Haha okay so I should explain this

Jinhwan's fall

Facebook: Here are some pics and fancams from #iKoncert. Poor Jinani fell but he’ll be okay I hope he didn’t hurt himself OH LOOK IT’S HANBYUL SHE’S SO CUUTEEE

Instagram: Here are some snaps from #iKoncert !! Pls support our boys! They look so so hot I’m going to faint 😍😍 Haha! Our Jinhwan fell during ‘Me gustas tu’ It’s the fourth time already since Win 😂😂

Twitter: How rude can an idol actually be? Making fun of other idols falling on stage just to be funny and gain attention is a no-no. Why is #iKon doing this? They should think of their actions

Tumblr: 😓….so let me start explaining how gravity works…

part-time-psychic asked:

How about Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero?

Okay, I’ve only seen episode 1 (I should really get around to watching more of it, haha) so I could be wrong, but… while I enjoy it (especially the animation style, I fucking love the animation style) it seems more similar to, say, We Bare Bears or Star vs. the Forces of Evil to me than Gravity Falls.

What I meant in that post was… well, it’s kinda hard to explain really, but to sum it up: I really like the mystery aspect GF has, and no other cartoons (besides OTGW, which, as I said, is already over… and maybe some other shows I don’t know about) really have that sort of thing.