Hey ya’ll! I’m finally here!! :) I wanted to start a blog-blog of my own rather than a site with a bank of selfies and reblogged pictures. I won’t promise what I will and/or will not be posting here, but one thing is for sure…I will write a lot. Just a few little things here to get started so you know where I’m coming from:

- I have one more year of college

- Houston, Texas born and raised

- Black and Japanese

-Artist/ Art Student

- Currently in a relationship

- Has a strange morbid sense of humor that also makes no logical sense. So basically, I laugh at my own jokes.

I think that’s enough to get us started right? Now, I’m hoping that my followers from my main blog, after the disco, will wiggle on over here, but we will see. If not, hopefully I’ll gain a new following of cool internet friends. I’m excited to see where this blog will take me and to really document my growth as a woman. I’m a sucker for things like that. You know, looking back in time. I’m pretty sure that one day I will look back on this first post and cringe at how lame I sound. Cringe on Janet, Cringe on. 

Also, please take note of the fact that the title of my main blog page is “after the disco” and the title of this second page is “the after party”. Is it just me or is that adorable as shit? haha.