Mais uma tirinha feita com tema escolhido por um apoiador do meu livro! Dessa vez, o tema era “viagem”.
À primeira vista, talvez pareça que a tirinha não tem nada a ver com o tema, né 😬 acontece que o meu namorado tá viajando e, como nós vivemos juntos, trabalhamos em casa e passamos quase todo o tempo colados um no outro, eu fiquei meio desesperada sem saber como ia dar conta de existir sem ele. Acabei passando por esse pequeno processo de autodescoberta durante a última semana e o resultado me deixou muito feliz. Espero que tenha o mesmo efeito em vocês 💕

small-and-terrible  asked:

Also one last. Pretty self indulgent but... headcanons for kuroo oikawa and akaashi when they have a filipina s/o? Like how would they react to some filipino customs, on boodle fights and such? Your tae on it, heheheheh im curious af so get wild on this one bby muah 💕💖 thANK UOUUYOUU

This motivated me to write, thank you!! 

  • When they got to the Philippines, you explained to them every single thing that they would need to do in order for her family to accept them
  • It was very hard at first
  • They love your tan skin tone very much!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He isn’t aware of the Midnight Meal aka “Noche Buena” during Christmas Day, so he wondered, why do you stay up until 12AM to celebrate Christmas when you could just celebrate it in the morning?
  • “It’s part of the tradition, Tetsu.”
  • When you took him to a boodle fight, he got rEALLY excited!
  • He easily learned how to eat with his hands.
  • Surprised by how big Lechon was (a pork dish)
  • He ate almost the entire half of it.
  • After that, he claimed that his current favorite food was now Lechon
  • He also loves Turon!
  • Like everybody, your parents were weirded out by his natural bed head
  • The house pets love Kuroo and your parents find it cute!
  • They are excited for tHE BABIES. jk

Oikawa Tooru

  • Oikawa didn’t know that Serenading or ‘Harana’ exists.
  • He loves to serenade you to show that he is very serious with his intentions to you!
  • His favorite dessert is Halo-Halo (A popular Filipino dessert)
  • He loves to eat Sisig!!!!
  • When you went to a boodle fight with Oikawa for the first time, he was startled
  • You then told him that they use their hands to eat when in a boodle fight.
  • When he got the hang of it, he started to enjoy it.
  • “I’m never going to use a spoon and fork again.”
  • jk
  • Your mom was practically screaming about how handsome he is.
  • no, he’s gay, not European
  • Mom was excited about your wedding day

Akaashi Keiji

  • Akaashi never forgets to say, “Mano Po.” (A way of giving respect to elders. The person giving the greeting bows towards the hand of the elder and presses his or her forehead on the elder’s hand.)
  • He frEAKING loves Buko Juice (Filipino Coconut)
  • His favorite food is any kind of Sinigang ( Filipino soup or characterized by its sour and savory taste)
  • He was disappointed when there was no any kind of Sinigang in the boodle fight they went to.
  • When they got home, you then made some for him.
  • He loves going to Filipino Festivals because he said that it was very colorful and everybody was having some fun!
  • He also loves Palitaw!!
  • Your parents loved Keiji because of how he’s so well mannered and quiet.
  • You thought him well.
  • “My child, he’s so classy!”
  • Cue parents squealing.

Tbh I’m not satisfied with this but I had nothing else to write anymore. But I enjoyed it, I hope you guys did as well! Thank you for requesting and I hope you liked it!