Ini Spesifikasi HTC Butterfly 3, Seperti Apa?

Ini Spesifikasi HTC Butterfly 3, Seperti Apa?

Ini Spesifikasi HTC Butterfly 3, Seperti Apa?

Kabar yang menyebutkan bahwa HTC akan menghadirkan smartphone terbarunya memang bukan hal baru. Kabar terbaru yakni seri Butterfly 3 pada aplikasi benchmark menjadi ramai di dunia maya. Pasalnya, bocoran informasi juga menyebutkan spesifikasi lengkap seri tersebut.

Butterfly 3 banyak disebutkan sebagai smartphone penerus dari seri terdahulunya, namun…

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HTC Butterfly 3 Specifications leak shows 13MP Selfie camera

HTC Butterfly 3 Specifications leak shows 13MP Selfie camera

HP has been pretty consistent with the kind of design and the hardware it delivers. It was not so long ago when HTC made news with HTC One M9 because of a lot of reasons and now, within 4 months of the launch of HTC One M9, the specifications of yet another phone are leaked showing that HTC is working pretty hard to capture the Smartphones market.

The specifications of the new flagship from HTC…

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قريبا إطلاق الهاتف الذكي Butterfly 3 من إتش تي سي

قريبا إطلاق الهاتف الذكي Butterfly 3 من إتش تي سي

جوالك – مواصفات و أسعار

تعمل إتش تي سي على جيل جديد من هاتفها الذكي HTC Butterfly و نتحدث هنا عن Butterfly 3 الجديد و الذي ينتظر أن يأتي بمواصفات محسنة مقارنة بالجيل الثاني الذي تم إطلاقه صيف العام الماضي .

تقارير مختلفة تتفق على أن هذا الهاتف سيتم الكشف عنه الشهر القادم و سيتوفر بداية في اليابان على أمل أن يتم تعميمه عالميا خلال الأشهر القادمة

بالعودة إلى مواصفات الجيل الحالي نجد أنه يتميز بشاشة…

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Dirilis Kuartal Depan, HTC Butterfly 3 Bakal Siap Mendarat di Jepang?

RANCAH POST – Bulan lalu, sebuah informasi menarik terkait handset terbaru HTC dari seri keluarga Butterfly, yakni HTC Butterfly 3 telah meramaikan publik pecinta gadget dunia, terutama di Asia. Bagaimana tidak, generasi penerus dari seri Butterfly ini dikabarkan akan hadir dengan layar…

HTC Butterfly Mobile Price in Pakistan

Transform the way you see and hear the world with the new HTC Butterfly. This amazing device is sure to make a lasting impression on our first 5-inch, 1080p full-HD display. Its convenient front and rear cameras allow you to capture every moment in a flash. The sound quality will absolutely blow you away. And the unique design fits incredibly in any hand. Plus, the Snapdragon™ Quad-Core processor delivers it all with a tremendously fast performance.

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HTC Butterfly S Battery Results are Here

The latest high end smartphone from HTC really impressed everyone with the benchmark scores it got. it nearly thrashed the Samsung galaxy S4, and the HTC One too. The HTC Butterfly S somewhat shares some of the specifications with the HTC One, but it has a definitely better battery life.

Read: HTC Butterfly S vs galaxy S4

The 3200 mAh power house is enough to impress us on the paper, but can it beat the older champion the Droid Razr Maxx in terms of battery backup. The Butterfly S has a quad core 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600, which is found to be 200 MHz faster than one found in the HTC One. With also a bigger screen, at 5.0 inches with a 1080p display. So ;ets see the reports of the battery tests.

Talk Time :

For the 3G talktime, the Butterfly S landed in the top of the four charts with a score just over than 19 hours. Although it could not beat the 25+ hour score of the Huawei Acsend Mate, but also the Butterfly S does not have a 4000 mAh battery like the Ascend Mate.

Web Browsing :

in the web browsing section the Butterfly S stood on the second position, the first was the Sony Xperia ZR. But there’s a flaw because the Xperia ZR has a 720 p display only. So in the case of the 1080p display phones, the Butterfly S is surely the winner.

Video Playback:

The video playback test is the test where the results were a bit disappointing. The result was not bad, but not as excellent as the other two results. The Butterfly S offers you a playback time of 9 hours, which is not less even for the longest of trips.

So in a nutshell, talking of all the three results above the Butterfly S stands a good battery life, and offers you a great entertainment. The endurance score of the phone was 81+ hours. Which conveys that the you will have the phone going for about three days, if you do web browsing, 3G calling and Video Playback for an hour each. The battery does a perfect job, but the phone could not beat the Motorola Razr Maxx, which has a endurance score of 87 hours.


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HTC Butterfly

Aunque no se ha confirmado fecha para la venta de este cel en América (de hecho ni la certeza de que sucederá), en Taiwan se ha lanzado el nuevo modelo de smartphone de HTC: tiene display de 5" y 1080p, bocinas frontales de BoomSound y Sence 5, trabaja con Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean y procesador Snapdragon 600 de 1.9 GHz.

O sea que está MUY chulo

The Trend of Online Shopping is Increasing Day by Day

The Trend of Online Shopping is Increasing Day by Day

The trend of Online Shopping is increasing day by day. Be it gadgets, be it home appliances, be it lifestyle things and be it anything. You can now buy anything from the comfort of your home. Online Shopping sites have made it really easy for us to buy things easily. But still, there are people who are afraid of things like scamming etc. but for those sites like Flipkart and Amazon have brought…

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Ini Dia! Smartphone Berlayar 5 Inci Full HD dan Prosesor Quad Core Snapdragon 801 2,5GHz

Ini Dia! Smartphone Berlayar 5 Inci Full HD dan Prosesor Quad Core Snapdragon 801 2,5GHz – Produsen smartphone asal Taiwan, HTC, telah secara resmi memperkenalkan produk high end terbarunya yang bernama HTC Butterfly 2. Handphone ini sebentar lagi akan tersedia di beberapa negara Asia seperti Jepang, Taiwan serta Hong Kong. Pihak HTC pun mengungkapkan akan ada negara Asia lainnya yang akan didatangi oleh produk terbarunya ini, namun belum ada informasi mengenai…

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