Street Fighter Ugly Christmas Sweater

Deliver a KO to every other holiday garment out there when you sport the fashionably unfashionable Street Fighter ugly Christmas sweater. Sandwiched in between a hideous design and color scheme, the iconic Ken and Ryu battle with snowflake hadokens.

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Hadoken-ing: Real Life Street Fighters

What’s Hadoken-ing? It is a trend from Japan where kids reenact scenes from Street Fighter in photos. And since it has pretty much blown up the internet today, here is a fashion photo shoot we did awhile back that takes that idea to the next level, putting our real-life street fighters in pixelated 3D realms. 

See Japan’s latest craze of Hadoken-ing here.

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Hey guys! I feel very honored to work on the covers for the new Udon´s series: Street Fighter Unlimited ! The first issue will be release by December 9th! you will find cover variants: Story cover by me, UltraJam Variant by the awesome #chamba, a blank cover version and more.

You can pre-order STREET FIGHTER UNLIMITED #1 at your local retailer now!