“ The Irony Question is Irrelevant ”: Why Nothing is Cool?

Bonkers original flyer vs LuckyMe rave

“ What got me thinking about this was Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Jackmaster, and a couple of the LuckyMe team throwing a trance and hardcore session with guests Cloudo and Mayhem, done early evening with no advance tickets to feel like the Glasgow underage raves they all came up through. They’d long been planning it, to quote LuckyMe’s Dom Flannagan, “because it’d be funny” – and from the Bonkers-style flyer (designed by LuckyMe’s Eclair Fifi) on down, it is spectacularly funny… but obviously utterly sincere. And no surprise either: how much lovingly delivered tribute to trance and hardcore is there in Rustie and HudMo’s catalogue already, after all? “

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Glasgow, Uk 2015


HolyHolyHolyshiyat! Hudmo’s Done it again! THE most Epic build up hes ever thrown down…

…his sounds Timeless i mean damn haha


Yes. There was #swordfighting last night!
#raveofthrones #kristiannairn #gameofthrones #hudsonmohawke #chimes
@stevenhensling_ @andrew_de_boer @zstein68 (at Exchange LA)

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Chris Brown vs Hudson Mohawke
Chris dropped this on his blog, nice tunes