Sorry for this potentially NSFW-ish ending, haha! But this is exactly how I imagine it: Stoick being excessively excited and open about the Astrid-talks :D (And, man, the lines from the movie just made it so tempting (sorry :p couldn’t help it!))

I’ve been way too productive today :p

HTTYD Rare Pair Week 2016 has officially started!

It’s the 28th October in Australia, so it’s technically already underway. Don’t worry about time differences, just post when it’s time for you, and late posts are absolutely fine! Things don’t have to be perfect or even completely finished, parts of work is good. No pressure whatsoever! 

As a reminder, the prompts are: 

28 Oct: Fall
29 Oct: Safety / “No, I said we were safer, not safe.”
30 Oct: It’s not like that.
31 Oct: Halloween
1 Nov: “I always wondered what it was like to fly.”
2 Nov: Igniparous (meaning: bringing forth fire)
3 Nov: Pause

Don’t forget to tag your posts with #httydrarepairweek or #httydrarepairweek2016 and if posting to AO3, post to our collection! If I miss something, please let me know and I’ll reblog it asap. 

Hope you all are having fun, and looking forward to all the amazing things you’ve created! 

The Titan Boneknapper caused quite the commition when it landed on campus. Vikings everywhere are lining up to train this Mystery Class dragon. Are you among them?


fic: lay back and wave through the daylight.

“It’s the perfect grassy knoll for a picnic.” Tuff announces, his brows scrunching together. He makes a motion with a hand, like he thinks his explanation is obvious, come on Astrid, get with the program.

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