if you think about it, all three of the deoxys, the two from the movie and the one from that Deoxys Crisis episode in the anime, got really aggressive because they had problems related to not finding a friend or being alone



Strangers in a bar

A/N : Emma’s first date with Neal being the following day, she needs to take care of her first kiss problem as fast as possible. And what better way to do that than asking the dark-haired stranger she meets in a bar ? Captain Swan AU. 

“Oh God, I can’t do this,” Emma said, clutching her stomach in anxiety. 

“Of course you can. And he probably won’t even care,” Ruby told her, trying to reassure her best friend. “Just tell him already. You’re making a big deal out of nothing,” she continued, rolling her eyes. 

“ “Out of nothing” ?! This isn’t nothing ! It’s very real and anxiety worthy, thanks so much for your help,” Emma ended in a low voice. This was all really getting to her. 

“So you haven’t kissed anyone before. Big deal. He won’t care. Seriously. It’s not a shameful secret that you need to hide, you know that, right ?” she asked in earnest. 

“Of course I know that, it’s just… I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like something I should tell him. I mean, I barely know the guy !” she defended herself.

“And yet you accepted to go on a date with him,” Ruby teased, amused by the situation and her friend’s predicament. 

“Ugh, I hate my life,” Emma complained, launching herself on the couch, face down. She stayed like that for a while while Ruby made dinner. She was supposed to meet Neal for lunch the following day and cringed inwardly at the thought of telling him her secret. She, Emma Swan, college student since last fall, had never kissed anyone - or been kissed, for that matter. She tried to picture herself telling him and none of the scenarios seemed good enough. A crazy idea suddenly popped into her head. She sprang up, scaring her roommate enough that she almost dropped the bowl she’d been holding. 

“Alright, stop everything, we’re going out,” she asserted in a determined voice. She strode to the stairwell, not bothering to explain her plan any further. Thinking it through, she backpedaled and turned to face her friend. 

“What do you wear to a bar ?”

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“Carol’s out of control. She’s a cold-blooded killer.”
- Haters who don’t understand shit about Carol.

- Melissa Mcbride (X), the actress who portrays Carol, the person who understands Carol better than anyone, the person who knows almost everything there is to know about Carol, the Carol expert.