B-but… how could she do that?” you gasped, tears starting to well up from the pain your heart is feeling. It’s like someone ripped it out of your chest and began stomping on it.

“People who are in love tend to forget… others, along with themselves, except for the one they love, YN. I think you’d know that too.”

And then he sadly smiled.


The night was good as dead while you strutted beside Hajime as he walked you home. This walk was, by far, the most tensed walk you’ve ever had with someone who was not your twin brother. You’d rather bicker with your companion rather than spend the whole time, gaping at him, looking for a chance to just… if you were being honest, you have no idea what you wanted to do… comfort him or something?

“I knew we shouldn’t have addressed that freaking elephant in the room,” you grumbled under your breath, head shooting up when you heard him stifle his laugh. Great, YN, you’re doing good, you pat yourself mentally on your shoulders. Your little happy moment was cut short, however, upon your apartment coming into view.

What a timing, as always.

You fear the fact that once you go in and he starts his journey back to the train station, every sad feeling he was trying to suppress will come rushing to him; just like what happens to you every time you–

“Hey. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I’ve been living with these feelings for so long already. Besides, I’m a man, remember?” He raised his hand and placed it on your head, patting it as he moved his face closer to yours. Your eyes widened and you felt your face flush at the proximity, a squeak escaping your mouth. He snickered as soon as he leaned back, “Aahh… if you keep looking like that, I’ll feel even more convinced that I should really do it.”

You furrowed your eyebrows together, unable to decipher what he was trying to say.

“I’m sorry, YN. But I think I’m letting go of Yui now.”


marga’s notes. ta-daaaaa…? or oops? idk but i hope you enjoy this chapter cause… ITS ALL ABOUT TO GO DOWN SOON!

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anonymous asked:

Hello.... I'm new here... I was wondering Kuroo, Sugawara and Bokuto having a super shy and short s/o.. Like, too shy to confess, too shy to hold hands, even too shy too talk... I would love it if you did smthn with this... Cz, I'm like this, 100% introvert and 5feet tall... Ofc, IF you want and like... Hihi... Take love... 💐❤️

Hello welcome! You’re so sweet ah have some love too!! 💕✨ I felt this ask, hope you enjoyy ~

  • I think he’d catch on when someone likes him
  • Will tease a bit a lot but he means well
  • Knows you won’t be the first to confess or suggest a date so of course he’ll take that upon himself
  • Loves when you blush

“You’re too cute when you blush like that Y/N”

“Kuroo stoop” you mumble out, eyes cast down, you really can’t meet his gaze right now.

“But it’s true!” He grabbed your sleeve, perhaps hand holding was too bold for now. “Come on, Ive heard great things about this new cafe.”

“Like on a date?” Your voice is barely above a whisper.

“Only if you” glance down at you to make sure you’re comfortable, you can only nod.

  • Will order for you! We stan
  • Catches you glancing at him a lot, he smiles at you every time.
  • Doesn’t really mind that you’re shy. He’s use to Kenma so it’s nothing new
  • Absolutely loves the height difference, as much as he’ll tease you for being small
  • Forehead kisses! Mostly when you’re in private, doesn’t want to overwhelm you with pda until you’re more comfortable

“You can call me Tetsurou ya know?”

“O-oh…if you’re sure”

He beamed at you “of course, I am your boyfriend after all.”

  • Was more than surprised when you said ‘I love you’ first
  • Gave him mini heart attack, how were you so cute??
  • Always makes sure to check in and that you’re comfortable
  • Pinky holding is a must!! sorry I don’t make the rules
  • Likes the comfortable silence so don’t worry about being too shy to speak sometimes, as long as you’re there he’s more than happy

  • Sugawara is an absolute sweet heart but he’s a tease too sorry
  • Will notice your presence more and more
  • Knows you’re shy but will try to subtly encourage you to confess first 
  • If it doesn’t work he most certainly will confess
  • I think he’s a romantic, probably would write a love letter, hoping it wouldn’t overwhelm you as much as an in person confession

You slowly made your way towards Sugawara, clutching the letter you had written last night; it only felt appropriate to write him a letter back.You tugged at his shirt to get his attention, adamant to look anywhere but his eyes you lift the letter up.

He grabbed it with a bright smile, opening it carefully. His eyes danced across the page, a little flush when he finished reading about your shared feelings.

“I’m glad you feel the same! Did you want to go out this weekend?”

  • Best at planning dates! Even just stay at home cuddle dates are 10/10
  • Loves wrapping his arm around your waist as you walk together, you were at the perfect height for it and it became quite comfortable
  • Bends down and encourages you to kiss his cheek; takes awhile but stand on your toes to encourage the same
  • Will rest his chin on your head any chances gets, once again you were the perfect height for it
  • He’ll always ask before any major acts of affection, very understanding if it’s too much for you

  • Bokuto does not understand being shy? What’s that?
  • He tries tho
  • Confesses maybe a bit too early? He just goes for it
  • When you reciprocate he hugs you and twirls. This is his new favourite thing to do, he loves that he can just pick you up and spin you around
  • Asks you to come to every practice he has and points at you every time he hits a spike and scores

“Y/N!! Did you see that!?” He shouted as he ran over to grab his water bottle that was next to you.

“Nice kill Kou” you say quietly, briefly looking up at him.

“If I get this next one I’ll take you out for barbecue, alright!?”

You nod with a smile, he was too cute.

  • Bends down a little when you talk, he wants to make sure he never misses a single thing you say
  • Sends you a text for every anniversary, I’m talkin every month, every half anniversary and for every first; kiss, I love yous, sexc stuff 👀
  • Pinches your cheeks when you blush

“Ohh look at this suit babe! Im gonna wear something like this to our wedding” Bokuto exclaimed on day while scrolling through his time line, you were curled up at his side watching him scroll.

“W-what Kou you can’t just say stuff like that, my heart can’t take it” you reply burring your face in his broad chest.

He only chuckled loudly at your reaction, planting a kiss on the top of your head.

𝚊𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚞 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚜𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚜𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊 𝚜/𝚘 𝚠𝚑𝚘 𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚜 𝚋𝚛𝚞𝚒𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚕𝚢

ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ @ahoeforshouto​  ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ sᴏᴏᴏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ, ɪ ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ʏᴏᴜ'ʟʟ ᴇɴᴊᴏʏ ɪᴛ !!!! (≧∇≦)/

Miya Atsumu

  • this man is a lil shit we been knew ¯\_(⌣̯̀⌣́)_/¯
  • but he’s a 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰, 𝓭𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓵𝓲𝓵 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓽
  • i believe all setters are very observant on the court
  • and this trait is also very proeminent in his daily life which is both a blessing and a curse for you smh ಠ╭╮ಠ
  • he is quick to take notice of EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL there’s no way you can hide anything from him
  • he makes sure to drmatically scold you whenever you try to play off the fact that you’re hurt
  • “ya know, y/n, i’ve seen apples less bruised than ya” ( ̄ω ̄)
  • maybe this is why you can’t have a nice conversation (ノ`□´)ノ⌒┻━┻
  • “keep talking shit and you’ll see who leaves this place truly bruised”
  • he’s not putting his unfairly pretty face on the line
  • on another note, he really tries to keep you out of harm’s way as much as possible since it lowkey hurts him too when you show up with new bruises yesterday he shows his love in weird ways (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
  • i kinda see him babyproofing ALL OF THE PLACES YOU FREQUENT
  • your room? your school desk and locker? HIS room( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)?
  • he once took you on a date to a carnival and we all know the deal-flailing arms and legs everywhere
  • and i’m not even kidding when this man forced protection gear on you as in THE WHOLE PACKET (knee pads, elbow pads everything) (@゚ペ@)
  • you had to fight him on the helmet it was already ridiculous
  • “ ‘tsumu, you know i could hurt someone with these”
  • “exactly, they won’t even stand a chance!!” (ฅ⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́)و ̑̑
  • atsumu is out for blood when it comes to someone hurting his babie :<

Sakusa Kiyoomi

  • i think he would be A LOT more lowkey with his worry
  • when he first started noticing the spots of different colour on your skin, he scrutinized you for a good couple of minutes ( ¬_¬ )
  • “if that’s dirt then stay 3 feet away at all times until you shower in disinfectant please”
  • “they’re… bruises, omi, thanks for the worry tho” ༼ ಠ ͟ʖ ಠ ༽
  • and from that point on he starts noticing how your skin is never void of bruises at any time
  • be sure that his next present for you will be some ointment he subtly leaves in your bag at school and his usual refill on disinfectant, this man has a sixth sense, he realizes you ran out of it before even you (•ิ_•ิ)?
  • but he still keeps a small tube of soothing cream in his bag constantly
  • he doesn’t trust you to take care of yourself properly (︶︹︺)
  • USUALLY he doesn’t go to extreme lengths unlike some others (˵¯͒⌢͗¯͒˵)
  • but but but!!!! let’s say… someone grabs your wrist or arm
  • he rips the person’s hand away from you faster than you can say ‘filth’ and he doesn’t even think twice if he has his gloves on or not he is surprised himself but i guess love does weird things to people
  • he honestly gets a little lot scarry as he stares down the unfortunate soul who dared grab you ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )
  • he pulls you away gently and scrubs the spot where the person touched you with disinfectant before taking out the cream he carries with himself and rubbing it into the skin that is inevitably about to bruise
  • “omi? why do you have that with you?” 
  • INTERNAL PANIC!!!! he can’t let on how soft he is for you and ONLY you
  • “… i have practice today so just in case”
  • suuuuure you whipped lil germophobe  ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ »
The Cat’s Meow

Reader: F
Character: Tōru Oikawa
Rating: E
Summary: You go to a Halloween party with your boyfriend Oikawa. You both drink and when you go to touch up your make up, he corners you. He wants more than just alcohol and candy. 
Warning: Bathroom Sex, Drunk Sex, Smut, Oral Sex, Unprotected Sex, Halloween
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The Girl

prompt: have you ever cried because you felt your heart was overwhelmed with love; the feeling of love just knocking you so hard that you just had to weep. 

Atsumu swore to himself that no matter what; no girl was going to ever make him settle down. No one was going to get him to fall in love enough to make him choose them over his career. Atsumu made a promise to himself, he was going to reach the top; he was going to be the best of the best and no girl was going to pull him back from that.

Not even the love of his life, not you.

Call it hope or just plain stupidity; but when you started dating Atsumu, you ignored the red flags. On the first date; he didn’t even introduce himself at first, what came from his mouth was neither a compliment nor cute remarks. On the first date, he sets the menu down, eyes staring at you, captivating you.

“I don’t intent on getting married or having kids, if that’s what you want, then I suggest leaving.”

You didn’t leave, in fact, those things weren’t even on your mind the slightest. Just like Atsumu, you were interested in a companion not a one way lane into settling down. But the longer you two were together, the more you began to imagine yourself with those honeymoon eyes.

He noticed right away and he was quick to shut it down. Even after years together, he was still adamant on not letting any girl falter him. He thought you understood.

Atsumu coined himself a simple man, he only needed three things in his life: himself, volleyball, and sex. He said that to your face during an argument. It was the argument that caused you to leave, because if after four years together, all he thought of you was sex; then it wasn’t worth anything.

Yet here you were, a month later; knocking on his door. A girl answered, her body covered in his t-shirt. He wasted no time. He leaned on the doorframe, the smug look on his face as he asked if you were here to win him back.

“No.” Your eyes didn’t falter, they weren’t shaking, you were not going to let him win; you weren’t going to cry over a boy pretending to be a man, “I’m pregnant.”

His smile falters, “You’re kidding.”

You place a hand over your stomach, “I’m not expecting you to be the father of a child you don’t care about.” It was these moments when he truly found you amazing; the way you could stay headstrong when he knows you want to break down, “You deserve to know and that’s it. Now you know.”

He was reluctant to show up; in fact he was forced into this. Osamu childlocked him in the car as they drove to the hospital for your first check up. You had invited Osamu as he was the uncle to be; but the moment you saw him, ugly box dye blonde hair and all, you frowned.

“I’m so excited!” Osamu was jumping in his seat, “I think it’s gonna be a girl.”

You laugh, “It’s still too early to tell, but I hope so too.”

“Boys are better.” Atsumu’s voice is filled with bitter.

“No one asked you.” When he expects a frown from you, what he receives is a smile. You dig your fingers to pull his hair, he’s screeching in the middle of the waiting room, “No one asked you to be here, so shut your mouth; look pretty and stay quiet.”

Your fingers interlocked with Osamu’s, you two stared at the screen of your baby. The sudden heartbeat of the child made Osamu gasp, it made you tear up, it made Atsumu feel nothing. He sat unaffected, a small scowl on his face.

“It’s a girl.” Osamu told him over a meal. Atsumu is not shocked in the slightest, “The baby is a girl.” Osamu repeats.

Atsumu is chewing his food slowly, a sudden foul taste in his mouth, “I heard you.”

“Then why don’t you care?” Osamu watches his brother eat as though he wasn’t about to be a father to be, “She needs all the help she can get.”

The image of your face sticks to his mind, “She didn’t want me to be the father, then why should I act like I care.”

“I’m talking about the baby.” Osamu’s words cut him deep, “Mom and dad are coming this weekend; I told them about the baby.”

Atsumu cleaned his apartment to prepare for the weekend. He knew once his mother walked in, she would lecture him about the mess. But as he sat Sunday night, alone with the television on in the background; his cell phone displayed your social media post. A happy family picture: you, his parents, Osamu.

She didn’t want you over. Sorry Tsumu, I couldn’t change her mind.

It wasn’t like he cared anyways, he didn’t respond to his brother’s text. Instead, he went to a bar and dragged another girl home. He wasn’t going to let you win, he wasn’t going to let a silly girl like you settle him down.

“What.” You weren’t fully opening your door for him, you weren’t even going to invite him in.

Atsumu stands with his hands buried in his jacket, “Samu says he can’t make it to the appointment, he says I have to go.”

You close the door on him. The door locking loudly and he’s rolling his eyes. An hour passes; when you open the door to leave for your appointment, he stands to his feet.

“About time.” Atsumu grumbles.

“Why are you still here?” Though you sent him a question, you’re walking away from him.

Atsumu waves his phone, “Samu said he wanted picture proof that I went with you. Smile sweetheart.” You smack the phone from his hand, “Rude.”

“Don’t follow me.” You’re snapping at him as he walks behind you.

To outsiders, it looked like a lover’s quarrel; to you it was like having shit following you everywhere. You two had even taken separate cabs to the hospital. He’s amused seeing you slightly waddle, at twenty-four weeks, your stomach was growing.

“And your relation to the mother?” The front desk lady looked at Atsumu.

“He’s just a friend.” You assure the lady.

She nods, “Okay, well we’ve placed some restrictions on who can enter the room; as of right now only family members can enter.”

“I’m the father.” Atsumu states bluntly.

You sigh deeply, “Unfortunately.”

The room was rather bare than the last time. The silence of the room made it awkward as you looked at him. There used to be a moment in time when you could picture him with a child, you pictured him with his child on his back, running in circles of the living room as they giggled.

“What.” He notices you staring at him.

“Can I hold your hand?” Your voice is quiet, different than he’s ever heard before.


You exhale, turning your head to look away from him, “Nevermind.”

But the stillness of the room suddenly holds different, as he laced his fingers with yours, there’s a moment of clarity.

It was nearing your due date and Osamu was taking no chances. He was with you practically every day and when he couldn’t be there for you, Atsumu was in his place. You had gotten used to seeing him, your snarky remarks lessened over time, but not much differred; not even his lifestyle.

The girl looked at you up and down, “Sorry, I think you might have the wrong place.”

Atsumu appears behind her, “I think it’s you who has the wrong place.” He’s shoving her clothes into her hands, pushing the girl out the door as you step into his place.

“Didn’t know you’d have company.” You took off your shoes, walking straight to the kitchen to raid his refrigerator. Ever since you started coming over more, the more you noticed his refrigerator was stocked with healthier options.

“Jealous?” He’s teasingly drinking a cup of coffee that smells like heaven for you.

“Oh my god.” You press a hand onto your stomach, a groan on your lips.

He stands straight up, throwing the cup into the sink, running to you, “What? Is she coming?”

You shoot him a smile, “Gotcha.”

He doesn’t find it funny, he’s actually lecturing you on why that wasn’t funny. But you suddenly feel it, the sharpness in your body; the way it causes you to clutch the edge of the kitchen counter. The sudden rush of panic in your eyes makes him go blank.

Nineteen hours, that’s how long it took. Nineteen sleepless hours, nineteen hours of holding your hand, nineteen hours until he held his daughter in his hand. 

The awe in his eyes, the sudden clenching of his heart when he looked into her innocent eyes, he had fallen in love. He was so in love, he was crying. He was sobbing at the vending machine, at two in the morning in the silent hospital hallway; bending his knees, using an arm to try and silence himself, he bawled. Even as a distant door opened, the silent tune of isn’t she lovely plays; Atsumu wept.