• Shiro: One of you has to take over the black lion but I don’t know who to pick. So in order to get her you have to come up with a better idea than chainsaw bullets.

  • Hunk: What about a gun that shoots mini sandwiches or something.

  • Lance: What about a gun that you can curve the bullets, so you can shoot around stuff.

  • Shiro: No, come on we need good ideas.

  • Allura: A gun that shoots another gun.

  • Shiro: Ok getting bette–

  • Keith: A gun that shoots another gun that shoots chainsaw bullets.

  • Shiro: Keith gets the black lion.

If we don’t get character arc for Hunk in season 2 I will be pissed. We know absolutely nothing about Hunk and that’s a fucking travesty. The guy needs more love. We need more info! What’s his family like? Does he have brothers and sisters? What made him want to join the Galaxy Garrison if he’s so scared of flying? What are his dreams? What does he long for? (Will he ever be anything more than food-focused comic relief?) What gives his life meaning? What DRIVES him???

Hunk is just like - a GIGANTIC question mark. Who is this man???

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*screams because i have GAD and I headcanon Hunk and Pidge and Coran having GAD as well* can I please ask for more headcanons revolving Hunk, Pidge, and Coran and how they deal with their GAD? if you can and have the time to do so? :D

!!! i have gad too! i’m so glad someone else has the same headcanons as me! i’m happy to contribute! this post is pretty long though especially since i added extra spaces to make it easier to read, just a heads up. also note i do tend to focus on friends and other people helping them out. this is prooooobably because that’s what best helps me, and the methods i know best to calm me usually involve others somehow. 


  • hunk deals with his GAD a bit sloppily actually. it usually works pretty well though. he has a bunch of different methods.

  • hunk is very tactile, even moreso when his anxiety rises. when he’s simply feeling the overall weight/effects of gad, hugs actually help him a bunch. from any of the team really. lance will also sometimes sense something’s up and flop himself over hunk and mess with his hair.

  • hunk knows the signs of when an attack is coming on. he knows the difference between him being rightfully cautious, and when his anxiety is dictating things at an increasing rate

  • when it gets bad and/or he can feel an attack coming on, the first thing he does is look for a familiar distraction. aka: lance

  • lance and hunk have known each other 5ever, and lance knows that in the beginning/pre-stages to hunk’s attacks, rapid fire and constant distraction is best

  • usually a string of bad jokes, mixed with questions about any project hunk may be working on at the time. lance has no clue what the mechanical jargon hunk is saying means, but he’s glad to smile and listen.

  • when that doesn’t work, he needs someone to help talk him down from the attack. or, if it’s not a full blown attack yet, someone to simply talk to about his worries. he’s not very good at managing that on his own. lance is also good for this, but the best people to go to are shiro and pidge (when pidge isn’t trying to manage an attack herself of course).

  • keith is also a very good listener, and when hunk needs to vent more than be reassured, he’ll go to keith as often as lance and shiro and pidge (if not more so). keith is the best for these situations.

  • in the case of an attack, he uses breathing exercises to ground himself. that’s what works best for him.

  • if none of that works, he throws himself into an engineering project and hopes it’ll be enough of a distraction to ride things out or feel better. he can’t fix all his worries, but he can fix machines. it helps.

  • he may also throw himself into a cooking project depending what time of day it is. when he’s very anxious, he loses his appetite, but still loves to cook and it helps to see smiles on his friends’ faces when he manages to replicate another taste from home.


  • pidge deals with her anxiety with a more long-term than immediate focus

  • she keeps a worry diary, and does her best to pinpoint which lines of thinking lead to her attacks so she can manage them better

  • that being said, most of her worries are “what ifs” so they cannot be solved. they’re intangible. and always there.

  • she has two methods for dealing with this.

  • you’d think she’d want a logic focused talk from an outside voice to reason her through these thoughts, like hunk, but that’s not it. steady reassurance focused on emotions is more effective for her. shiro is who she goes to for this.

  • when she’s feeling more anxious than usual, she gets more fidgety. physical stims like repetitive hand movements help her with refocusing her excess nervous energy.

  • if she starts talking rapidly with a bunch of hand movements and unfocused eyes, she’s probably on the verge of slipping into an attack. if shiro’s not there, that’s lance’s cue to say something outrageous and off-topic to distract her. he’s okay with being the target of her sarcasm and scorn if it means derailing a negative thought process of hers.

  • keith is the person she goes to to help ease her down from an attack, or when she’s nowhere near an attack but just…Not Feeling Good At All. he’s quiet, and doesn’t force her to tell him anything, and he’s very comfy to be around when she wants quiet company (which is pretty often). she’ll often take her laptop and just hang out with him in his room while he isn’t training.

  • her other method is to program things. much like hunk, she immerses herself in a project to distract herself, and to feel like she’s doing something to help her achieve her goal. she may not be able to fix what-ifs but she can find the errors in her code instead. it’s a start. as mentioned above, she does this a lot in keith’s company.


  • coran’s anxiety revolves mainly around others that he cares about and whether he can protect them or not. he’s worried about pretty much everything (i mean, duh, gad), but that’s what most of his worries are about. they revolve around not wanting to lose anyone, and if he can stop that from happening.

  • coran is the type to be there for others and say the right thing at the right time, but when he’s REALLY anxious, he’s a downright mother hen. he’ll constantly be hovering near others to try and help them in some way, an everyone eventually learns this is his way fo easing his anxiety, so they let him.

  • sometimes, everyone even makes up things for him to help them with.

  • he doesn’t really have any other way of dealing with his gad yet, because he didn’t develop it until recently (aka, just after being unfrozen).

  • when someone he cares about is in danger or seriously hurt, he tends to take a negative route and try and find someone to blame, even if that person ends up being someone ELSE he cares about.

  • he eventually learns to phase this out of his behavior, and hunk and pidge help him find other methods to redirect/calm his anxiety. the breathing exercises they teach him kinda help, but only if the counts each last a few seconds longer (something about altean anatomy no doubt).

  • one method that helps to distract him is to talk about altea, surprisingly. it sad, but familiar. and he could go on and on about altea’s ecosystems and wildlife and culture. another is to hear about earth. everyone helps with this, but lance is the one who can go on and on and on. he and lance talk a lot.

  • his anxiety tends to get worse when he’s about to go to sleep. he doesn’t like waking others up, so he’ll go by himself to look at star maps and kind of chat with himself about random facts he remembers about different planets. sometimes allura will also be up and will keep him company, which works wonders.

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Like tbh I just really love the whole paladins-teaching-allura-and-coran-earth-things-with-them-being-so-fascinated-by-it scenario

i’m laughing because all I can picture is Hunk as Harry Potter and Coran as Arthur Weasley being like “tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” 

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Hunk being gay for Keith the whole way through, being casual on the outside but nervous as hell internally (klunk anon)

YES Hunk is just like externally super chill not a nervous disaster all the time, but on the inside he’s like spongebob when he forgot his name  

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Hunk's crush on Keith starts when they and Lance are in their first year at the Garrison. Hunk totally pines for Keith, wishes he would notice him, loves it when Lance talks about him lmao

omg yes and Hunk would totally bring up Keith around Lance just to hear him rant about him because he just wanted a reason to talk about him clandestinely 

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how would the paladins feel about having an s/o who can control plants??? (like Poison Ivy from Batman!!!) and whenever they walk on the planets they land on, flowers grow where they step?

- you are his goddess, his Gaea
- really tho it just blows him away
- he likes to watch you use your powers domestically
- he gets this cute little smile when he watches you
- may occasionally make really bad plant puns

- omfg?? that’s so badass???
- do you know how to use your powers in combat?
- if not this is your guy
- will beg you to let him help you train
- honestly just annihilate this bitch he’ll love it

- he’s so interested, and he thinks it’s pretty cool
- you basically become his party trick
- “babe, c'mon, do the thing” is a common sentence
- make a bouquet and have it bloom in front of him
- he might actually cry
- this boy loves flowers

- will make tons of plant jokes
- it’d be really rad if you could grow him some quality ingredients
- you’d be the perfect foodie couple
- again, more plant jokes
- at four am when youre trying to sleep, at your wedding, on his death bed
- I’m so sorry

- you become their test subject
- they just want to kNOW HOW??
- “why are you cutting down my petunias?!?!” “ I need test samples”
- you’ll probably spend half your time around them with wires attached to your hands/feet
- once they find out something new about the inner workings of your powers their face just lights up and all the annoying science shit is worth it