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lol by now you're probably fucking sick from all those messages about your corvo/outsider drawing but like... i just love it? so much? like yes, they're hella welldrawn, but your drawing also really captures /them/? it's still kinda twisted, and just. corvo (lol i can't even form coherent thoughts anymore) but seriously, i've been trying to write a corvo/outsider fic for a long time, but i can't seem to do them justice, but your drawing makes me want to! so badly! thanks so much <3f

Oh no, I am not sick of them at all, quite the contrary, this might be the first time ever in my whole internet career when my fav ship IS NOT the tiniest and most ignored ship in a fandom, lol XD So I’m just being happy about the moment while it lasts :D

…kinda twisted… eh man, You should have seen my notes on them… some will probably end up as drawings, hopefully You’ll like other “twists” too <3

Thank You! And good luck with the fic! <3

Reasons Why Lance is #Relatable

(I did one of these for Keith so I thought why not?)

  • Loves the rain 
  • Loves his family 
  • Protective of people he met like 20 minutes ago 
  • “I’d recognise that mullet anywhere” 
  • Insecure 
  • Mermaids are his weakness 
  • Loves Keith but also fuckign hates him 
  • Animorphed into a dolphin and caught dirty money in his mouth for a video game 
  • Dramatic™ 
  • Appreciates Hunk 
  • Recognises that Allura is basically a goddess 
  • Makes jokes to hide the pain 
  • Admires Shiro 
  • Does a little dance when he’s happy 
  • M e m e s 
  • [Everyone else rushing to wake up with a blaring alarm going off] *is still asleep* 
  • Excitable 
  • Literally took the full force of an explosion for Coran 
  • Feels like a seventh wheel 
  • [Laser gun noises]