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Top 5 Kageyama ships? :3

Hey hey! Thanks for sending this in!

I actually don’t know if I have 5 ships for Kageyama… I shall try!

Top 5 Kageyama ships (except for the first two, the rest are in no particular order):

1. TsukkiKage

Do I… even have to… explain?

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2. KageHina

Again, what explanation could you possibly need?

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As you can guess, I also really like TsukkiKageHina.

3. AkaKage

I sort of like this ship. Mostly because of how much Kags respects Akaashi. and also because of this scene. 

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4. KageKen

This cracks me up. But, in all seriousness, I like this socially awkward duo. I also really like KageHinaKen; my partner and I have enjoyed many fics on that OT3.

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5. YamaKage

I really think this has a lot of potential for development.

And there you go! Hope you have a wonderful day/night!

Boyfriend Series: Tendou Satori

  • Tendou is definitely, positively, and all around tease of a boyfriend. He’s never intentionally mean to you, but pushing your buttons is one of the things he does best. If you make some witty comebacks or tease him yourself, he’s pretty
  • Despite his playful personality, Tendou isn’t one to void you of genuine compliments. He takes notes of the things that make you the most insecure and does his best to compliment them (either directly or indirectly depending on how you feel about it). He notices things that bother you pretty easily and does his best to make sure you’re feeling good about yourself.
  • He has a habit of unconsciously placing you on a pedestal? He tends to brag about you to others, and will cheer you for every decision you make. He’s not extremely enthusiastic or anything but you always know he has your back, it’s very comforting.
  • He is a fan of those weird YouTube playlists (think “Important Videos” and “Cringe Challenges”), whichever one of you can survive the longest or resist laughing whenever challenged owes the other whatever you two bet. He is also the KING of reaction images. Anything you text him will be reacted to appropriately (you gotta ask him where he gets these things though.)
  • He is so good at making sly digs at people, ESPECIALLY people you don’t like. Tendou loves making you laugh and honestly he lives for your smile. It makes him so happy to see you happy, he just can’t resist. You two have a gallery of inside jokes as well, it’s a running thing for him to reference a few even in the oddest of moments. It gets difficult to keep up with so many after a while.
  • As we all know, he is a weeb. If you’re an anime nerd like himself, prepare for many nights spent watching your favorite shows and talking about them. Also you two will share a Shonen Jump subscription. If not, please just let him rant to you about what’s going on in his current obsessions. He’d really appreciate it (since he has no one else to talk about it with) and it’s just so damn cute to see him get so worked up about it. He’d DIE if you bought him merch. You’ll get showered with affection.
  • Tendou is pretty chill with you and goes with the flow. You like PDA? He’s down. You don’t like PDA? That’s cool, no worries. You’re shy/mysterious? He’ll get to know you eventually, he doesn’t mind moving slow. You’re loud and outgoing? Great, he loves how open you are! He doesn’t have a certain “type” and he’s low maintenance so he’s very flexible around your personality and interests.
  • Being with Tendou means you’ll eventually get to a point where you learn about his weaknesses too. He struggles with self confidence and openness about his feelings at times (he often shields his true feelings with humor). The effects of bullying still persist in his mind, so you’re going to have to be supportive of him and get him to talk about his problems to you. He may be defensive about it at first, but over time he’ll eventually feel better about himself and learn to talk honestly about his feelings more (he will appreciate it a lot, too!).
  • He really enjoys small moments of comfort in a relationship. Just him lying in your lap and you stroking his hair is enough to just clear his mind of all his stress and make him muzzle into you. He also doesn’t mind cuddling you in return (although he’s a lil bony so he’s not the best cuddle material). Playing with your hair is a major hobby of his.
  • Dates with him can be anything, whatever you want is pretty much fine with him. He’s not too into restaurants (he has a small stomach so he feels like he’s wasting money depending on where you go.) but any activity is great. He prefers places like zoos and arcades, but when you two are looking for something calmer, he doesn’t mind chatting at a café or going to the library.

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It’s funny to think that this ball of 24/7 pure undiluted rage

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Has the same voice actor as this deadpan sarcastic lil shit

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Where can I get a voice actor as versatile as Yuki Kaji…

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Bonus he also voices half-half bastard the emotional trainwreck

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Hope it is okay to request a NSFW scenario with a Yandere TendoXreader please?

So, as I have noted before, both is other asks and in my rules, I do not write yandere. It’s just not a relationship example I want to promote and the premise reminds me of my own mentally abusive relationship in which I used to be in.

BUT, I can write a smutty scene with Tendou built on consent, trust, and love!

Hope you enjoy.

P.s. It’s a little more lovey-dovey than smutty???

There was nothing special about the night. It was an average night consisting of too starchy take out food, homework splayed across the table, and a vague top hits song playing in the background. It was a night that Tendou had experienced with them many times again and again.

But something felt heightened about the moment. With their socked feet nudging against his own bare ones under the table and the way they raised their pen to their lips as their eyes took in the words of their textbook. No, there was nothing special about this night, but it was s night that brought overwhelming love to the redheads heart.

And when he pushed himself across the distance of the small table to slot his lips against theirs, he melted into the action. It was one they had shared before, one that felt familiar and comforting as they fell into the rhythm that might as well be second nature to them.

Love was a complicated thing, he realized with each day that passed. Because it wasn’t always how pop culture described it. With his hands guiding them back towards their shared bedroom, his mind conjured up the same thought, his hands easily peeling away their clothes to expose the body that was so much different from the one he had initially lusted after.

He loved them, don’t misunderstand, and he would always consider them beautiful and desirable. But they were softer now, rounder even from the lack of time to care for it properly that comes along with life. He too had changed, belly no longer board flat as it had been in high school, probably from too much alcohol consumption in his early years of university, and his muscle tone not so defined. Only the faint reminiscence of the individuals they had once been.

For their minds had changed too. Just as his idea of love changed with each time he found himself inside of them. His hips pressing tight against their own and his voice cradling against the crock of their neck. Their hands trailed over his back, nails catching at skin, and he was hyper-aware of this lovely person they had become in all the years that he had been able to hold them just as he was now.

Reaching his high much too quickly that night, Tendou littered their bare kiss with deep kisses, mouth dipping into crevices he had been able to find only due to the amount of time he had them for. His fingers brought them to their own separate finish, their voice rasping beautifully in his ears. And his mouth found theirs again, kissing this new person he loved just as tenderly as the one they were the day before. And he couldn’t wait to kiss the person they would become tomorrow.

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Hi I just want to request a ushijima imagine with a tall fem reader who plays volleyball, in which ushijima isn't portrayed as a stoic fucker that literally has no joy in life lmao (I'm sorry but I don't think that wakatoshi would 24/7 be serious and neutral) thank you! <3

I don’t believe Ushijima to be stoic like yourself, Anon, but I do consider him to be reserved in the portrayal of his emotions! I hope that I’ve never given the impression that I think Ushiwaka doesn’t have any joy in his life. ><

Anyway, enjoy.

“She makes the toss,” she announced, a wide smile on her face as she set the volleyball low inside the confines of their living room, “Ushijima goes for it and… what’s this folks? He’s defied all expectations and caught the ball! I’ve never seen anything like this!”

The large man released a rumble of a laugh, his eyes sparkling as he crossed the short distance between them, leaving the ball somewhere on the floor along the way. “Come on,” he urges lightly, smile pulled at the corner of his lips, “it’s time for bed.”

“Toshi,” she whined, body instantly leaning forward to rest all of her weight against his sturdy frame, her arms resting easily over his shoulders, “it’s only seven. We should do something.”

Pressing his forehead against her own, he stared into those bright eyes that he was so grateful for. Thanks to both of their volleyball scholarships, they had been able to afford a place together during their university years and he couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend them. “Yes, but we have a tournament to get to in the morning. It’s going to be a long drive.”

She pouted, shrinking the small distance between them in order to press her mouth firmly against his own. The smack as they parted louder than probably necessary. “Fine, but I get to choose one before bed activity,” she bargained.

Humming, Ushijima’s hands found their place at her hips, drawing her body closer to his, lips forming a new smile. “Deal.”