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“The family’s girl” (Batfam x reader) Part5

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A wild hamster appeared between the two of you, hitting Dick straight in his face, you grabbed the pet before it hit the ground as Dick sweared and grabbed his nose. 

Following the wild hamster came someone who was wearing a hamster hoodie and a mask. They apologized profusely to the two of you, you smiled at them and said that it was alright and then ran away, blushing and hamster in hand… Then Dick looked at you, and realization got to him and blushed he then said,

“Well, I have to go. Tomorrow I gotta go to work early” Dick smiled, but if you looked deep in his eyes, the frustration was there. Because, God, what does a guy gotta do to get laid with the girl he likes, dammit!

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Good night Dick.”

“Good nigh-“You pecked him in the lips before blush hard and run inside your house. As the door closed you leaned on the door.

Dick had frozen, fingers touching his lips. Realization seemed to get to him and suddenly he was yelling happily, dancing and giggling. After his little happiness dance and act like a crazy person, Dick entered his flat.

You smiled as you saw everything through the peephole.

God, he was such a dork!


The next day.

As you were walking home you remembered you had to go shopping…aaand you had forgot the money back home.

“S*ht” You facepalmed.

“What troubles the most beautiful girl in the universe?” A guy dressed in red and blacks, medium black hair and what seemed like wing as a cape landed in front of you, smiling at you as he flipped his hair out of the way.

“Who are you? I thought Nightwing was the only superhero in the ‘Haven.”

“I’m Red Robin, achanté m’lady” He kissed your hand sweetly. You blushed at the same time your stomach decided to be a b*ch and roared like a tyrannosaurus rex.

“…sorry” You smiled awkwardly.

“You hungry? I know a pretty fine place not to far” Red robin suggested.

“I-I don’t have money on me…” Red robin smiled at you before messing your hair.

“Don’t worry about it. Is on me”






That were the thought that were battling in your head as Red Robin had bought you..

To a batman themed McDonald’s.

Oh my f*cking god

“This isn’t as classy as you deserve, but I-I didn’t bought to much cash. This suit is really tight you know?” Tim-I mean Red Robin rambled, a soft blush on his cheeks.

“Red, don’t worry. I love it” You touched his cheek sweetly as his face broke in the cutes smile and the reddest blush.

“C’mon lets go inside! “ You grabbed Red’s arm and dragged him towards the door.

He got a cheeseburger and you got a Batmeal, It’s like a happy meal but batman themed.

 You two were sitting in one of the ‘Haves highed rooftops eating you food, joking and laughing. He told you embarrasing stories about Nightwing and some about his other partners. He asked what you were doing and if there was someone for you.

You blushed as you said no, Red smirked flirtatiously.

“I don’t understand, how someone so beautiful is single” You laughed embarrased at his flirtaious coments.

“Thanks, red. But I don’t think I’m that beautiful” Your smile became strained and sad. 

“You’re kidding right? I’ve meet aliens, superheroines, amazons and you are the most beautiful of them all. With that adorable face, those sparkling (e/c) eyes that silky (h/c) hair….gosh” Red sighed dreamily.

“heh” You said as his declaration leave you speechless, realization got to his brain and his face matched the red of his uniform.


You broke in a laughing fits and after a few seconds Red started laughing with you, his fit was more out of nerves than of finding this funny.

After the two of you calmed down, you found yourself sitting close to Red with his hand around yours.

“What toy did you get?” Red asked you, whishing it was his toy and not his brothers.

“Look! I got a …..”


Tim smiled


Tim smile disappeared.

He frowned as you started playing with the toy.

“pew pew! Hahahahaha”

“How about we do this every Wednesday? Just you and me” Red asked, his warm hand wrapping around yours.

“I-I don’t want to be a burden”



“Y’know, you remind me of my best friend. His name is Tim.” You smiled sweetly and Tim felt cold sweat run through his back.

“TIM? NO, I DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!!1 WHATEVER IS A TIM???!! HAHAHAHAHA TIM DRAKE???! WHAT? I’M CUTER THAN HIM! HAHAHAHA-Sorry, normalyi’mmore seriusandintelligent,youjustaresobeautiful,idon’tknowhowtoact.” Tim rambled, blushing.

“Hey, it’s alright. I-I think you’re handsome to.” Tim face sparkled happiness all over.


Tim thought while smiling softly at you and kissing your cheek, then your nose and then your hand.

“I have to go now, but I can’t wait to meet again”

Tim grabbed you bride style and flied out of there.. He bought you back to your place, entering through the windows.

“Well, goodbye (Y/N). I hope to see you soon.”

“Likewise, Red!” You kissed him European style and Red Robin jumped out, his silhouette disappearing in the sky.

Your phone started ringing.

Tim Drake said:

(y/n)!!! Are you home? I bought movies and popcorn!

You said:

Timmy! Yea come up! I’ll prepare the couch and the blankets.

Tim Drake said:


Meanwhile you got everything done, a nervous Tim Drake was changing in the alley next to your flat. He tried to change at Flash speed, but no. He fell to the ground trying to get out of the stupid tights.


He fought his pants a bit more before successfully changing to his civvies.

“I’m ready. (y/n) get ready to be sweep out of your feet!”


The doorbell rang as you finished preparing everything. You got the blankets ready, you had your comfy pajama and (f/d).

You smiled and went to get the door.

“Hey Timmy!” You smiled at the young man, dressed in a red hoodie and black pants. His hair was a mess and he looked out of breath.

“Hey, (y/n). bought the popcorn!” He said dangling the popcorn in the air.

“Great!” You grabbed it and went to your kitchen. Tim took a deep breath and looked in the mirror, arranging his hair and encouraging himself to confess.

“Timmy! Come in, don’t stand there.”

“oh right! What do you want to see? Tim sat in the conch

“What did you bought?” You sat next to him, covered the two of you in your favorite blanket and put the bowl between the two of you.

“W-Well, we got “Bridget Jones” “The conjuring” “Lego” and “Noah’s diary”. So which one?”

“hmm I feel like seeing a scary movie, so… “The conjuring” I know I’ll regret it but… YOLO”

“hahaha.” Tim laughed at your funny face.

You got up and put the movie in the DVD player. Then sat again next to Tim, but this time your head was tucked in his shoulder, he smiled and put his arm around you. In his head he was high fiving himself and doing a little victory dance.


In the most scary parts, you and Tim sat closer and closer until you were in his lap and Tim was caressing you shoulder absentmindedly. The two of you made a cocoon of the blankets. Tim mussed up the courage to kiss you.


Tim kissed you cheek first then his kisses trailed down to your neck. Sweet little kisses draw a map on your skin. Soft moans escaped you and Tim’s courage increased exponentially.

The movie played in the background as Tim kisses distracted you, playfully you kissed his neck, making him the moaning mess. Most when you found his sweet spot, wich you used against him when you felt like it or he did moved under you, breaking your concentration.

As the movie was almost finished, it had started raining. Loud thunder and lightning painted the sky.

As you were sitting in Tim’s lap and your head was hiding in his neck, your kisses had stopped as the first loud thunder broke the peace of the night. Tim was hugging you his face tucked in your hair, he had stopped kissing you and now was trying to calm you down, when suddenly the light went out.

“AHHHHHHHHH” You and Tim screamed.


Someone was hitting the door.

“OH MAI GAT, TIMMY PROTECT MEEEH” You screamed as hugged Tim tighter, your legs came around his waist.



“SSHHHHH” Tim shushed you.

You went towards the door, your phone’s flashlight illuminated your way. You looked at Tim for reassurance, he gave you a thumps up as he grabbed a frying pan and came next to you, ready to hit the monster.

“1…2….3” You whispered before opening the door.

“AAAHHHHHHIYAAA” Tim tried to hit the shadow in the door but it stopped the pan before it hit it. It growled menacingly and Tim grabbed you and put you behind him, you used the distraction to go get a weapon, that turned out to be a vase, with flowers and everything.

“WHO ARE YOOUU?” You screamed as Tim thought of ways of fighting the shadow without blowing his secret identity.

Lighting and thunder decided to appear now as the shadow of a man entered your flat, it smirked at your despair.

Tim grabbed your phone and illuminated the intruder’s face.

“YOU” Tim said outraged.

“me” It smirked evilly

It was-

To be continued….

Who do you think is the shadow??

Moirai Fanfic [I]
Genre: Fantastic/Magical/Romantic/Angst (hahahahaha)
Length: 1,151
Character: Kyungsoo
Summary: Do you ever stop and wonder, why are you here? Why has your life turned to the way it has until now? Maybe thought that your life… it’s just one part of the whole puzzle? Do you ever think about that puzzle, the one you and someone else might complete one day when you find the missing piece? (omg this sounds so cheesy I’ll stop) 
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work. Ara~


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Missing Pages (Part 14)

Summary: You had three rules 1. Don’t fall in love with your patient 2. Don’t fall in love with your patient and 3. Do not fall in love with your patient but you weren’t very good at following rules.

Word Count: 1450

Warnings: swearing, angst, a little bit of fluff, 

A/N: hahahahaha 

Part 13

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anonymous asked:

fukawa, komaeda and amami comforting reader-chan after being rejected by their crush? ;n;

;o Poor Reader - chan T_T I hope you like it, I personally never had this situation happen to me so uh… This is kind of improv XD

Request: Fukawa, Komaeda and Amami comforting Reader after they’ve been rejected by their crush

Toko Fukawa:

- Gyaaaah…. Inspiration… She needs inspiration! Aha! She’ll just ask Y/n. 

- She make her way over to your room she’s about to know but then she hears something

- Is that… Crying?

- She tries the handle, it’s open

- “Y/n!” She announces as she storms in “Wh-what is the meaning of your crying?!”

- “F…Fukawa…chan? Why…Are you in my *sniffle* room?”

- “I needed inspiration okay! Geez! But… W-what’s up?”

- “I got rejected…”

- Oh. OH.

- What an asshole.

- She kinda… Awkwardly shuffles towards you and does that awkward side hug

- “You shouldn’t be crying Y/n! You should… Forget about him! He’s clearly n-not worth it!”

- “What are you… Saying?”

- “If he rejected you then… It’s his problem!”

- “Huh?”

- “If he rejected someone like you then… He’s clearly a m-moron!”

- You let out a little laugh “Fukawa - san, are you… Complimenting me?”

- “W- Where did that come from?! That’s not what I- Wah!”

- You pull her into a proper hug and hold onto her tightly

- Again, she just awkwardly puts her arms around you

- “Thanks Fukawa - san… You’re the best”

- “Tch. You don’t mean that…”

- “Oh course I do!” You smile at her

- “Yeah. Okay I need to get going.” She quickly pushes you away and walks out

- … Literally 3 seconds later she leans back in “… C-Call me if you need more h-help.”

Nagito Komaeda:

- You and Komaeda were friends since childhood, you always motivated him and reassured him that he is not trash

- That’s why when he opens his door and sees you crying he literally pulls you in

- “What happened?”

- “H..He…”

- He just hugs you and rocks you gently as you sob into his chest

- “He… Rejected me…”

- He hugs you tighter

- “Hey, Y/n - san, I can’t really… Do anything about him but… I can give you ice cream”

- *Sniffle sniffle* “… With chocolate sprinkles?…”

- “You bet I have chocolate sprinkles.”

- He spends the rest of the night just completely spoiling you with ice cream and your favourite movies

- If you start crying again he’ll hug you and offer tissues

- “Hey, don’t cry… I’m the one that’s trash remember?”

- “Komaeda - kun! I told you you’re not trash!”

- Ah good, the distraction worked

- You have a little rant about how he shouldn’t call himself that which makes you forget about your sadness completely

- Smooth Komaeda, very smooth

Rantaro Amami:

- Oh? What’s this, a call from Y/n - san

- “Amami - kunnnn” Oh no. You’re crying.

- “Where are you?”

- “Restaurant…”

- The boy sprints

- He finds you sitting on the pavement crying

- “Alright, let’s get you inside, you’ll catch a cold otherwise”

- You don’t move so he does the only logical thing he can think of, he lifts you bridal style and marches back home

- “Ah! Amami - kun?!”

- “You didn’t move so… You have yourself to blame. Now, what’s up, where’s the luck guy?”

- “… Probably at home…”

- “Did he..”

- You nod

- “Fuck him.”

- … Nice choice of words Amami. 10/10 Advice

- “Wait, Y/n - san do you have his number?”

- “Uh… Yeah… Why?…”

- “Ouma - kun taught me that sometimes, lies are necessary.”

- You give him the number and he puts you down before calling him

- “Um, hello is this *Whatever their name is* - kun?” he says with a weird accent

- “Yeah”

- “Where’s the money?”

- “Money?”

- “Don’t tell me you already forgot, we agreed that’d you’ll buy for 10,000″

- “10,000?!”

- “Why do you sound so surprised? You bought the thing man. You know what whatever. Bring it tomorrow to the decided location at noon. You better not be late.” And then he just hangs up

- You have a hand over your mouth and at first he thinks he majorly ruined everything but then…

- “Hahahahaha! Amami - kun! Your accent was terrible!”

- “Wh- I am. Offended.”

- On your way home he buys you a big bag of your favourite sweets and just tells you funny stories that happened to him

(I hope this was okay >_>)

Cost of Freedom (7/??)

Summary: In which Kaito learns the reason behind May 3rd. Prison ! AU.

[Beginning]     [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

With fifty-two days until the deadline on their escape, Kaito finds himself buried under questions that he has no answers to. It’s almost as if he’s slowly drowning in uncertainty, each mystery boiling his blood, his skin itching from the rawness of it all.

It is like he’s readying himself for a test but hasn’t been told what he needs to know in advance. Instead of feeling certain that everything is going to work out eventually, he is left reeling, confusion blurring his thoughts, twisting them until they are only recognisable in the form of anxiety.

Usually energetic, he spends days feeling listless, lacking his usual vigor, maskless and uncertain what he’s doing. It’s the result of being locked up all the time, his freedom gone as if he is a domesticated animal, a bird trapped in a cage that is rusting.

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Seventeen going to the Pet Shop

Episode Seven: Where Seventeen visits the pet shop and Mingyu kidnaps a puppy

*at the dorm*

Joshua: “Hey Vernon can you listen to this song I came up with and tell me if it’s good?” *strums guitar*


Joshua: “What’s so funny?”


Joshua: “Hello?”

Seungkwan: “What are you watching?”

Vernon: “Oh hey kwan, look at this gif of this cat running into a box but it was too fat so its head got stuck HAHAHAHHA”

Joshua: “Did you just ignore me?”

Vernon: “Joshua, can you move your guitar so Seungkwan can sit?”

Joshua: *moves it reluctantly*

Joshua: “That phone’s got to go”

DK: “We should go to the pet shop, that day I was walking back to the dorm and a cute puppy toppled over because it fell asleep”

Mingyu: “Mingyu wants to see puppies!”

Jun: “That’s a surprise to say you want something else other than food” surprise

The8: “He’s going to ask for food the moment we step into the store”

Scoups: “Okay then we should go take a look, it’ll be nice to have a stress-free experience for once”

Woozi: “I wouldn’t be so quick to say it’s stress-free if I were you”

*at the pet shop*

Hoshi: “This hamster is me and I am the hamster”

Woozi: “Why would you be the hamster?”

Hoshi: “It is squishy and it is cute! Like me!”

Hamster: *Sqeak!*

Woozi: “Stop staring at it like that you’re scaring it with your face”

Hoshi: “Doesn’t it look like me Jihoonie?”

Woozi: “What an insult to the hamster”

Woozi: *walks away*

Mingyu: “Can we get a puppy? It’s so white and fluffy and I just want to cuddle with it AHHHHHHH”

Scoups: “WHAT? NO”

Mingyu: “WHY?!?!”

Scoups: “Because you can’t even take care of yourself and I’ll end up taking care of it! I already have 11 children excluding Jeonghan and if I add the puppy in and if the puppy has children…. I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MINDDDD”

Wonwoo: “If I had a puppy I’d name it Gyu”

Jun: “Gyu? You mean Jun?”

Wonwoo: “No I mean Gyu”

Mingyu: “But its staring at me like it’s saying ‘Take me home with you!’”

The8: “What on earth would you want a puppy for Mingyu? It’s not like you can eat it or anything”


The8: “Mingyu?”



Mingyu: “I know!”


Mingyu: “I’M NOT!!!” *frowns*

Scoups: “Question… If you all have children in the future… will I have to take care of them too?!?!”

DK: “Most probably”


DK: “What?”

Jun: “But Wonwoo if you name it Gyu, and if it’s going to be anything like Mingyu, all the puppy is going to do is bark for food 24/7, sneeze, sleep and jump on your bed until you give it more food”

Wonwoo: “But that’s so cute!” every mingyu stan

Scoups: “13 members times 1 children each is 13 grandchildren, plus 12 existing members excluding myself is 25, plus the puppy and it’s children-“

Mingyu: “But what if I want 10 kids hyung?”

Wonwoo: *blushes*

Hoshi: “Soonyoung wants 35”

Woozi: *chokes*

Woozi: “Not with me you’re not, I’m not having any kids with you”

Hoshi: “It’s a little early to be having this conversation but…. we don’t need to have kids to have a happy marriage” *clings onto woozi*

Woozi: “D-did you say marriage?!”

Scoups: *mumbles* “13 times 10 children each is 130 grandchildren plus 12 plus 1 puppy plus 10 baby puppies is….” mental breakdown

Scoups: “151?!”

DK: “Isn’t that Woozi’s height?”

Woozi: *clenches fist*

DK: “Bye I shall take my leave now”

Dino: “Chan wants a Dinosaur for a pet”

Jeonghan: “No sweetie, dinosaurs are extinct”

Dino: “What does extinct mean?”

Jeonghan: “Um…. Hmmm how should I tell you without scaring you.…”

Seungkwan: “It means they DIED, POOF gone, KABOOM, ALL OF THEM DEAD BOOMM” *makes dying noises*

Dino: “They…. They….. died?” *cries*

Jeonghan: “It’s okay sweetie, even if they weren’t gone, it’s too dangerous to keep one anyways”

Dino: “Why is it dangerous?”

Seungkwan: “That’s because they have sharp RAZOR set of teeth that will LUNGE and RIP YOUR PUNY LITTLE HEAD OFF YOUR SMALL BODY AT THEIR FIRST GLANCE OF YOU LIL’ CHAN” *angelic smile*

Dino: *traumatised*

Jeonghan: “Thanks Seungkwan, that was SO helpful”

Seungkwan: “You are very welcome” *flips hair*

Mingyu: “Mingyu still wants that puppy”

Scoups: “I already told you, no”

Mingyu: “But I already named the puppy!”

Vernon: “What did you name it?”

Mingyu: “Cheetos”


Mingyu: “It was the most delicious pack of chips I’ve ever eaten, what would you know about high-end food Hansol?”

Vernon: “One, I’ve tried Cheetos. Two, Cheetos are not high-end they only cost like six to seven bucks for the giant pack”

Scoups: “Okay whatever it is, I didn’t ask you to name that puppy”

Mingyu: “I can’t let the puppy go!” *hugs puppy*

Scoups: “Well, let it go now”

Mingyu: “Don’t listen to that grumpy old man Cheetos, he is an animal hater!”

Scoups: “Wha- Grumpy old man?! Who are you calling old???”

Seungkwan: “Don’t forget grumpy”

Scoups: “Is this what I get for raising you all? You guys are awful kids how could you call me OLDDDD!!!”

Vernon: “No offense hyung but you’re kinda old”


Vernon: “What? I said no offense…”

*back at the dorm*

Scoups: “Alright guys, I’m gonna go shower first, let’s have a team meeting after this”

Mingyu: *takes Cheetos out from under his shirt*

Mingyu: “Welcome home Cheetos!”

Cheetos: “Woof!”

Wonwoo: “Is that what I think it is?”

Cheetos: “Woof!” *runs into the wall and whimpers*

Jun: “Wow… it’s exactly like his owner”

Wonwoo: “Cute?”

The8: “I will not question your taste”

Jun: “I mean ‘not-so-smart’ but whatever floats your boat my dear Wonwoo”

Dino: “Did you kidnap the puppy hyung? That’s illegal!”

Seungkwan: “Coups hyung is going to freak out”

Mingyu: “Oh hush Divaboo, Coups hyung will never find out if we all keep it a secret”

Vernon: “How are we going to keep this a secret? It barks every 3 seconds”

Jeonghan: “I’m so telling on you guys” *crosses arm*

Mingyu: “Jeonghan hyung don’t be such a party pooper”

Cheetos: *poops*

Jeonghan: “I believe your puppy’s the one who is pooping”

Hoshi: “Imagine if it’s poop is shaped like cheetos though”

Joshua: “Please put that thought back from where it came from” 

The8: “Oh god I’m not cleaning after it”

Seungkwan: “Please control your fluffy thing Mingyu”

Mingyu: “Bad puppy!”

Cheetos: “Woof?” 

Woozi: “I heard barking” *walks into the room*


Hoshi: “Come back Jihoon we haven’t finished discussing our marriage!” *runs after woozi*

Woozi: “Tell him where I am and you die, got it?”

DK: *nods head*

Woozi: *hides in seokmin’s closet*

Hoshi: “Woozi…. Woozi? Where are you my love?”

Hoshi: “Hey DK have you seen my Woozi?”

DK: “Um….” *breaks into cold sweat*

DK: “Huh? Who? Oh you mean that short dude?” *shifts eyes from side to side*

Hoshi: “How many Woozi’s do you know?”

DK: “Um… I have no clue where he is but, I um…. definitely know that he isn’t in my closet that’s for sure!”

Woozi: *facepalms*

Mingyu: “Try this boy, it’s Cheetos!”

Jun: “What the heck Mingyu! Are you trying to turn it into a cannibal?”

Vernon: “Technically it’s needs to be dog meat for it to be a cannibal”

Cheetos: *nibbles and pukes*

Seungkwan: “I’m guessing it hates it”

Cheetos: *runs out into the living room*

Cheetos: *bites on the sofa and the cushions*

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu…..”

Mingyu: “Woah boy, not the cushions”

Cheetos: *rips the cushions and sofa apart*

Dino: “That was my favourite cushion….”

Scoups: *comes out from shower*

Scoups: “Hey guys is it me or do I hear-“



Mingyu: “Why do you have to always assume that it’s me?? It could be Seokmin or Seungkwan!”

Scoups: “Because I just know it”

DK: “I am such a good child, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Woozi: “Now that’s just pushing it a little too far”

Scoups: “I don’t care what you say Mingyu, you kidnapped the little puppy from the store! We are returning him tomorrow”

The8: “I can start writing a list of your crimes and it’s enough to put you behind bars”

Mingyu: “Not helping Minghao….”

Scoups: “Look at our living room! It’s a mess! And what is that smell? Do I even want to know?”

Mingyu: *hugs puppy* “Goodbye my bag of chips”

Vernon: “Hey wait a minute guys did you see my phone? DID I LEAVE IT AT THE PET SHOP??”

Jeonghan: “Phone? Oh is it the thing that Cheetos’ is gnawing on?”

Vernon: *shooked*


Joshua: *internal evil laughs*

Vernon: “Dammit it’s gone…. First my Macbook now my phone…. WHY WORLD WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO AN INNOCENT CHILD????”

Joshua: “Good puppy” *pats head*

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Ling qi chapter summary: 195

Jinghua is thinking to himself about how this reflection of the yellow springs is just a time and space replay, he can see everything in this period of time with Duanmu Xi as the center. It’s like how his body isn’t there but it feels like he was there himself. Like watching a 4D film but just can’t participate in anything. “But.. How damn long do I have to stay here for?! This movie forces you to watch without letting you have breaks in the middle?! When is it the end?! Duanmu Xi??? Making me watch you two together acting like this every day, I’ve had enough of it!” Jinghua is watching Xi and Zhangxuan sitting together checking the accounting records and really annoyed lol. “I’ve seen enough!!” he shouts out, but remembers how if Zhangxuan is stuck to Duanmu Xi like this every day then the one who’s the most annoyed at it should be the old fox (oh so it’s not you husband Jinghua?) “When I first entered the Duanmu household he didn’t hesitate to give me trouble, it’s been a few years already how come I haven’t seen him around?” He makes his way outside and tries to look for him. Meanwhile inside, Zhangxuan compliments how kind hearted young master is for donating to so many orphanages. “Actually.. I’m wanting to find someone..” he responds. Zhangxuan asks who. “I’m not sure how he looks now.. it’s been a while already.. Zhangxuan can you help me find him? I know his name - it’s Yang Jinghua (wowwww Jinghua you could have left earlier or later but right when he mentions you?) Outside, Jinghua shouts “Ha! Found! Little Huayu!” while pointing at the little kid who’s picking some bush berries. He pats her on the head and mentions how she hasn’t changed at all. Huayu runs off and went into a cave, Jinghua followed. She puts those berries out on the floor in front of a small fox and gives him a pat. Jinghua watched on the side, “Could it be.. This is..” and suddenly the drawing changed lol.. “So this is your original form?! Hahahahaha! So little meat it’s not even enough for grandad me to make a meal of hotpot! And you yell around every day you’re gonna be my master? hahahahaha! It’s a pity that I didn’t bring my camera, otherwise I would have taken a photo of you like this and print it out as flyers to hand around the back mountain! I’ll see how you’re gonna act cool in front of little demons after that! hahahahaha!” Inside.. the bodyguard asks the young master who he is to him, a friend? Xi replies with “yeah” and Zhangxuan continues to ask what sort of person he is. “Hmm.. he’s a little dumb.” (lol) Zhangxuan mentions that it might be a difficult task as the name is so common and by a random search if there aren’t thousands there will be hundreds, and also the name could be male or female..“ "He’s a guy.”, Xi interrupts. Zhangxuan then says oh if the gender is sure then the possibilities have decreased by half but then Xi follows it by “I think…” (he’s a guy.. I think) and Zhangxuan goes o_O?? ‘not even sure??’ Over outside, Jinghua finds it boring again and says he’ll just go home and watch the Duanmu Xi little movie =_=

MYOJO January 2014 - Yabu Kota 10,000 letter long Interview

I cried because I didn’t want to audition.
-You’re really cute in this photo of you as a baby.
I am cute, aren’t I?(笑)People mistook me for a girl quite often. My sister used to put hair bands on me and toyed around with lipstick.
-You’ve an older brother too?
Yeah. My brother is two years older than me, my sister; four years. I’ve always been the youngest, and I still feel like one.
-You’re used to getting spoiled then?
Oh I was pretty spoiled. I always stuck to my mother. Apparently whenever my mother was on the phone for a long time, I used to grab her apron and I would never let go of it.
-How about your first love?
I think it was when I was in pre-school. I was playing with my friend and with my friend’s sister. I fell over  or something and injured myself. My friend’s sister piggy-backed me all the way home and I was like, “This is it!”(笑)
-Then, when did you start playing soccer?
J League had started when I was in pre-school, and by the time I was in primary school it was hugely popular. I used to play at the park using those bars as goals. I started playing in a proper team when I was in Yr1.
-Where did you play?
I wanted to play as goal keeper, like everyone else. But I wasn’t a strong kicker, nor tall enough to get higher shoots(笑)So, instead I played forward.
-You auditioned for JE when you were in Yr6, am I correct?
My sister used to watch this TV show called “Pikaichi” with (Domoto) Koichi-kun in it, and there, she saw this ad on how they were holding a JE audition, so she sent my form off, and I didn’t know.
-You didn’t know?
No. For one thing, I had absolutely no interest in becoming an idol, and the audition was on either Saturday or Sunday, which meant that it doubled with my soccer training. So I refused to go, crying the day before. I was all like, “I don’t wanna go, no, I don’t wanna go, no.”
-Why did you audition in the end?
There was this thing in my class, how it was “in"  to have all these badges on your pencil case of all the participating countries of the W.C the next year. My parents promised me to buy me one of those badges, and I went.
-Ahahahaha. So, how was the audition actually?
I went to the venue in my casual clothes, but I remember seeing this one kid with a really cool, fashionable hat. Later, he turned out to be Inoo (Kei).
-Did you guys chat?
Nope. But I do remember how at the audition, when it was the time to express yourself, Inoo put his hand up and started singing Kinki Kids’ "Flower”. He was terrible. (笑)
-Did you do anything?
Actually, I didn’t. After the audition, I started getting called up to take lessons. Those lessons were either on a Saturday or on a Sunday, so they’d call you up on Friday…but then I wouldn’t be able to go to soccer, so I absolutely hated getting those calls, Every week I was tempted to pull out our phone cords.(笑)
-You hated it that much?
Soon after I entered JE, I was selected as a back dancer for “Music Station” as a Jr. There I made mistakes in my dancing, so I was secretly rejoicing that from next week onwards,  I would never be called up for lessons-I would go back to my normal life. But then again, the phone calls would come, and every time I’d complain and wail about having to miss out on soccer, and every time my parents would buy me another one of those badges and I’d go.
-Then, how did you end up liking it?
It’s-well, I was always liked by my elders. Rather than being with those of my age, I was often with A.B.C. and KAT-TUN. I remember Totsu- (Totsuka Shota) and I went home the same way? Anyhow I quickly became friends with him. I ate out with Kamenashi (Kazuya)-kun and Akanishi (Jin)-kun, and they often drove me home.
-I see.
I hated being called “cute” though. I hated it when people ruffled through my hair and stuff. Whenever I got calls from Akanishi-kun I’d be like, “Sorry, I’m in the middle of a game right now.” and I’d just coldly hang up.  (笑)But then, I guess in the end, it’s those elders’ kindness that slowly made me like Jr’s.
-Then, what did you tell your friends at school, you know, about being a Jr.?
I never told them. One of my friends told me that they saw me on Music Station, but I’d still be like, “What are you talking about? No way I’d be on TV.”(笑)Even when I needed to miss out on soccer training, I’d say that I had a small get together with relatives to attend to. It was hard, because that excuse made people think I no longer liked soccer.
“Your name starts with Y, right?” The sudden formation of a group

-And I recall that it was pretty soon after you entered that Ya-Ya-Yah formed?
Yeah. Our president was like, “Your name starts with Y, right?” and at the “Shounen Club” rehearsal we were lined up as Y, A, Y, A and he was like, “You guys, are Ya-Ya-Yah.”
-At this point in time, you still haven’t told your friends about JE, have you?
No. Soon we appeared on “Music Station” as Ya-Ya-Yah. The next day I really dreaded going to school. The thoughts about my friends finding out just circled my head-and yes, I was questioned, A LOT. I knew there was no longer any use to hiding it, so I told them everything. That would probably be how I stopped dragging things on.
-How did you feel in 2003, when the TV show “Ya-Ya-Yah” started?
It was just like, “I don’t really get it but let’s just do whatever the grown-ups tell us”. Having said that, when we were told that A.B.C. will be on the show with us, I was really excited.
-And that was the TV Show that held the audition Yaotome (Hikaru)-kun passed and became a Jr.
Yep. It was pretty soon after the show had started, that Hikaru entered.
-What were your first impressions of him?
They told us that he was really good at dancing, so I was wondering what he was like. And then, I was told to teach him the choreography because we’ll be singing “Yuuki 100%” with him on the show. I was like, “Why do I have to teach him this” He gently asked me to teach him the choreography, and yeah, I did teach him…just not so enthusiastically. (笑)It’s nearly been 11 years since that. A long time, really.
-What was your relationship like?
Best friends, allies, rivals, brothers… All of them seem fitting. We starred in “3 nen B gumi Kinpachi-sensei” together. There were times when I questioned how Hikaru was the main in the drama, but then at the same time, I knew he was committed to it. Our personalities were pretty much the exact opposite- him, organised, me, going with the flow. We argued a lot.
Well, at rehearsals, he’d be wanting to go through everything; thoroughly. But I’d be the guy going, “Hey, let’s think about this later and adjust it when we get there”-that caused conflict. It was usually about more…stupid things though. Oh yes, I remember. There was this time at a concert where Hikaru couldn’t find his performance clothes. Hikaru would be like, “You hid my uniform, didn’t you!?” and we’d break out in a fight, because really, I didn’t. He broke off after that, but I’d still be unsatisfied because Hikaru still blamed me for his clothes. In the end it turned out that Senga (Kento) mistook it for his own and wore Hikaru’s.
-Hahahahaha. So, with all this behind, what do you think about being called “YabuHika”?
It’s…pretty embarrassing.(笑)
The creation of Hey!Say!7 “Maybe this is my end of the road.”
-You’ve done some solo concerts as Ya-Ya-Yah too.
Yeah, except…my voice was breaking then. Johnny-san had once said to me that “The good quality you hold, is your high voice."  so I was really anxious about what I was going to do after my voice broke. I would be singing, and I’d be very sensitive to all the high notes that I sang that, didn’t seem as easy as before. I was worried I could no longer sing the songs I was able to sing before. Even at recordings, the people would ask me if I wanted to sing a key or two lower, but I’d be so stern about it, determined to sing it in the right key.
-What were your views on debuting back then?
I assumed that if I was to debut at all, it’ll be with Ya-Ya-Yah. I just felt that it’d be great if we could debut some time. But maybe…I did have some doubts about debuting. I really did not know.
-Did you ever consider quitting?
Yes I did. But I wanted to absolutely avoid any case like where, you know, I’d be left with nothing else. I knew I needed insurance on something. I thought it all through-I needed to get good grades at high school so I can go to university. If I couldn’t debut by the time I was to graduate university, I needed to quit, I needed to prepare for a normal working life. I don’t think that I was ever too focused on just debuting. It didn’t occupy my thoughts, but I guess as I went through many things, it was always there at the back of my mind.
-How did you feel about the creation of Hey!Say!7 in 2007?
Honestly, I felt I was in danger. Especially because right before that, there were times when us Jr’s shuffled our members around and sang. Like when I was put together with Kitayama (Hiromitsu), Kawai (Fumito)  and Fujigaya (Taisuke). I felt we were being experimented on, and then we were faced with Kitty GYM. Hikaru was pulled out of Ya-Ya-Yah for that. I questioned his promotion, a lot.
-And then Hey!Say!7 was formed.
It was right when I was starting to question my debut as Ya-Ya-Yah, and when I was thinking "Maybe this is my end of the road.” I was also in 3rd year Senior High school so really, I had to think about my future career.
-But you didn’t quit, did you?
There was this time once when I was meeting up with Johnny-san. He was like, “Hmm…Yabu & Hikaru…you guys have Ya-Ya-Yah….What should I do…” and he was writing up a list of names, all of them were Jrs.
-What for?
Well, come to think of it now, he was probably writing up the members of Hey!Say!JUMP. He gave me a list of names, which included Hikaru & I, and he said, “What do you think?”
-What did you say?
I really didn’t know what to say, since Yamada (Ryosuke) and (Nakajima) Yuto and stuff were all younger than me, with Okamoto (Keito) I’ve never even spoken to him, once. It was also that influence my words could have on these people that made me unsure of what to say. Whatever I said could change all these lives. I could have told him that I wanted Hikaru & I to stay in Ya-Ya-Yah, but then again, if I didn’t take that opportunity and debut, I would’ve ended up waiting for years. All that went through my mind, and I just said, “Yeah…it’s…alright.”
-What made you say that?
I knew this was my turning point. Earlier, I did say that I wasn’t too focused on debuting, but that was when I realised that in my heart, there lay my strong will to debut. 
-I see.
After that, Johnny-san said to me that he wanted Hikaru & I to lead this group. We were always the little ones being minded by our senpais, and we have never done anything like taking leadership. There’s also how both Hikaru & I have always been the little one of the family too. I wasn’t sure if we could manage it ,but I knew we needed to.
-So it was a decision with determination.
I was delighted, yet I was in pain. I had mixed feelings about it, really. I was told that I was to tell no one, no matter how close they were to me, about debuting as Hey!Say!JUMP. No one from Ya-Ya-Yah, except for Hikaru & I, were to know about this. It was very painful to keep it from my members, who innocently knew nothing. When Hey!Say!7 was formed, we had a deep talk about how we needed to stay strong as a four. Just to hear about Hey!Say!JUMP right after that…
-That must’ve been really hard for you.
When someone debuts, at least tens of thousands more people get upset about it. Many hundreds, perhaps thousands of people dream of debuting. Being chosen means that you need to accept and move on with those feelings on your back. Being part of a group called Hey!Say!JUMP, I felt guilt towards the other two, and I was in pain myself. Even so, I knew that because I was chosen, because I am doing this, I need to do it at my best.
Guilt towards Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C., and Jrs
-JUMP’s debut concert was in Tokyo Dome, as I recall?
I don’t think the people who came were there because they loved Hey!Say!JUMP. Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C., and many Jrs performed at our concert. I’m sure they didn’t want to “visit Hey!Say!JUMP’s concert” I felt guilty of what we were making the Jrs go through.
I was good friends with Kitayama & Totsu as a Jr, and we used to eat out together, you know; a couple of times every week. That didn’t change a lot after my debut, but it was very sad thinking that somewhere in their hearts, their wish to debut made my existence uneasy.
-How did you feel about Kis-My-Ft2 & A.B.C-Z’s debut?
Oh I was extremely happy-as if it was happening to me. I’m pretty sure Kis-My-Ft2 & A.B.C-Z would kick me in the head if  they heard me say this though.(笑)Yeah, I was very happy for them, and I felt rivalry. I think I texted Kitayama saying “Congratulations” when their debut was announced. He replied with something like, “We’re rivals even more from now on”.
-I’ve heard you went to A.B.C-Z’s debut concert.
Yep I did. In the MC, I think I said something like, “I love A.B.C-Z more than anyone here.” (笑)
I remember being envious of Hasshi (Hashimoto Ryosuke). I was really wanting to be in A.B.C-Z. But for one thing, I can’t do back flips, for the other, I’m Hey!Say!JUMP.(笑)Okay, well I’m joking, but then I did really envy Hasshi. I wanted to create something with the 4 big brothers of A.B.C. So when that was finally accomplished in the musical “SHE LOVES ME” I silently apologised to Hashimoto.
-Arioka (Daiki) -kun mentioned in last month’s interview that you were “Always the outliers”. I feel that JUMP has always been shouldering many things.
I think that’s very true. At countdown concerts, because we have members who didn’t spend a lot of time dancing behind our senpais, we did get the feeling that Hey!Say!JUMP was kind of …different from other groups. That difference is still there. Even now, I feel that our senpais don’t know us.
“Why was Yabu-chan there, then?”
-How did Hey!Say!JUMP’s bond grow to be strong?
I think the largest reason behind that is the number of times we do lives and concerts compared to other groups of the same sort of age. We had many occasions when we had the time where we sat down and discuss how we can make things better, how we can entertain the audience and let them have the time of their lives. It’s a repetitive, accumulative process.  At first our dancing was all out of time and unless people like Hikaru & I told everyone to get up and carry on, we weren’t a very enthusiastic group. It was an accumulative process; the more we did it, the stronger our bonds became.
And also there was that senpai factor in our group too. Everyone treated me as their senpai. I didn’t really like it because they weren’t treating me as a member of the group, but as a senpai called “Yabu-kun”. I thought, that’s not right, so I’m going to do my best to be the group idiot. If I fooled around, everyone fooled around.
-So you were always acting for the best of your group.
Yes, but…I think that was a while after we debuted…one day our choreographer came to talk to me privately. He said, “Yabu. What you’re doing is important, you need to take those walls down within your group. But always keep in mind that whatever you do, the rest of the group follows. So whether it be the work itself, or general manners as an idol, you need to do properly and independently.” I felt responsible for the group.
-DId you tell off any members in particular?
I guess I was pretty strict towards Keito. Keito was young, and every time he got in trouble, he used to cry. I think his pride didn’t let him cry, really, so every time he did, he’d be like, “My head hurts, my head hurts.” It was pretty obvious.(笑)
-Any other members?
Well it was pretty bad when Takaki (Yuya) was in Gokusen. (笑)I knew he was putting a lot of effort into that drama and carrying out his role. But there were times when he was acting exactly like his role even in his private life and with JUMP. He wasn’t in Gokusen, but he was still glaring at all of us. (笑)The rest of the group would be doing something fun, while he’d be standing outside of the circle, alone. He’d be staring at us coldly. I thought, what if our staff, our fans saw this? They would most definitely think that Takaki is left out of the group; he’s not willing to be part of it. But he’s not like that. I know Takaki from when we were Jrs. He’s kind, he thinks of his peers, but he’s sometimes a bit of a chicken. I just knew that this wasn’t going to be good, neither for our group, or Takaki himself.
-What did you do about it?
I knew how he felt too. He worked with people who were not from JE, and he felt the need to widen his views. He was hanging out with the Gokusen members too. But if I didn’t think it through and just told him off, it would have made things worse, so I tried to ask Takaki out to eat, and when he was meeting up with the Gokusen crew, I just “happened” to join in. I joined in where I only knew Takaki.(笑)
-Was it effective?
I don’t know. I just hope that in a few years, he’ll realise that maybe, he was a bit weird back then. Like, “Why was Yabu-chan there, then?”(笑)Actually, he’s been mentioning things about back then lately.(笑)
-Did Okamoto-kun say anything?
Nah, he’s still trying. (笑)But that’s what’s good about him.
We went through so much, together.
-When do you feel grateful for the members in JUMP?
I felt that the strongest 2 years after we debuted, at Tokyo Dome, which was the last destination of our tour.
-What happened there?
Well, I was the first to speak for our closing speeches, ready to sing “Born in the EARTH”, and…as I spoke I saw the arena filled with people, I started to tear up…I never thought of crying, especially in front of our audience, because that wasn’t kakkoii. But then, I started crying, and I couldn’t stop.
-Why were you crying, do you think?
I think it’s the whole mumbo-jumbo of feelings coming out all together. When we first performed at Tokyo Dome straight after our debut, we could never pull the show off without the Jr’s, and our group was all over the place. In that moment, my memories flashed back through my mind. I knew that this time, these people were coming to see us. So many people were coming to see Hey!Say!JUMP. I was tearing up really badly I couldn’t talk, not even sing. Yeah…I still vividly remember that moment…I couldn’t stop crying.
-The other members were crying too, weren’t they?
They were. I realised we were all feeling the same, we went through so much, together. I could say from the bottom of my heart that I was grateful for these members.
How are we going to change
-Then, how did you feel when NYC debuted?
Well, I…when NYC debuted, I gave them a bunch of flowers in celebration. I felt that by being that person, Hey!Say!JUMP fans would feel comfortable to accept NYC.
-Any jealousy involved?
No way(笑) You know how Yamada debuted as a solo? Not one of our members had that sort of jealousy then. No one questioned why it was just Yamada, no one questioned why we couldn’t sing it as Hey!Say!JUMP, I don’t think that crossed anyone’s mind, even. I think we all knew that whatever Yamada does, his efforts will contribute to the success of the group. We were stimulated by him that we all need to do whatever we can to our best efforts, so we can all bring the group up. So, whether it be NYC’s debut, or Yamada’s solo debut, rather than jealousy, I think our group felt supportive for them.
We all started to think about how to spend our time. We realised that there wasn’t a day to waste. Making efforts for yourself eventually lead to the growth of the group. So we started to really feel that we needed to properly do things ourselves, not always relying on the group.
-It’s a good thing, then.
So, when we watch each other in our individual activities, at times we appreciate them, at times we watch them and go, “If I were them…” I think we all do that, really. Of course Kis-My-Ft2 and A.B.C-Z  and Sexy Zone and all that are our rivals, but I believe that within our group, as individuals, we are all rivals. Like if one of us star in a drama, it’s supposed that the attention goes to that person. And, when that member is active as a member of Hey!Say!JUMP, it’s also supposed that there will always be people who never knew Hey!Say!JUMP until they realise that, that one individual is part of us. I think that’s the cycle that keeps us going.
-As in, get the attention, bring it back to the group.
Exactly. So when I see Yuto acting in “Hanzawa Naoki”, it really influences me to try harder.
-It sounds like a pretty good relationship to me.
Well, I was still called “Yabu-kun” by my members for a while though. It’s only recently, as in these 1-2 years that, that changed to “Yabu-chan” instead. Everyone except for Inoo & Hikaru called me Yabu-kun, but for some reason that changed before I knew it, really. I wasn’t a senpai anymore, I was part of the group. I think it’s a really good thing that I can stand level with the others. Having said that, I did kind of feel a little annoyed when Keito first started calling me “Yabu-chan”.(笑)
-Ahahaha. You really did think through all these things for the group.
I did say I was a baby, but then,  after all,  in the group I’m the eldest.(笑)
-Then did you consult anyone about your problems?
Not really.
-All on yourself?
Well, it’s not like I said anything direct, but when we were required to make decisions, Hikaru’s existence was significant. I felt I wasn’t alone, that, I’m not the only one required to do these things. We’ve always been together, and we’ve been given similar roles within the group, so, even if we never spoke to each other about these things, the fact that Hikaru was there and I wasn’t the only one had helped me pull through. I was never alone in any turning point. I did say that I felt uneasy being called “YabuHika” but then, somewhere in my heart, I’m just embarrassed and I’m secretly happy about being called that. It’s like an honour.
-Finally, please tell us about your thoughts on JUMP in future.
Everyone is aiming to become a proudly presentable group, anywhere. As I said before, all our members know that every day counts. We share the thought that we all need to make the effort now. So, asking ourselves now and then, “How are we going to change? How can we change?” will definitely help us in bringing in positive changes. We are constantly questioning ourselves on what we lack. We’re like a whole block of positivity, so really, I can’t wait to see how we will be in the future.

Season 8 Watch Notes


My notes got a little light in places because I started crocheting a thing, and I tend to find it difficult to drop my crochet to write something down. I’m gonna try doing dictation on my phone for season 9… which would also mean I don’t have to read my chicken scratch and type it all up at the end.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, maybe i'm late but i need to say thank you bc i'm italian and i'm a yoongi biased and with your last request, i've fangirl so much HAHAHAHAHA pleasee write something where Suga learns italian~

Haha omg, it must be fate! Here it is!!

You sat down at the kitchen table in the apartment you and Yoongi shared. You sipped on your coffee, and looked out at the beautiful Seoul landscape out of your 25 story high window. Being in Seoul was expensive so you and Yoongi opted for a cheap apartment rather than an expensive house.

Yoongi came up behind you suddenly without any warning, and tapped you on the shoulder, making you spill some hot coffee all over yourself. “Merda”, (shit) you said.

“Hey, you aren’t supposed to speak Italian until you teach me”, Yoongi said. He leaned over you looking at your soiled shirt and pouty face. He pecked your lips and went to get you a washcloth and a new shirt. Once you were all set again Yoongi sat across from you at the table, staring at you with a lazy expression.

You sighed, still amazed at the lack of emotion your boyfriend could express, even when he asked you to teach him Italian.

“Okay…” you said, straightening up and getting out the notes you made before hand for him to study. “First I’ll teach you the basics, hello, goodbye, how are you, the days fo the week” you said, looking at Yoongi for acknowledgement.

Once you got a nod of his head you started with hello. “Hello is ‘Ciao’ in Italian, pronouncing it slowly for him since he has trouble with expressing English words, as you have seen many times.

“C-i-a-o”, Yoongi says. Looking at you for approval.

“Ciao”, you say. “Ciao”, he says.

“Perfect! You’re doing really well with the pronunciation Yoongi”, you said beaming at him.

“Ahhh it’s nothing, Y/N. Have you forgotten that I have the most swag out of Bangtan?” he says smirking at you from under his snapback. You looked at him in his sweats, baggy t-shirt, and snapback. He looked too perfect for being inside on the weekend, even when he dressed like this he still looked good.

“Perché hai sempre un bell'aspetto?”, (Why do you always look so good?) you said glaring at him.

“What?”, Yoongi asks you, staring at you with confused eyes, still looking like he came out of a pajama photoshoot, complete with the bed head hair.  

“Bastardo arrogante” (cocky bastard), you said still glaring at him.

“YA” (hey), Yoongi said, leaning up on the table to face you head on. “What did you say? Did you swear at me?”.

Being caught you coughed into your hand and tried not to laugh at your distressed boyfriend.

He was normally so stoic, seeing him riled up was quite fun for you. “Um no… no I didn't”, you said, still containing your fit of giggles, your face turning red and your eyes starting to water.

“You did, didn’t you”, he questioned as he sat back down. Thinking he was done with interrogating you, you let your guard down and turned your head when you heard the phone ring from somewhere in your living room.

This gave Yoongi the right leverage to stumble out of his chair, and climb up on your lap, effectively trapping you in your seat, unable to tear away from his searing gaze.

“Come on, tell me what you said. Maybe I’ll let you off easy if you tell me”, he said, a slight glow of lust to his eyes. Not willing to give in, even if you go rewarded, you kept your mouth shut,  and avoided his gaze by looking down.

“Fine, if you want it this way”, Yoongi said. He started to tickle your sides, knowing it was your weak spot. You couldn’t contain your laughter, and your legs were flailing all around.

You kicked on the legs of the table causing your chair to fall back, flinging you to the ground, promptly taking Yoongi with you.

You guys fell on a heap on the floor, facing each other. “Aish…. you weren’t supposed to do that, baby” Yoongi said, rubbing his back and getting up. He held his hand out for you to take and pulled you up and onto your feet

Slightly swaying on your feet you fell into Yoongi, him catching you easily and holding you there.

“Pabo” (fool), Yoongi chuckled to you. “If you hadn’t started name calling we wouldn’t be in this situation”, Yoongi said, still hugging your still form.

“Well if you didn’t look so good all the time then maybe I could focus on teaching you Italian” you said into his shoulder.

He chuckled and held you back so he could look at you.

“We good?”, you asked.

“Yes, but only if you give me a kiss for the damage you just did to me.”

You kissed him, making it last a little longer than intended, Yoongi always savored your intimate moments, saving them for future reference.

“Okay”, you said finally breaking the kiss. “Let’s finish this”, you said.

You both sat at your original positions. You looked around for your notes. Upon finding them they were soaked in coffee. The coffee must have spilled when you moved the table back earlier.

“Fanculo” (fuck), you said. Glancing at all the work you had done, get ruined by a cheap morning beverage. “What did you call me?”, Yoongi said, staring at you expectantly, starting to get up again.

“Wait wait wait”, you laughed loudly.  It was no use he had already gotten up and was heading straight for you. Seeing no way of negotiating with him, you got up and ran to your shared bedroom, hopefully not to be reprimanded by your boyfriend. This continued on the whole day, him thinking you called him a name and you insisting that you weren’t.

“Grazie per oggi” (thank you for today), Yoongi told you in perfect Italian, as you were cooking dinner.

He came up behind you and set his head on your shoulder, kissing your neck gently.

“It was no problem, Yoongi”, you said, glancing over your shoulder at him, “you know I would teach you anything if you asked. It was fun teaching you my language”.

“Thank you baby, maybe there is a reward for you after all…”

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I’ll be With You ‘Til The End

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Angst ahead lol.

When we were young:

Our mothers bumped into each other at the grocery store, “Eomma! Who’s that girl!” a small boy asked in while pointing to y/n.

“Yah! Don’t point! It’s rude Taehyung!” nagged the parent. The boy pouted, he only wanted the answer.

Y/n’s parent bent down to his level, “I’m your mother’s friend, this is y/n, they will be staying at your place for a little bit because I need to do some grown-up things. Is that okay with you?” Taehyung looked up to his mother with a questioning face, she chuckled and nodded. Taehyung sneaked a glance at the shy girl that was hiding behind the unfamiliar adult and held out his hand, smiling as he did so,

“Let’s be friends!”

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I Need U

Request: hii <3 can i request a scenario where bts misses their s/o on tour? thank you~

admin k: this is more of a reaction x text convo than a scenario, but i hope you like it anyway! lmao

ps. this posts requires quite a bit of scrolling, so i apologise in advance lmao

pps. omg this was so fun to do HAHAHAHAHA

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#Supernatural TippiTV recap: 10-21 “Dark Dynasty”

Previously on Supernatural

Sam had a lot of terrible ideas to fix Dean. Everyone told him they were terrible ideas. Like, even dead people told him. Probably random strangers at the grocery store told him and we just didn’t see it.

Currently on Supernatural:

Nighttime in Omaha, Nebraska. A young woman with Freddie Lounds hair meets with a doctor in his office. She thinks she’s there to participate in some kind of research study about eyesight, but starts to think that something’s weird when the doctor tries to kiss her.

Her suspicions are confirmed when he then slits her throat and uses a melon baller to scoop out her eyes. OMG that is not what a melon baller is for! It’s right there in the name! A janitor, hearing the noise, rushes into the office just in time to see the doctor jump out of the window with the pilfered eyeballs.

By the way, this is what the “doctor” was looking at on his computer before the murder:

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anonymous asked:

You met David luiz!!? What's he like? And what did you guys talk about :)

Yes, I met him almost two weeks ago! He’s the cutest human ever. Hahahahah.

I could not put in paper how he is like. I think I am not able to. He was sleepy, the hair totally messy. His hair is REALLY FULL. It scared the hell out of me when he crossed the kitchen’s door. The eyes were red, probably indicating the short night. At the end of our conversation, David told me he spent over eight hours taking pictures and giving autographs at Cataguases. They arrived home at 01h30 AM. I could see he was exhausted, but there was no hesitation to make every single minute perfect to me. He treated me really well and specially. I was impressed by his good humor at 10 AM. Hahahahaha. David is tall. TOTALLY. I don’t think that’s something new. I felt like an ant all the time. On our first hug, asked by him, his hair was all over my face, and yes… It smells good.

Anyway. David is stiff. I felt I was hugging a rock, but, even though, it was far the best hug I have ever received. It makes you feel protected. I would hug him all day long. We spoke about a lot, but almost nothing. I spent over 15 minutes inside the house; 10 minutes with David. He asked me about my burgh; where I came from; asked me if I had brothers (?) I still can’t understand the meaning of that question. Hahahahaha. I touched that hair! He was a bit embarrassed, but let me enjoy the moment. When I pulled away, David said: “Ugly hair.”, making me laugh. On our third hug, I confessed: “I thought I would never feel this hug.” And he was like, really offended: “How come? Why?” Hahahahaha!

After that whole conversation, David said he needed to go. I reacted like I was being hit. Then, automatically, I remembered (do not know how) my mom’s words to me. “If you get this, tell David I said to God bless him so much, because he’s doing this. I know how is important for you.” When David heard my words, he ran to find my phone, in the table. “How is your mom’s name?” “Dina.” I replied, laughing. But suddenly started to worry about the password, which David had no idea of. Even though, I have an iPhone and David knew how to do it, without needing to unblock. “See? I know how it works.” Reassured me, starting the video for my mom.

What we did the most was hugging each other. There was five hugs. Hahahahaha. Like I said, he’s the cutest ever. I can not explain. It was perfect. I am sure I will never forget about this.

Breaking down the TWC wall with Cat .... yes ... Da Cat

Wolfie: Hello dearest Cat,

Let me first say that I am honored to get the opportunity to interview you.

Breakingdownthetwcwall is a project we started to prove that there is no wall separating veteran writers of Tumblr and the newer writers from equal treatment or exposure.

Once we started this project and it got rolling we realized that so many writers want to help other writers, and then the interviews transitioned into a get to know who is who.

Well my dear…. We want to know the who, what, when, where and how’s about you.

Let’s start with the Wolfie rumors that say you are a Tumblr employee, a standup comedienne, a poetess, the feature tag mother of poetry and prose and a very photogenic young lady.

When did you start working at Tumblr? And can you enlighten us on the rest of the rumors?

Cat : Yes, I am a Tumblr employee, a comedienne, and a poetess. Mostly a photographer as of late, if I’m being honest.

And yeah, I’m photogenic I guess. But there are some hilariously terrible images of me floating around. And by floating around I mean hanging out in my GPOY tag…

Anyway, yeah, I was a relatively “known” local comedian in Richmond, Virginia before I moved to NYC. I’ve only done a few shows since moving, but the idea is always lingering somewhere in my head. I don’t think I’ll ever officially “quit” doing comedy shows, even if I go a really long time without performing.

I used to post poetry all the time in 2008 and 2009 and in bursts during the years that followed. If you look at my poetry tag postdates you’ll notice it comes and goes in phases. That’s the kind of writer I’ve always been. When I can’t write, I really can’t, and when I can, oh boy can I. It tends to center around how much poetry I read - when I read, I write. When I don’t read, I don’t write. Like right now for example - I’ve been reading David Wojahn’s Interrogation Palace and am super inspired - I think I’m about to break into another poetry-writing phase and I am so eager and optimistic to externalize some of my pent up insanity. You kids should take that as a lesson. Read some books. Read some e-books. Read poetry on Tumblr. Read all the poetry you can. Force other people to read poetry by writing it on your face in Sharpie and going out in public. Scream your favorite lines at strangers in Starbucks until they make you leave. Freak people out with poetry. Read poetry written on walls and then write your own there. Read and write poetry. Be a total fucking weirdo.

About my job at Tumblr - I started working here January 2012. It’s been more than two years now. Tumblr changed my life before I even applied for the job, and since then? I can’t even quantify the amazing opportunities I’ve had because of my employment here, and the realm of possibility that is now available to me. It’s not perfect, I don’t think any job is, but I still feel lucky even after two years. I grew up real poor with a single dad and other sad stuff like that, so I really can’t express how grateful I am that my life took an amazing turn.

Wolfie: You seem to be all kinds of caliber and a loaded pistol…

How did you become the poetry editor and how many doors did you have to knock down before you were able to get help to push the poetry tag to where it is?

Cat: When I first started working here, I expressed my love for poetry, and embarrassingly showed off my terrible teenage writing to our lit outreach coordinator, Rachel F. She added me as a tag editor. I felt on top of the fucking world when that happened. Tag editing is so cool. Tumblr is so cool.

Then, I noticed there was no poetry spotlight. I proposed that I make one, got the idea approved by the powers that be, lurked the hell out of the entire poetry community to find the superstars - and then spotlighted them on April 1st 2012 to celebrate national poetry month (http://cat.tumblr.com/post/20322182854/say-hello-to-tumblrs-first-poetry-spotlight-me) And…It’s all history since then. I became a helper in the community and was glad to do it. I eventually added more tag editors and more spotlighted blogs, and now the community is pretty self-sustaining. My baby has grown up. :’)

Wolfie: Indeed your baby is one well nurtured child and spreading like wildfire…. In the time I’ve been here it has grown substantially and I’m still kind of new here, compared to some.

Cat: Oh, also, under my care, the poetry tag grew to overtake vintage, black and white, and many others well-loved tags in popularity. The community was there, it just needs a little love.

Wolfie: We had a rally going to try and top nail art for a while there but it seems to keep getting the jump on us. Poetry that is …..

How can we help? I’m speaking of course for the writers here in the TWC … How can we move up the poetry tag on the ranking system?

Cat: We got rid of the ranking system so no worries.

Wolfie: so you are saying we were successful in knocking out nail art right?… lol

Cat: I think the last time I looked poetry was above nailart, yes.

But I cannot speak to their overall popularities in general or currently. I have no idea.

Wolfie: I think we are just going to roll with the Rumor that Poetry kicked the shit out of nail art and not ask any more questions on the subject Lol

Can you toss out some names of fellow writers that have made your Tumblr experience pleasant?

Cat: As far as great users, holy shit - there are a ton. Jen (jayarrarr) obviously - she was around before I was. I wasn’t the original guardian, she was. She was top editor for a REALLY long time and did outreach stuff with #poetry way before Me.; major credit to her. King Stimie (howitzerliterarysociety) is my accomplice and #poetry husband, I fucking love his style and he’s such a fucking weirdo and sends me links to GREAT work all the time… that dude is amazing… have been in touch with Jillc (trixclibrarian) a ton and she’s fucking great, brightlightsloudnoises came to see me at tumblr HQ once! that dude is great. tansheer and viperslang are two of my favorite writers, along with clementinevonradics (who doesn’t fucking love clem) and mostlyfiction!!!

To be honest, I can’t even name all the people that helped me find awesome bloggers and poetry back in the day. just too many to name. There was one girl who helped me constantly, and was my poetry community man-in-the-hole, we were super close but she insisted I never make her a tag editor or spotlight her. she just wanted to help me. attention made her nervous and she never wanted it. she was like my little sister. If she’s reading this, I hope she’ll message me. I haven’t heard from her in a while and can’t find her url now.

And I want to take this time to mention Elianna. When I found her blog, I was OBSESSED with her poetry. She was 16 and writing the stuff of legend. I couldn’t believe it. I was jealous. I was amazed. I was so impressed. She was my absolute favorite, and had an amazing personality and artfulness to match. I was devastated when I found out about her passing. I still miss her and will never forget her. I think there are a lot of Tumblr poets that would say the same.

Wolfie: that is a great list of people and I’ve come to really appreciate most of them… Elianna is certainly a beautiful soul and poetess and she is terribly missed and fondly remembered.

If you have read my previous interviews people usually cuss me out cause I ask them to name drop, and they can’t remember everyone at the exact time but I will always amend the list gladly

Wolfie: let’s go back to some of those Wolfie rumors that are being spread about you on Tumblr

Can you access our mail? (Ex. exchanges between Monkey and I while we talk about how hot you are?)

Cat: haha no, tumblr staff doesn’t have access to your inboxes. Hahahahaha

Wolfie: okay let’s do a quick run through on the next rumors and you can confirm or deny

Did yahoo buy you a brand new Escalade?

Cat: They bought me three new escalades.

Wolfie: Did you initiate the great flood of alt lit?

Cat: I wish. We provide the venue. The users decorate the walls. It was all you guys.

Wolfie: Do you care if the Monkey is really purple?

Cat: Literally still not sure what that’s all about.

Wolfie: Last and most wide spread rumor…. Do you have an idea who Wolfie is yet?

Cat: I thought Wolfie was your alter ego and that you guys are the same person. Am I wrong?

Wolfie: Thank you for taking the time to answer questions for breakingdownthetwcwall

And Yes Cat… Wolfie is me and Monkey is really purplemonkeysexgod69 ; which is a very well known and loved poet on Tumblr.

Good luck with everything you do at Tumblr as well as everything you do away from Tumblr .

Before we close, I really want you to know that we all appreciate what you have done here, and many others like myself have made this place home and it wouldn’t have been this way if it wasn’t for you and many others that have set the foundation.

Would you care to leave some words for all our readers, followers and participants?

Cat: I have a message for the younger people who feel inspired to do creative things but don’t know where or how to start.

A lot of you have the creative spark in but don’t know what to make or write, or where to even start. You need to know that creating (and writing) takes a lot of time, sometimes. I saw this quote on “shortandsweet“ and I think it fits nicely here.

"Surprisingly, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they can tend to think “I don’t have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won’t do it at all.””

You *have* to start somewhere. It’s SO important to be patient with yourself and to not beat yourself up for not being as productive and perfect as the people you see on the internet. A lot of people never start because they want to go straight to that amazeballs-fully-accomplished look. But that’s not how it works. You have to start small. Find a pace that works for you. Start with a silly fucking project, who cares. It could be any little thing. Write a poem on a piece of paper and then cut up the paper. Then take a photo of the pile of pieces. Boom! That’s a project. Fuck the scissors actually. Post the poem. Who cares? Any little weird things you can do are progress. Eventually you will take the projects more seriously, and then those will lead to opportunities and even more inspiration. You know? Creating things gives you a high - once you make or write one thing, it is easier to keep doing it because it feels amazing. Things will happen that you didn’t expect and it will feel great. You cannot make your specialness go away, and this drives a lot of people crazy. They can feel that they are special but don’t know how to externalize it or what to make, or even how to make it. My advice is to be patient, love yourself, and create whatever you can whenever you can. You will get better and better and people will recognize that. I’m 25 and have been writing since I can remember. I have no books out, have only been published in a few newspapers, and my poetry has only been published once. I’ve been wanting to take good photos for 3+ years and didn’t start taking photography seriously until last summer! There is always time to become the creative person you are dreaming of. Take the first step and then keep doing that until it feels natural to achieve. It will happen.

 Wolfie: Thank you Cat and a big thanks to all our readers, followers and participants of breakingdownthetwcwall.

Follow Cat and keep up with the happenings of the Tumblr fun and need to know stuff. 

Kevin Olusola Q&A - February 1st 2016 - #TriptyqSessions

K.O. Five minutes until I answer your questions! Tweet me them now using #TriptyqSessions! Can’t wait to talk with you guys!!

Q: When I first heard When I Fall I thought that it, instead of you, it was Drake singing. Thoughts?

K.O. Yaaaaaas! I got a lot inspiration from @Drake and @BigSean

Q: What song do you recommend to listen to first?

K.O. Either when I fall or Murphy!

Q: Fav song of the EP?

K.O. Oooo either #WhenIFall or #murphy

Q: Should I study for my chemistry test or listen to the EP???

K.O. Study homie. Focus on one thing at a time lol

Q: Was it fun singing in your lower register for When I Fall??

K.O. Yaaaaaas! I love it when @BigSean and @Drake do it so I was liiiiiiike why not

Q: Do you like reading books?

K.O. Hahahahaha maybe I don’t know

Q: Will you perform some of the songs on tour with Pentatonix?

K.O. Hahaha who knows! Probably not but it’d be fun!

Q: Which song from the EP was the most fun to you?

K.O. Probably #WhenIFall. Get the most urban to me which I looooooove

Q: Has fame made it any harder to produce your art? Or easier?

K.O. Easier in the sense that I have more resources now to make the art. Harder in the sense that we have to make better art.

Q: I’m performing for nearly 4000 people soon! Wish me luck?

K.O. Whooooo do it! Good luck!!

Q: How did you meet with @antoniettecosta and @TaraKamangar? and why do you create music like you do?

K.O. Met @antoniettecosta my senior Year at Yale and then @TaraKamangar for the video shoot for Stranded.

Q: What you liked the most about working with Antoniette and Tara?

K.O. They’re just nice, honorable people. Challenge me to be a better human being each day.

Q: What was it like filming the video for When I Fall? The scenery is incredible

K.O. Fun! …except for the part where I drove that nice car down the canyon road.

Q: Favorite theme park you’ve been to?

K.O. DisneyWorld for New Years break!

Q: What’s your favorite place to go to in LA and why (maybe I can run into you

K.O. You most likely will find me eating at @TenderGreens lol

Q: Who came up with the name and how:) love you

K.O. We kinda all did! Random late night session. That’s when the best stuff happens

Q: What’s your favorite track from the Ep. ?Mine is Void of a legend

K.O. Ahh thanks! Probably #WhenIFall or Murphy

Q: How did you get to be this fantastic?

K.O. Hahaha girl believe me I’m still learning things everyday. Can’t even begin to tell you how much I have to learn.

Q: What’s your favorite meal?

K.O. Food from Grenada or Nigeria oh my home cooking I miss youuuu

Q: Who would you love to collaborate with?

K.O. Probably @kendricklamar or @jtimberlake just to prick his brain about life and making music and being better as a musician

Q: How did you guys meet?

K.O. After college! You can hear about it in this video! https://youtu.be/XDVqv8VgCnc

Q: Which is the most vulnerable project for you? Your solo work, Triptyq or PTX?

K.O. Solo work for suuuuuuure. I’m still developing as my own musician, figuring out what I love and how to showcase the music

Q: What do you like about your voice?

K.O. I love my falsetto, and that I think I characterize my voice as “Rock R&B”. If sting, Bono, Chris Martin had swag.

Q: Will Pentatonix & Triptyq ever collab?

K.O. Hahahaha you never know!

Q: How does if make you feel that people are enjoying the EP ?

K.O. Means the absolute woooorld!!!

Q:  If music were removed from the world, how would you feel?

K.O. Very, veeeeeery sad.

Q: Any news you can share about a second solo EP?

K.O. Hahaha I mean, I’m working on it, that’s for sure!

Q: What is your favorite song at the moment?

K.O. I like Rozes, Here, Sorry

Q: Cat or dog person?

K.O. Dogs by far

Q: Was the overall process for the EP smooth ?

K.O. Ha no not at all. You can learn more about that here!https://youtu.be/XDVqv8VgCnc


K.O. Girl I wish I knew something myself

Q: Three words to describe the EP? (PTXFrance)

K.O. Very very different.

Q: What’s next for @Triptyq??

K.O. We’re not sure!! We’re probably gonna focus on our individual projects for now.

Q: How do you stay so focused and motivated even when you’re so insanely busy??

K.O. Time. Management.

Q: Which song is hardest to learn/sing/play? They aren’t easy!

K.O. Probably When I fall for me

Q: Tip to write an original song?

K.O. Figure out what speaks to you, and make sure you think it’ll be interesting for the listeners.

Q: How do you stay so optimistic?

K.O. If I breath in my lungs, I’m optimistic.

Q: I play violin so strings are really important to me, what’s your favorite technique on a string instument?

K.O. Haha whatever technique is necessary to get me to express myself in my own way. That’s my favorite technique lol

Q: Advice for being more confident in your abilities?

K.O. Practice. Get better. And then you’ll be more confident.

K.O. Woooow I loved talking to you guys! Thank you all so much for supporting @Triptyq and the release of our project! It means the world to us!