baby, we can survive new york, we got each other, we got the guitar, we got the cash. ❞

❝ mm, ❞ she says, her slender fingers trailing lightly against his bare chest, ❝ just want you, baby, that’s all i want. let’s rule new york together, hm? ❞

or: ellie / @2k15luke and luke are struggling under the heavy weight of new york, but in the end everything is perfect.

anonymous asked:

Hi Kimmy! Are you going to sub the Love Game radio broadcast? 😊

Yess, I’m subbing it right now but I don’t think I can finish it off today :C I got up too late today /sighs/

hye, i was wondering if u would be subbing bts v live in thailand or any bts v app shows? since v app allow fans to sub their videos

Nah, they have subs already. 

kimmy!!! i appreciate all of the translations you’ve done for us i-armys. thank you so much ㅠㅠ

Thank you <3 

i know you probably have a lot of requests rn but i’m just gonna slip this here hehe… youtube(.)com/watch?v=OxdL7vPoPGs

lol I do have a lot, I’m scared to check my inbox now XD