This year’s final Man Crush goes to Sean J. Moran. Sean is a senior Drama Performance Major from Levittown, NY. You might have seen his alter ego, Sean J. Morgan, playing the role of Julio in Hofstra’s production of “The Motherfucker with the Hat” last fall. Sean enjoys Star Wars, Birdman, movies in general, acting, painting, being rad, and owning people in Mortal Kombat. He has appeared in “30 Rock” (Kid #1) and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (Hector Mendoza), along with several other TV Series and Shorts that I have never heard of. Early in his HvZ career, Sean was known as “the medic” who would walk around wearing a bloody surgeon mask and handing out extra ammo to humans in need. Sean won Best Death in the Spring 2014 game, and he was a moderator for the Spring 2015 game, famously acting as the zombies’ Pharaoh. Sean has brought a tremendous amount of theatrics, creativity, and beauty to HUvZ, and we will all be devastated when he leaves us in December. Stay Gucci, Seanye.

Tonight was the HvZ formal. As the seniors were giving their speeches, I smiled and remembered all of the memories I had with them. And then, during one of the senior wills, I was given this: A mini Nerf blaster from Maren. I am so honored to receive such a wonderful gift, and I promise to treasure it and use it to the fullest until I graduate. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this club. Thank you, Maren. Thank you, Seniors. Thank you, Hofstra Versus Zombies. #HUvZ #HofstraVersusZombies #HvZ #Nerf

Come to one of the #HUvZ safety events to see highlights of our moderator panel (featuring me) and a new trailer for this semester’s game!

The safety meetings are:
March 31 - 8:30 pm Berliner 117
April 1- 8:30pm Berliner 117
April 2- 5:00pm Breslin 103
April 13- 8:00pm Breslin 103

Hofstra vs Zombies is celebrating 10 years so now is the perfect time to join one of the biggest clubs on campus!

Our first official Man Crush Monday goes to our founder, Alex Demarest. Demarast founded Hofstra Versus Zombies in October 2010, and since then, the club has grown to become the largest club at Hofstra University. He established an organization that encourages teamwork and leadership, while allowing us to geek out and run around like kids. We’ve even named an award after him. The “Alex Demarest” award is awarded at the end of each game to the player who established himself/herself as a leader and a key component of the game, dedicating a tremendous amount of time to making the game as epic as possible. Without Demarest, we would not be the awesome club that we are today.

This week’s Woman Crush is our beautiful Treasurer, Lisa Delia! Lisa is a Drama major and English minor from Poughkeepsie, NY. She enjoys singing, writing, petting other people’s doggies, and knitting scarves while watching the game show network like the old lady she is. She also has super cool blue hair (not pictured above), and she rocks it. Last semester, she was one of six humans to win our official game of HvZ. As treasurer, Lisa is responsible for all our finances, making sure we follow our budget. She is also responsible for organizing and ordering our T-shirts and (coming soon) hoodies and yearbooks. In other words, she’s smart AND pretty. Stay beautiful, Lisa!

This week’s Man Crush is your Advertising Chair, Sky Swanson! He’s 6 foot 10, weighs 60 pounds, and his favorite color is nyan. Sky is a sophomore Film Production major and Marketing minor from Annapolis, MD. You may also know him as President Nixon or Tim the Wizard (unrelated to Monty Python and the Holy Grail). In his spare time, Sky enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons (NERD), video games, hiking, camping, running around like a loon, distracting people by singing “Rack City”, and of course, wizardry (but not that Harry Potter nonsense. We’re talking Gandalf the White rolling in and tearing the Orcs a new one). He doesn’t enjoy “those damn hippies!” Sky was a moderator for the Spring 2014 game, which happened to be one of the most successful games of HUvZ. He was also an assistant director for this game’s big film shoot, and he has helped shoot other videos in the past. Besides that, he is credited with giving Adil Arif the nickname, “Papadil”. Sky’s creativity and nonsensical nature brought energy and life to this club, and he never fails to make people laugh. Keep doing you, Sky!

“He come and bringeth the corn and if he so choose he taketh it away.” -Sky 3:16

This week’s Man Crush is the one and only Rob Walsh! Rob is a senior Forensic Science major from Staten Island, NY. Once he graduates, Rob will be heading down to Disney World to work in the attractions as part of the Disney College Program. Many people have mistaken Rob Walsh and Jim Auger (whose birthday happens to be today) for brothers because they both have red beards. His interests include sleeping, playing video games, and making puns. But most importantly, Rob was part of his high school’s rendition of High School Musical 2. WHAT TIME IS IT? Time to talk about his HUvZ accomplishments. Rob has been an active member of the club, participating in all eight games of his college career. He won the Trooper Award for the Spring 2014 game because even though he was injured, he still managed to pump up the humans in their darkest hour. He even participated in the final mission and STILL ran faster than most of the zombies. In the Fall of 2014, he was a moderator for our big game. This past game, his final game, he wore his Santa suit at every single mission, making him a memorable character of such a memorable game. Rob, thank you for being such an incredible player over the years. Your presence will be missed when you graduate. You can bet on it.

This week’s Man Crush is your newly elected Vice President, Adil Arif! Papadil is a junior English Creative Writing major and Drama minor from Selden, NY, which happens to be the dead center of Long Island. Interestingly enough, he entered Hofstra as a Music Composition major. He enjoys camping, writing, gaming, medium-rare burgers with any assortment of toppings and condiments, and of course, being a total nerd. Adil recently taught himself how to juggle, and there is a picture of himself on the wall of a pizzeria in Rockville, Rhode Island. Adil was an HUvZ moderator for three semesters, two of them as Head Moderator (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014). He also holds the HUvZ record for most darts reflected with a melee weapon. In other words, he has reflected the most darts with himself. We’re excited to see Adil back on E-Board, for his kind spirit, passion for HUvZ, and badassery have truly left an imprint on this club.

This week’s Woman Crush goes to Rachel Kordell! Rachel is a sophomore Film Production major with a minor in Creative Writing from Paramus, NJ. Her interests include obsessing over Zelda, making films, writing stories, Disney, playing D&D, teaching the blow dart game, insisting that people watch Titanic 2, and being the same person as me. As far as HUvZ goes, Rachel is the leader of ZART (Zombie Apocalypse Response Team), which is one of the biggest squads on campus. She is also known as the President Assassin, assassinating all three presidents in her time at Hofstra. Rachel was also the editor for the HUvZ film this semester, and she won the Narrative Award for doing the Pharaoh’s make up. Unfortunately, Rachel will be heading to Disney next semester to take part in the Disney College Program. As awesome as that opportunity is, we are dearly going to miss the Hero of Time in the fall. Stay golden, Rachel!

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Anna “Ava” Pietruszewski (but don’t ever call her Anna). Ava is a junior BS TV/Video Production major from from Princeton, NJ. Her interests include Marvel Comics, drawing/art, traveling, eating weird/exotic food, cooking, and outdoorsy stuff like hiking and kayaking. She’s also a huge art history nerd, and her family breeds German Shepherds. Polish is Ava’s primary language, and she didn’t start speaking English until she started school. (Did you know that she is dating this week’s Man Crush Monday? It’s like, I planned that, or something) This past game was Ava’s first time playing, considering last semester she was sick with what seemed like the plague. She was one of three people to win the Narrative Award for all of the work she put towards the trailer/film. Ava was the camera operator and storyboard artist for the HUvZ promotional video. Without Ava, the HUvZ promotional film would have been only a fraction as awesome as it turned out to be. We can’t wait to see what she does it the future. Stay beautiful, Ava!

This week’s Man Crush goes to our BEAUTIFUL Social Media Chair, Blanco, Brian. Brian is a senior Computer Science major from Commack, NY. He enjoys basketball, guitar, and computers. Besides that, Brian loves eating unhealthy foods, drinking BAWLS, and pelvic thrusting when he should be following Courtney’s zumbas. He’s also addicted to Mac and Melts. Brian has been involved with HUvZ since the second semester of his freshman year, making this game his seventh. He moderated the Fall 2013 game and crossed into the dark side to become an infamous ZOD during the Spring 2014 game. As Social Media Chair, Brian has established the HUvZ snapchat (hofstrazombies), which has allowed us to see snippets of club meetings and activities. He also brought SkyZone to the table for HvZ night out, which was a huge success last Saturday. Brian’s warm smile and passion for fun brings positive energy to the club, which only adds to the members’ happiness. His kind and accepting heart is a huge part of what makes HUvZ incredible. Stay beautiful, Brian.