“I got new skates today and I forgot to take them with me, so I had a small fall when I jumped onto the ice,” said Drouin, who almost seemed disappointed that it was a simple mishap instead of a teammate playing a prank on him.

“The equipment guys put blades on my new skates, but I didn’t put the new ones on. I put on my old skates that didn’t have blades, so things went a little wrong.”

Drouin’s error definitely made Pacioretty’s day.

“I’ve never seen that in my life,” added Pacioretty with a laugh. “He instantly thought that someone put tape on his blades and he looked down and he didn’t have blades on.”

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: How do hockey players manage to sit at the exact right place on the bench where they have access to their water bottle? How do they know which one is theirs? Do they have their name and/or number on it? Or do they just grab whatever one is there and take a swing? And how to their mouth guards never break? We always see shots of them chewing on them with full force, those things must be indestructible. And how do players know when to get off the ice? They need to be alert to execute plays and play some badass hockey, but they also need to know their cues to know when another player is taking over? Does their coach just fucking yell as loud as he can so the whole ice can hear? And usually they'll switch a whole line together so how do they do it so that there's no empty spaces on the ice? Man I love hockey, but I need answers.