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“With such a personal, visceral connection, it is not a wonder when asked if he had a dog, Mundruczó replied, ‘Yes, 250!’ All the dogs (none who were harmed in the filming–even the growls and snarls in the fighting scenes were actually voiceovers from humans) came from Hungarian shelters (except for the two brothers, Luke and Bodie who played Hagen, who were rescues from Arizona). And incredibly, every single one was adopted out into furever homes, an effort overseen by the crew after filming.” - Kornél Mundruczó’s film White God used 250 live dogs as actors & won the Prize Un Certain Regard at the 2014 Cannes Film


Burger meal by Karin Hagen

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering what kind of HoB filter you recommend for a 40 gallon goldfish tank? I cant afford anything besides a HoB atm.

Hi there! HoBs are pretty good for goldfish, so if that’s all you can afford at the moment you should be okay. When I was using HoBs on my 75 gallon goldfish tank, I used two Hagen Aquaclear 110s set to the highest flow rate possible. They were okay, but I definitely prefer my canister filters. HoBs are a little difficult to clean and can be finicky to prime.

Another option you might want to consider (depending on the size of your tank) is doing one HoB and one or two sponge filters hooked up to an airstone or a powerhead. I’m in the process of getting a sponge filter set up in my tank (in addition to the two canisters) and I have heard great things about them. Plus, they’re about as cheap as you can get! All you need (if you don’t want to do it DIY) is the sponge filter component (usually between $10-$20 on Amazon), airline tubing, and a powerhead. They are gentle enough to use with fry and do great if you happen to have a power outage. I’ll be sure to post what I think about my sponge filter when I get it all hooked up!


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