Newt: You fought in the war?

Jacob: Of course I fought in the war. Everyone fought in the war. You didn’t fight in the war?

Newt: I worked mostly with dragons. Ukrainian Ironbellies. Eastern Front.


@hogwartsgirlgang network event: ravenclaw girls

“Myrtle,“ Harry said slowly, "how am I supposed to breathe?”

At this, Myrtle’s eyes filled with sudden tears again.

“Tactless!” she muttered, groping in her robes for a handkerchief.

“What’s tactless?” said Harry, bewildered.

“Talking about breathing in front of me!” she said shrilly, and her voice echoed loudly around the bathroom.”


@wizardingsource​: ships during the holiday (hanville)

neville and hannah spend a lot of the festive season at home either just chilling by the fire, baking sweet treats or watching christmas movies. on very special occasions they’ll go out on a proper date, and this christmas they went looking at the christmas lights in hogsmeade.