how to tell if a sign likes you

Aries: “jokes” about how you two should kiss. asks you a million questions, just wanting to know everything about you
Taurus: is quieter at first, but then starts “pampering” you and giving you unexpected gifts. genuinely and openly worries about your well-being
Gemini: talks about the silliest things in the word with you, for like two hours non-stop. invites you everywhere
Cancer: acts goofy and cares so much about what you think of them. talks about you 24/7 and gets really excited to talk to you
Leo: insists to hang out with you, introduces you to their friends, compliments you and pays extra attention to what you say
Virgo: always looking at you trying not to be caught, very attentive and caring. tries to help you with everything no matter how busy they are
Libra: holds your hands and plays with your hair, they’re natural flirts but if they really like you, they’ll unintentionally show more interest in you
Scorpio: stares at you endlessly and wants to talk with you all the time, asks the most random questions about your life, shares private stuff with you
Sagittarius: makes you laugh endlessly, makes plans with you, makes an effort to be with you and might even neglect their friends
Capricorn: goes all hot-n-cold: ignoring you today and calling you tomorrow. talks to you even when busy, comes up with excuses just to see you
Aquarius: mindfully listens to you and to your viewpoints. is curious about your interests and goes out of their way to spend time with you
Pisces: blushes a lot, stares, giggles, tells you their secrets, wants to be around you as much as possible