How to tell if a guy is seriously into you.

I am not an expert in reading those naughty minds. But I know guys enough to share you some of my thoughts on how to determine if he’s really into you.

1. He always gets in touch. He makes way just to get in touch with you through dates, texts, chats, group activities and everything in between. Always.
2. He tells you everything. As in EVERYTHING. He tells you when he’s eating his lunch, doing his work, having a date with his family, playing some games, etc. He tells you even his ultimate crush, and his ultimate problems. Because he trusts you so much.
3. He limits you, yet spoils you. I don’t know if you get what I mean here. But boys are too controlling, it’s part of their nature. But if your guy really like you, a simple smile and “please” would surely his heart and would make him say his big “okay”, and when he says “okay”, it’s really okay. He’s not a girl.
4. He argues with you on some things. First rule in making landi: be her kakampi. Well, you don’t need a guy who would tolerate you. You need someone to challenge you and help you grow.
5. He is your number 2 fan, and he tries to make yourself your number 1 fan. He inspires you more than he inspires himself.
6. He won’t ask anything in return, and he doesn’t bring up to the topic the things he did for you. If a guy really likes you, he will never ask or expect anything in return. He will just give. Make or give him anything back, I promise, that would make him #kiligmuch. Girlfriend tip: don’t abuse your prince if you want to be his forever princess.
7. He makes time for you to bond with his family and friends. A simple dinner with the people of his life? I need not to explain this anymore.
8. He finds time for himself to bond with your family and friends. :-)
9. He respects you. Not just about sex. But about other personal issues.

stellarbisexual asked:

Pinto prompt: Chris demonstrates some of his masseur's best moves on Zach after a long day of shooting.

he’s blue

Zach’s skin stretches on beneath him like all of the great things in Chris’ life that he’s never been able to quantify.  Zach still has Spock makeup on the back of his neck, right where his hair meets skin.  A smudge like chalk on a classroom blackboard, like it has any right to be touching Zach at all.

Biting his bottom lip, Chris leans forward and shifts his weight from the backs of Zach’s thighs to his own knees.  He leans forwards and smooths the heels of his palms over the warm skin that curves over Zach’s shoulders, a galaxy of dark skin and moles and freckles.

“That’s good, ugh,” Zach groans, resting his forehead where his wrists are criss-crossed on the pillows.

Chris watches the back of Zach’s head.  Sometimes when he’s in a cab, he wonders what would happen if the driver veered into the incoming lane.  Sometimes when he’s at his parents for dinner, he wonders if they’ve ever had sex on the kitchen table.  And sometimes, when he has Zach like this, he wonders what it would feel like to grip Zach’s hips with one hand, and knot the other into Zach’s hair.  He wonders what it would feel like, to have Zach like that, just for a second.

“You’re tight,” Chris says, voice soft and broken, just as Zach picks his head up off of his wrists and asks, “Is that my phone?”

Pressing his thumbs deeper into the tissue of Zach’s lower back, Chris shakes his head and arches backwards, trying to eye Zach’s phone sitting on the table a few feet away.


“Just relax,” Chris whispers, closing his eyes and dropping his chin against his own chest. 

He digs deeper into Zach’s muscles, and desperately lets himself imagine, just for one more moment.

the “i haven’t seen you since elementary because we went to different middle schools and now we’re in high school together and i think you’re kinda cute!au” with jungkook