Happy Birthday to @byesweetheart :3
It’s only a quick sketch, but I really enjoyed your first chapter of Keep your eyes on me and I wanted to do a little thing for it ^^

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nightowlfury  asked:

I don't know if you'd accept another request from me but if so would you do Hinata in 'Castle in the Sky'? Your art is so unique and pretty Cheri ❤️

Sure, I’ll do another one for ya, Night! Hope you like it, I love this palette so much!

Other color palette works:

Kageyama/What I gain I lose | Todoroki/Cherry Soda |  Kaachan/Castle in the Sky | Kageyama/ Constant Rambling | Viktuuri/Without a Heart | Killua and Gon/Subtle Melancholy | Keith/Cherry Soda | Killugon/I’m Not Alone(Yet) | Keith/Castle in the Sky | Otabek/Subtle Melancholy

a-giant-nerd9  asked:

Hey,could I request Ushijima,Kuroo and Akaashi with a s/o with really curly hair(long,medium and short bcs there's a lot of people with curly hair) and is really proud of it but kind of suffers when it gets all knotted?

I love this! Especially since you made this more applicable to many readers!

While I may not have been blessed with curly hair, I always admire it from afar! Hope you enjoy!

While there had been many things that had drawn him to them, Ushijima wouldn’t deny that he had memorized the details of their hair before anything else. He remembers the day he told them this and the way they laughed, head of curls falling further down their back just beyond their shoulder blades. It made him want to embed his hand into those corkscrew locks, fingers looping through them easily, and he knew they’d let him - any attention to their beautiful hair was welcome. But he didn’t, instead lifting his hand to gently push one of those stray gathers of curls from their face, finger grazing over the skin of their cheek.

They turned to look at him then, his eyes taking in the way each individual strand seemed to move as they did. Their smile was kind, wide and he knew he loved them, untamable hair and all. He’d gladly spent mornings - and many times throughout the day - untangling their tight curls from each other if it meant he got to spend that time with them.

Returning their smile, he allowed his fingers to curl into those twisting strands as he brought his lips delicately to their own.

Their hair was so… long and Kuroo loved every piece of it. The way it spilled down their back, loose at the top and tighter at the ends. He loved the way those twisted strands gathered over the pillows on his bed, sometimes trailing over the edge in a waterfall of loops. He loved every piece of that hair even when it became a little hard to handle at times.

“It has a mind of its own,” he grumbling, fingers working delicately at unknotted the easily matted hair, “next time I’m just cutting it.” It was an empty threat, they both knew it, especially with how many times that words had actually come out of his mouth without any proceeding actions.

Their hands reached back to grab protectively at the curly hair, voice dangerous as they nearly growled, “Don’t even think about it!” And, by god, he would never dream of getting rid of a part of them he cherished so much. He laughed lightly, tapping at her hands for them to remove them in order for him to finish his work. His fingers dipped into the curling mass and he smiled, they really were beautiful.

It was how he spotted them. Every morning Akaashi would watch and wait for that curly mop atop their head make its way into his view. He would always smile, admiring the right curl of the short strands, before standing to greet them with a sweet kiss. And it was his constant bad habit throughout the day to trail his fingertips along the bare skin of the back of their neck up into the curly mass, allowing his nails to scrape along their scalp as he did. That was the perk he relished in with them being seated directly in front of him and it had no doubt gotten him into trouble more times than he could count.

But they’d never stop him, even if they chided him lightly at one point or another, because they truly loved the attention. Not only the attention he gave them but that he also gave their hair - those looping strands just waiting to be touched.

“I love your hair,” he told them, voice tender as his hand taking the locks that we’re currently in the process of knotting together. When they turned to look at him, he met with their eyes and smiled, “I love you.”

  • Kuroo: Excuse me? I lost my friend Daishou. Can I make an announcement?
  • Store Clerk: Of course.
  • Kuroo: *leans into the mic*
  • Kuroo: Goodbye, you little shit.