Guys….I think its about time I tell you all about how “someone” made a fake dreamworks account to message me, and did research on their staff to have me going for weeks saying I could be their face of hiccup and how they would fly me out there for Dreamworks TV. How they stole my personal information and passwords and tried to get all my information.
And in the end, how they crushed me.
How that literally killed my spirit.

I haven’t told anyone. This happened back when all that exxon drama first came about and I’ve been recovering since.

I may make a video about it to tell you guys, if you want to know.

anonymous asked:

What kind of music you think the gang (including Heather) listen to? K-Pop? J-Pop? Classic? New Age? Metal? And what kind of music their dragons prefer? XD

I’ll plop links to characters I’ve already talked about and cover the rest below! It’s always so hard to imagine what sorts of music characters like, though… it’s not exactly that predictable. But here are some styles of music I could sort of imagine them enjoying.

Heather: Various types of alternative rock, punk, soft pop, and classical.

I imagine that Heather has fairly varied tastes in music. 

She will be comforted and calmed by slower, more relaxing pieces. She might dabble into a little bit of classical music (nowhere as much as Fishlegs), but be happy to hear some symphonies every once in a while. Pop will be designated for days she feels cheery, wants to be cheered up, or wants to sit reflectively and listen to the lyrics. 

But there will be other days that she will want to rock out and listen to something more hardcore. Workout music will be a lot harder. I don’t know if she’d ever listen to metal, but she could hop up to some energetic alternative rock to get her going on a workout.

Stormfly: Pop, pop rock, latest hits.

I don’t imagine Stormfly listening to anything too extreme. The dragon seems a little more sensitive to noises than some of the other dragons, and I don’t think that she would want to listen to anything too upbeat or dramatic. She’s a pretty calm dragon, by and large, even-tempered and good-natured. I can imagine the music she listens to is also pretty aurally acceptable to the majority of public, and that she will listen to a lot of the well-known pop and pop rock songs hitting mainstream radio.

Meatlug: Opera, classical, musicals, Disney songs.

She and Fishlegs would get incredibly excited together over the latest performances of their symphony. But I feel like Meatlug, more than anybody, would love musicals music. And that she would listen and know all the lyrics to basically any Disney song ever written.

I imagine Meatlug only wants to listen to cheery, upbeat music, and isn’t very interested in loudness or dissonance. She doesn’t seem like someone who would be interested in harder rocks.

Of all the dragon characters, I feel like she might be the most likely to be interested in K-Pop and J-Pop, too.

Barf and Belch: Big band, jazz, 80s rock, Beatles, New Age

Of all the characters, imagining what Barf and Belch enjoys the most is the hardest. I get this vibe off of Barf and Belch that they enjoy some of the “older” styles of music, not necessarily what is contemporary, but some stuff from earlier eras. It’ll be an interesting match from multiple decades, but I can imagine Barf and Belch listening to Beatles, various bands from the 80s, and then some good, classic and flashy big band music.

New Age also seems to fit decently well with Barf and Belch.

Hookfang: Country, bluegrass

For some reason, I suspect that some people might pinpoint this dramatic Monstrous Nightmare as someone who listens to “harsher” music like metal. I suppose I don’t get that impression out of Hookfang. Snotlout is the one who is always gungho about being hardcore awesome, whereas Hookfang is more likely to be a troll or just not care about what’s going on around him. I don’t think he’d be listening to “louder” music genres.

I’m having a hard time finding the words for why I think country fits Hookfang, but I do think it fits Hookfang. Something about the way the voices meld and the harmonies are created seems like something that could catch Hookfang’s attention. I can imagine him bobbing his head to the bass lines.

  • Snotlout:Okay, well, I'm sure you've noticed I've been going through a lot lately. And I know you've often wondered, "Who is Snotlout, really?"
  • Astrid:Nope. Never.
  • Dagur:Snotlout until recently I thought your name was Snot-hat.
  • Snotlout:You know, there are time when I look out these windows, and I know you're all thinking, "What makes the measure of this man?"
  • Ruffnut:Oh my God you'd better be DYING.
  • Snotlout:Look. I called you all here to tell you, with pride and excitement... And a lot of Pride! ...about the new and improved, Snotlout Jorgenson. Tuff, give me a beat.
  • Tuffnut:I'm sorry what
  • Snotlout:When someone asks for a beat you don't ask a lot a questions you just get down on it.
  • Tuffnut:Ah, do you want like a syncopated thing or a vibey thing?
  • Snotlout:Just do it.
  • (Tuffnut drums on the table)
  • Snotlout (singing):
  • I don't know how,
  • I don't know why,
  • But I like ladies,
  • And I like guys.
  • Heather:Please make him stop