Street Fighter 2 Ryu team up illustration between myself and my younger brother, Bryce. (He’s also on Tumblr, known as mango08.) Just for fun. And because we, like just about everyone else, LOVED to play the original and continue to play its other incarnations.

8″x10″ prints will be available at ECCC Booth 1415 this March 27th-29th as well as available at WonderCon Small Press Booth 025 on April 3rd-5th.

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Hadoken-ing: Real Life Street Fighters

What’s Hadoken-ing? It is a trend from Japan where kids reenact scenes from Street Fighter in photos. And since it has pretty much blown up the internet today, here is a fashion photo shoot we did awhile back that takes that idea to the next level, putting our real-life street fighters in pixelated 3D realms. 

See Japan’s latest craze of Hadoken-ing here.

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Part of 16Bit BRAWL art show, opening online 8pm GMT Friday, March 21st until May 2nd 2014, from Streets of Beige / Twitter.

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Zombies ate my Neighbors by Wynn Ryder

Gold Ringz by Stuart Witter

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Hadouken by Benjamin Mounsey

Artwork and show zine are available HERE. Full info can be found HERE