[D-625] waiting for my ☾ ┊ [D-627] waiting for my ☼

  • Me, a D&E stan:Oppa, Oppa is a stupid song
  • *Oppa Oppa plays*
  • Me, a D&E stan:ah ah AH! hanah, dul, set! Welcome to the Super Show! (OOH OOOH OOOOH OOH YEAH) Let's go! My name is Donghae! Let's PARTY TONIGHT!
  • donghae:eunhyuk? who is he?? I- [trips] [hundreds of eunhyuk pictures slip out of his pocket] these? -these aren't mine I'm just- [sweating profusely] -no listen to me listen- [trying to gather them up quickly] this means nothing I- [more pictures slip out of his pocket and scatter across the floor] I'm just holding them for a friend lisTEN TO ME