On the relatively short list of things I never want to experience ever again: A doctor looking at my test results, then going “huh” followed by a 10 seconds long silence. Let me tell you, doctor, you’re giving me plenty of time to rearrange my entire future and die a little inside in the space of those 10 seconds. “Huh” is not an acceptable medical term. 

I’m really in a mood for some reason to reblog a shit ton of Rhoswyn’s face claim, Ana Cheri, and I don’t know why… but I also don’t just want to flood people’s dashboards with tons of hips and tits. Decisions, decisions…

but first, some music



Of King and Country by MethodforMadness

Well someone’s feeling a little ornery cuz he just got his sniper wifle taken away (╯︵╰,) 

Based off this by @cozmikrae