I need a pre-Weirdmageddon showdown between Ford and Gideon in an au where Stan and Ford already reconciled so he can be righteously angry at Gideon not just for his treatment of Dipper and Mabel, but also at stealing the shack and summoning Bill into his brother’s dreamscape.

Idk like.. Ford showing up and hiding his face and all that, busting Gideon out of prison for one night, revealing slowly his 6 fingers, letting Gideon feel the awe and admiration that the Author of the Journal rescued him! The Author of the Journal is here!

And then when Gideon is bursting with excitement and the ways Ford’s journal has helped him gain power, he asks for his name. And Ford slowly reveals himself by drawing off his portal hood and face wear, revealing the image of Gideons worst enemy, speaking his name, “ Stanford Pines.”

Gideon doesn’t believe it “No!” He shouts, backing away, bumping into a wall. “No, you’re not Stan Pines, it cannot be. I don’t believe you!”

And Ford just scares the hell out of Gideon for hurting his family. For not treating Mabel right, for attempting to kill Dipper, for summoning Bill and for coming after Stanley, from stealing from him.

Gideons blubbering and trying to make sense of it all, but Ford cuts him off and leaves him with a final warning to leave his family alone, or he’ll use the full knowledge of the three journals against him, and not even Bill (he says in a manner that makes Bill sound like a joke) could help him out of.

He steals Gideon back into prison and goes home. Gideon is scared straight, his idol having set him on a different path. Ford gets home in the early morning and Stan asks what he’s been doing all night, did you even sleep a wink?

Ford answers he was taking care of some family business and leaves it at that. Smug smile on his face.

Idk also maybe Ford asked Gideon how he found his journal before scaring him? Having a normal ish chat first? Idk. Just something that sounds interesting.


Victoria: I can’t believe Bailey flipped out like that!
Emmett: I can. It’s Bailey, she flips out over everything.
Victoria: [laughs] Really?
Emmett: Yep. She’s a drama queen. She’ll get over it, though.
Victoria: Hey, Emmy, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.
Emmett: Sure, Tor, what’s up?
Victoria: Stop here for a sec.
Emmett: What is it?
Victoria: Would you….. wanna go out?
Emmett: What do you mean? We went out last night, want to go out again?
Victoria: Not like that. I mean, I want to be your girlfriend, Emmy. What do you think?
Emmett: Wow.
Victoria: What do you say, Emmy?
Emmett: Yes. I’d love for you to be my girlfriend, Tor.
Victoria: I’m so happy you said that. You staying with me is going to be much more fun now.


I did a Dan and Phil/Klance crossover….. because i have no self control and too much time XD

Please dont repost without my permission thaaankkss!! <3


“Back on the treadmill, trying to fit into my wardrobe!” (SDCC 2017)