I feel like driver Kim looks like the air plane pilot from We Bare Bears. Whenever I read about him in the game, I just imagine this chipper old dude who’s so chill and listens to Jumin complain about his day on the drive home.


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 

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Imagine Yuuri and Viktor in bed at night and Yuuri's fast asleep but Viktor's still awake reading or something, and then Yuuri starts speaking FLUENT RUSSIAN in his sleep but they're really weird sentences that don't relate to eachother whatsoever. And the next morning Viktor has to ask him why the Hell he wants to know how to get to the smallest bookstore in Budapest.


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// *stares at chips/seagull post* I-I think they were talking about potato chips not French fries...

OK now hold up. 

to me… chips are these things: 

HOT chips are these: 

And Fries are these: 

Is that the same or is it different for you?? kjsdhfksdh