PETER BEHRENS, Eduard-Müller Crematory, Hagen, Germany, 1905-08


Hagen rifle prototype

Designed and probably manufactured by L.H. Hagen & Co. in Oslo, then Kristiania, Norway - no serial number.
7mm proprietary round internal box magazine, reloaded with stripper clips, gas operated semi-automatic with option for manual cycling.

One of the many French trial semi-automatic rifles of the early 19th century, this one was given consideration in 1912 by the French Portable and Small Caliber Arms Superior Studies Committee. Although its ballistic performances were roughly equal to that of the Mle 1886 M93 Lebel, its durability wasn’t, and it failed to present any significant advantage that would make the military adopt it rather than an indigenous design like the Meunier A6, which was in the process of being adopted as a replacement for the Lebel between 1910 and 1913.


hallo braunschweig, werden wir freunde? by lina zelonka
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braunschweig (lower saxony, germany)


Burger meal by Karin Hagen

Aquel patito feo y desgarbado era ahora el cisne más blanco y elegante de todos cuantos había en el estanque

El Patito Feo de Hans Christian Andersen

Hagen: ¡¿Cómo coño se transformó?!

Hyoga: jajajaja soy hermoso

Hagen: “La señora Pata se moría de vergüenza por haber tenido un patito tan feísimo”

Hyoga: ¡MENTIRA!

Milo: je-je

¡Sufre, Hyoga, sufre! XD


Baby wolf by Karin Hagen
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Painted stoneware 2015