Haha okay so I should explain this

The foxes as tweets during the 2016 US presidential election

Renee: “GOP: Grab Our Pussy”

Neil: “I relate to Hillary Clinton the most when she gets so homicidally angry with no outlet that she forces herself to look friendly and laugh”

Aaron: “I can’t wait until Wednesday to see if the world will be as horrible as it is or much worse”

Andrew: “ ‘How do you explain the gap in your resume?’ ‘I was in jail’ 'Okay sure you weren’t working for Trump’s campaign?’ 'Swear to God. Jail.’ ”

Nicky: pictures of girl wearing “latina contra trump” shirt “when you protest a trump rally but no one realizes your shirt says 'Latinas AGAINST Trump’ so they take pics w/ you like you’re supporters”

Kevin: “Fuck a wall. America should build a giant mirror to look at itself”

Matt: “*dead bird on a string drops onto podium* Hillary: well would you look at that? How uh TRILL is THAT haha WOOOOOO 🎵 THIS IS MY FIGHT SONG🎵”

Dan: “A sign language interpreter at a Trump rally just wildly swinging around both middle fingers in all directions as he speaks”

Allison: “is Quentin Tarantino directing 2016?”

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Can I ask an imagine with the NDRV3 boys with a blind crush asking if they can touch their face and telling them they think they look handsome ?

Of course! I hope you like it! ^^

NDRV3 Boys with a blind crush asking if they can touch their face and telling them they think they look handsome

Shuuichi Saihara:

- “Hey Y/n! I got you some more books!”

- “Oh! I’d recognise that voice anywhere… It’s Saihara - kun!” You smile but you’re not quite sure if he can see you yet

- You hear him walk towards you and you just kind of wait until he puts his hand on your shoulder

- “They’re all really good books Y/n, I hope you enjoy them”

- You giggle which causes him to blush

- “Ah… Saihara - kun, may I ask you for a favour?”

- “Of course, what do you need?”

- “Can I see your face?”

- What. His face?! He starts blushing “Uh… Y-Yeah”

- He takes off his hat and then he guides your hands to his face

- Your fingertips travel all over his face, his blush increasing. When you get to his hair you stroke it for a while before lowering your hands again

- “Saihara - kun has a very handsome face!”

- Could he be blushing anymore? Probably not

- Ever since that happened he lets you touch his face a lot more so that you don’t forget what he looks like

Kaito Momota:

- You never saw the night sky for yourself but Kaito was determined to help you understand the beauty of it through words

- “Y/n! I know you can’t see but I made you… hand made constellations!”

- He takes out a board with raised dots on it which kind of looked like braille

- He takes your hands and guides them over the constellations explaining what each one was and what it meant

- “Wow! That really is beautiful Momota - kun!… But… I want to see you too”

- “See me?”

- “May I touch your face to see you?”

- “Yeah… Yeah you can”

- He guides your hands up and places each hand on one cheek

- You have to shift slightly seeing as he’s taller than you but then you begin to move your fingers around

- “Oh haha, Momota - kun has a goatee.”

- Once you get to his hair you notice that just like the goatee it’s also spiky

- “Momota - kun looks handsome!”

- “Huh? I.. Me? Nah… “ He’s blushing slightly now and just scratching the back of his head. He wasn’t expecting that


- Kiibo told you about himself saying that he’s not really a human but he looks like one

- He felt really sad that you can’t see, the world was so pretty in his opinion

- When you asked him about anything, he would do his best to explain it in as much detail as he can so that you have an accurate idea

- “Kiibo - kun, you described yourself to me but… Can I see for myself how you look like?”

- “Huh? How can you do that?”

- “If I touch your face I should get an idea of what you look like”

- “Okay then Y/n - san. If it will help you then I don’t mind”

- He takes you hand and places it to his cheek

- “Your hands are cold haha… So is your face but… It’s so smooth”

- When your fingers brush over his lips he feels like he’s overheating slightly

- “I think you look really handsome Kiibo - kun! And your skin is so nice and soft”

- He’s trying his best not to overheat but he puts his hand over yours

- “You look beautiful as well Y/n - san but… I am a learning AI so… Would you mind if I did the same to you?”

- You don’t mind at all, you just smile and let him stroke your face

- It’s so fascinating to him how you can see in that way

Rantaro Amami:

- He loved spending time with you

- Whatever it was, be it just talking, walks or reading he just loved being close to you

- He’d make sure you have as much fun as possible 

- “I love spending time with you Amami - kun! You’re so fun to be around!”

- “Is there anything else you’d like to do?”

- “I want to see what you look like.”

- He’s slightly surprised, he was definitely not expecting you to say that

- “Okay then, let’s sit down first though alright?”

- He takes you to a nearby bench and then guides your hands to his face

- His cheeks are slightly cold, probably due to being outside for too long

- “Amami - kun looks very handsome to me.” You smile at him

- “N’aww… Stop Y/n - san, you’re too nice.”

- “Not really, this was just my honest opinion!”

- He doesn’t tell you, but he really liked the feel of your fingers against his skin

Kokichi Ouma:

- “Nishishi~ Guess what Y/n - chan! I got you the best drink ever on this planet!”

- It’s Grape Panta

- He hands you the bottle and you take a sip

- How can he drink this all the time… Once in a while it’s nice but all the time?

- “Do you want anything else Y/n - chan?”

- “Well… There is one thing I was wondering about you Ouma - kun”

- “Oh? Are you doubting something? I am a liar after all!”

- “No, this isn’t something you can lie about.”

- “Hm? I’m interested now”

- “I want to see what your face looks like Ouma - kun.”

- He’s silent, he certainly wasn’t expecting this

- “Okay.. “ He guides your hands to his face

- Your fingertips are near his lips once you finish

- “You have a handsome face, Ouma - kun”

- He doesn’t respond, he simply moves his head and kisses your fingertips 

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Gonta told you his big passion in life was insects

- You weren’t exactly sure what they were but you always loved to listened to him

- “Gonta would show you the most beautiful insects in his collection if he could! You’d definitely like them, people who like insects can’t be bad!”

- You giggle at that comment, you told him you like them but you don’t even know what they look like

- “There is one thing that I can see Gonta - kun”

- “Hm? What’s that?”

- “If you let me, I’d like to see your face”

- “Of course S/O - san! But Gonta is quite tall and has glasses so one second please!”

- He takes off his glasses and then, like the gentleman he is, he takes your hand and guides it to his face

- He was right, he’s quite tall

- When you’re done you hear him move

- Ah probably to retrieve his glasses

- “Gonta - kun, thank you very much! You have a very handsome face!”

- He blushes but then smiles widely “Thank you Y/n - san! Gonta thinks you look pretty too!”

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He’s also sad that you can’t see the beauty of this world

- He would often tell you folklore stories and you would always love it

- “Shinguji - kun, your stories are the best!”

- “If you want to, I can go try and find you these stories so that you can re-read them for yourself”

- “Wow really? Thank you so much! Oh! I had something I wanted to ask you”

- “Hm? What could that be?”

- “I would like to see the face that tells me all these amazing stories”

- He’s honestly surprised, he doesn’t really get why seeing as he wears a mask all the time anyway

- “Hm… If that is what you wish” he pulls his mask down and then gently takes your hand and puts it on his face

- “I didn’t know you had bandages on your hand…” you state as you move your fingers

- When you finish, you lower your hand and then pat around until you find his hand

- “I don’t really know why you wear that mask, it hides your handsome face Shinguji - kun!” you squeeze his hand

- “Handsome hm? Kukuku, I wouldn’t call it that but you certainly have a beautiful face” 

- You blush at his comment and then it’s his turn to squeeze your hand

Ryoma Hoshi:

- You knew he liked to play tennis

- He explained to you what it was a sport where you hit a tennis ball back and forth

- “Awh… I wish I could play against you Hoshi - kun”

- “Were you always blind Y/n?”

- “Mm… But I can ‘see’ if I touch things”

- “Oh, that’s cool actually”

- “That’s why… I’d like to ask if it’s okay with you if I touch your face Hoshi - kun”

- “Uh. Yeah. That’s fine”

- You just smile and wait patiently until he guides your hand to his face

- He just quickly drags over a table and stands on top of it so that he’s more or less the same height as you

- He takes your hand and puts it in front of his face

- You lean forward slightly and start touching his face and he does his very best to stay perfectly still

- Once you’re done you giggle “Hoshi - kun has a cute and handsome face haha”

- “Cute?! I’m not cute!”

- “You are though.”

- He just pulls his hat over his face to hide a blush you can’t see

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What's the best hit abt? I want to watch a new drama but the last one I saw was wfkbj and I enjoyed it sm I don't see the point in any other??? I was considering Cinderella and four knights bc?? The gal is so pretty I go weak on the knees hoo boi, but the best hit also seems interesting and I saw sm dudes who looked a+ and gifs that looked cute/funny? But I'm still unsure haha! Should I watch it? Is it good? The plot? Idk pls show me ur ways, lead me to salvation. Have a great week too!! 💖💖

lmao okay so i’m bad at explaining plots u gotta bear with me

after writing it like three times I realized I was spoiling too much so it’s gonna be brief lol

So there’s this famous singer (Hyun Jae) from the ‘90s that somehow between 1993 time-travels to 2017. When he gets there not only he meets his son (Ji Hoon), he also finds out that in 1994 he disappeared from earth and after many years looking for him no one found him. So his main purpose is a) going back to 1993 and b) stops his disappearing of 1994 from happening (am I confusing you?? bc i’m confusing myself lol)

are you looking for a great ship? TBH has it (dude i’m suffering here???)

do u wanna see a++ dudes?? TBH has them

great humor?? TBH has it

also there’s a scene where Ji Hoon raps and I’ll never forget that tbh I want it in my grave

I haven’t seen Cinderella & The 4 knights yet but if u want my humble opinion, I’d recommend you with both eyes closed to leave it for later and watch The Best Hit now (i’m so sad it’s almost over though ://) I’d dare to say this has been my favorite drama of 2017 so far (if not my favorite drama from all the ones I’ve watched)

good night i’m valeria and I love the best hit

(btw I know some people didn’t quite like the first episode (1 - 2) and they say something is missing -yes inded YSY is missing lol- although personally I really liked it, so if you watch it but still don’t really feel attached to it I’d recommend you to watch the second ep (3 - 4) and you’ll see you’ll love it lol

Ti and Ni Friction In An INTP
  • Ni: *emerges from the shadow realm* What that person just said is super incorrect.
  • Ti: Yeah, it seems that way but we have virtually no prior knowledge collected on this topic so we have to let it slide until we know for sure.
  • Ni: It's so obvious they're wrong. Why aren't you doing anything? Also that guy over there is bad news so just do yourself a favor and avoid him.
  • Ti: We have literally never met him. He is a complete stranger and judging someone without knowing anything about them is illogical.
  • Ni: Fine, ignore me. Bet you can't ignore the feeling of anxiety and impending doom...haha.
  • Ti: Okay, which one of you other functions is conspiring against me with Ni? There will be no mutiny today!
  • *silence*
  • Ni: *Ni takes opportunity of silence to speak up* Listen Ti, I know you don't trust me but I'm pretty sure this huge, important thing is going to happen. I made a whole file of this stuff for you so you should probably analyze it and figure stuff out so you can be something called BEING PREPARED FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!
  • Ti: No need to shout. Just explain how you arrived at this conclusion in sequential order. Can you do that?
  • Ni: Well no... but you have to listen to me! It's super obvious! Why can't you see it???
  • Ne: Yeah, Ni is so full of shit because it's ignoring all the other valid possibilities. There are 4893 possibilities by the way.
  • Ti: Yes, that makes a lot of sense Ne. Also I narrowed that number down to ten.
  • Ni: *muttering bitterly* I narrowed it down to one.
  • Ti: No one asked you to and no one ever will because you do it wrong! Also the only one who gets to question me is me because I can question myself using logic and objectivity. *banishes Ni to shadow region*
  • A day later:
  • *The huge, important thing Ni predicted occurs*
  • Ti: Hmm. I am once again unfazed by something that has shaken the foundation of the people around me. It is as if I knew it would happen all along. It must be because I'm so logical and I figured it out subconsciously while working on another problem.
  • Ni: *in the shadow realm* *grumbling over pages of some exotic book* I fricking told Ti so! But will I be given credit? No. Will Ti ever act on the information I present it? No of course not. *mocking Ti's voice* It's not logical. Well it was right so ha the joke is on Ti!
BTS reacting to you twerking

Thanks for the request!:) Hope you like it <3

Sorry for not posting this week so far, I was a bit stressed because of school…school is actually so stressing when it is the last two weeks as we arrange group pictures and have to get dressed for it and everything and yeah…the scary thing is…next week Friday is my last school day ever before I have my oral exams..but I will never ever have a lesson again..woah..

And after I didn’t get a ticket for Kcon Paris last week, I am pretty excited to hear the news they are adding some tickets and sale is next week Monday so I am hoping to get one there:D


Don’t know why the last three gifs don’t work, even when I made the post and wanted to include a gif I couldn’t see the majority of them, only on my mobile app…dont know why it is not working but I will try to inlcude them again later…for now, just enjoy the text post for the last three or go on mobile because there, you can see it <3



Jin entering the living room to see you working out.

‘Oh how lovely, my sweetheart is working out, she is so hard-working…’He thinks to himself, smiling.

You start to twerk because that is part of the choreography.

‘OH MY GAWD! Well, that escalated quickly o.O’ He thinks…he thought he thought it silently although he said it out loud, causing you to turn around and get scared by him standing there suddenly.

“Jin, for how long did you stand there???” You scream, still shaking because being scared.

“Umm..long enough to have seen enough…the twerk seemed…oh…umm…intense?” He laughed.

“Shut up, Jin, you gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry but I was so shocked by the sudden change in the choreo I couldn’t hold in anymore.” He laughs and hugs you.

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“Umm…were you twerking when working out before?” He asks while you sit at the dining table.

“Well, I wouldn’t call it twerking, I am pretty bad at it, you know…but yes, it is supposed to be twerk. Why are you asking?” You answer, wondering why your boyfriend came up with the subject while having dinner in the first place.

“No, it looked awesome! But I agree, you need some more practice…mind doing it again, later…in the bedroom?” He grins cheekily.

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“Oh that is such a cool move! But maybe use your hips more like that…” Hoseok stands up from sitting on the ground as he was watching you dance the latest routine you were practicing. It got to the twerking part you were a bit nervous about what he will say but to your surpise he was really sweet, giving you a lot of tips to improve.

He stands behind you, holding your hips: “Okay, now try again, I will guide your hip movement so you know what I mean.”

You look at him with a confused gaze: “What should I do again?”

“The twerking part.”

“No way!!!”

“Why not?” Now he is the one looking like a confused puppy standing in the rain.

“Because…I don’t know, it is making me feel uncomfortable.”

“Baby, I am just helping you, I am not even thinking about sexual stuff…” He explains himself but you only sigh, sitting on the ground pouting.

“Even worse…am I not attractive to you? Like even a little bit?”

“Haha…sweetie…of course I am attracted to you, all day long. And when you do those dance moves even more but I don’t want you to think that I am only watching you practicing because I am thinking in a sexual way, you know? You are my girlfriend, i love you and it would be kind of worrisome if I weren’t attracted to you in the first place. So now, do you want to practice the move or do we just relax a bit?” He smiles, hugs you tightly and kisses you.

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“Do I bother you with the music?” You ask and stop dancing as Namjoon enters the dance studio which was next to his studio when he was working.

“No, not at all. Mind if you show me what you are working on currently?” He asks curiously.

“Oh, yeah, I can do that.”

You start dancing your routine, including a twerking part, and he watches you intensely.

“What do you think?” You ask him out of breath and just fall into his arms, being embraced by his strong arms.

“You look gorgeous as always. But seriously…how does everyone look so good while doing that twerking dance..everyone looks at least decent and I look like I am about to take a shit…” He chuckles and you burst out laughing.

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*joins immediately*

“Jimin, what are you doing?” You ask confused.

“What do you think I am doing?” He asks, still twerking.

“Umm…well, okay. Do your thing then.” You laugh out, causing him to laugh with you.

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“Wow, didn’t expect my girlfriend twerking in the living room when I come home from an overseas tour…but let’s say I am not mad nor disappointed.” He laughs while entering your apartment, lifting you up and twirling you in the air.

“Haha, yeah I am practicing a bit, does it look good like that?”

“Oh, don’t even get me started on how that looked completely gorgeous.”

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“Oh let me try it, too!” He says excitedly and joins you, of course excelling the twerk movement.

“How was that?” He asks when you finished.

“You are seriously asking that? Is there something you are bad at? Oh, and we can never dance again next to each other you make me look like a rookie…” You chuckle.

“Noooo! You dance so well, you look so sexy and I still want to dance with you, it is so much fun! Oh and the hyungs are still trying to find a thing which I cannot at least do decently, despite from english and math. We are still searching.” He laughs and draws you into a long hug.

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Thanks for reading!:) Hope you like it<3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

Dark Fate Carla Dark 07 Translation

Tsukinami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03     Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08

-Scene: Tsukinami Guest Room-

Yui: Sigh… …

(I’m an idiot, aren’t I… …just expecting that the vampires would come… …save me)

(It’s harder to put up with than I thought… …it’s painful that there’s no hope at all… …)

Yui: The deadliest disease is despair… …huh… …?

(Before, I was so determined not to give up, but… …that’s a different story… …now)

(――I shouldn’t be thinking like this… …it’s not good to… …)

(I know that being like this is exactly what Carla-san wants… …)

(I have to run away… …No one’s coming to help me, so all I can do for myself is run away)

(I’ll try no matter how many times it takes――)

-Scene Change: Tsukinami Living Room-

*Yui Runs*

Yui: (There’s no one around… …so Carla-san and Shin-kun aren’t here? That’s good then. Now’s the perfect time… …)

-Scene Change: Tsukinami Entrance Hall-

*Yui Runs; Wolves Growl*

Yui: (Ah… …! Those wolves are just sitting there… …watching me?)

*More Wolves Growl*

Yui: (There’s wolves on the other side too… …)

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What kind of stuff can badger dig up about Fylgja? I love the concept of personal spirits, but what I read about them seems just a teeny bit Not Fun.

Oh badger can dig up a lot about fylgjur. Although I’m curious as to what you define as not fun about them other than perhaps the fact that the line between fylgjur and disir and fylgjur and hamingjur can be incredibly blurry. Other than that they’re an incredibly fascinating topic and I’m excited to discuss them because it’s a personal favorite of mine.

So a heads up that for this post, in order to really explain all the aspects of fylgjur, I will also be discussing a few other things including the aforementioned hamingjur as well as hamr, hugr, and luck. There will also be mention of childbirth so a heads up to those with severe tokophobia. It’s barely discussed so most should be okay but I still want to warn folks. So please just bear (haha it’s a pun you’ll see when you’re done reading) with me as it’s all relevant. 

This post got long and this is a kind of important topic in heathenry, so I made a bulletpoint thing at the end  of the essential info for people with issues reading tons of text. I also highlighted important lines in the main text. I hope it helps. :>

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can you do an exo reaction to you crying after getting into a huge fight with that person? thank you!!!!!!

I’ll just say you’re dating, okay? Hope you like it ^u^

Xiumin: *wipes your tears away* “Look, let’s figure this out, but without fighting, okay? I love you, remember that.”

Luhan: *wipes your tears away* “Just let me explain, please. I’m sorry, lets work this out, okay?”

Kris: *after you start crying* “No y/n come here…….I didn’t mean it like that..”

Suho: “Y/n…………please, let me explain.”

Lay: “How am I going to fix this? Should I buy flowers?”

Baekhyun: “Haha look jagi!” *does aegyo in attempt to make you stop crying/fighting*

Chen: “No no no, I didn’t mean that jagi. Please don’t cry.“ *cuddles with you until feel better*

Chanyeol: “How are you gonna fix this one, chanyeol?”

D.O: “Y/n, I’m sorry. Maybe I could make it up to you tonight?“

Tao: “So now she thinks tears are going to make her win the fight?” *still pretty angry about what you were fighting about*

Kai: “Why would I be so stupid, how could I do this to her?” *gets more angry, but at himself*

Sehun: “Please stop crying, its hurts to see you like this. I love you, you know.” *all shy all of a sudden*

Today I dropped everything to do this. I can’t explain why, but it took me… 5 hours. It’s not even colored ! Should I color it ?

So, um, this is… I just wanted to draw something that could, maybe, idk, by any chance, peut-être, s'il tombe dessus, make Ian smile. Haha, okay, I’m a weirdo. Anyway, I’m too shy to show him :U 
But yeah, I enjoyed drawing this ! I always like when he shares pictures of Daisy. 

I think I should point out that despite having countless dogs in my house, I can’t draw a good looking dog XD

(I suck at drawing animals in general, why can’t people have Pokemon instead ?)

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Your art blog is pure gold, overload of awesomeness. May i ask what kind of pen do you use to color? Is it copic? Do you have any tip for drawing hand? Sorry for asking to many questions. I really love your blog!

Thank you so much!! I’m glad that you like my blog!

As for what I use to colour (traditionally is what I assume you’re asking about), I don’t actually colour traditionally very often but here’s a list of tools that I primarily use! 

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i love the email pepper wrote, but who is pizzadog and who is brownrecluse?

haha, shit, probably should have put that in the tags! so, to remove any confusion:

pizzadog –> clint. (to understand why, read matt fraction’s hawkeye. hell, read it even if you don’t want to understand. just read it. it is amazing.)

brownrecluse –> natasha. (because… black widow… so brown recluse is like… another poisonous spider… don’t ask me to explain my internal concept of tony stark’s sense of humor, okay?)

thehammerismy –> thor. (THE HAMMER IS MY PENIS.)

capsicle –> steve.

deathsicle –> bucky.

wingman –> sam.



I’m feeling very grateful and blessed right now! As you all may know, my parents didn’t know I was converted to Islam, or more correctly said: they didn’t believe me. That was months ago and I always felt some tension, so I didn’t engage a conversation about it at all, I just showed them I was interested and occupied with this beautiful religion. Every night, when we had dinner, I refused to eat the meat since it was not halal, or I just bought my own. It wasn’t quite noticeable, at least, that’s what I thought haha. But here is the wonderful news! My mom bought me fish yesterday for dinner, and suddenly she asks: ‘’Are you eating halal now?’’ I was quite shocked since it was so directly and I almost denied it, but I think her mother’s instincts saw right true me and the said: ‘’that’s okay, you should have just said it, so I can buy halal for you.’’ I explained to her that I was afraid of their reactions, especially from my sister, and that I didnt want to bother anyone with it. The next day she bought a bunch of halal meat and said: ‘’from now on, we’re eating halal. It doesn’t matter to me what kind of meat I’m eating anyway.’’
My mom’s the best, I can’t describe in words how grateful I am, alhamdulillah <3.

Jinhwan's fall

Facebook: Here are some pics and fancams from #iKoncert. Poor Jinani fell but he’ll be okay I hope he didn’t hurt himself OH LOOK IT’S HANBYUL SHE’S SO CUUTEEE

Instagram: Here are some snaps from #iKoncert !! Pls support our boys! They look so so hot I’m going to faint 😍😍 Haha! Our Jinhwan fell during ‘Me gustas tu’ It’s the fourth time already since Win 😂😂

Twitter: How rude can an idol actually be? Making fun of other idols falling on stage just to be funny and gain attention is a no-no. Why is #iKon doing this? They should think of their actions

Tumblr: 😓….so let me start explaining how gravity works…