“It was better than he’d ever dreamed. The Firebolt turned with the lightest touch; it seemed to obey his thoughts rather than his grip; it sped across the field at such speed that the stadium turned into a green-and-gray blur; Harry turned it so sharply that Alicia Spinnet screamed, then he went into a perfectly controlled dive, brushing the grassy field with his toes before rising thirty, forty, fifty feet into the air again —”



The Philippine Institute For Magical Studies is the premier Philippine school of magic. Unlike its counterparts, the magical practices in the Philippines is rather unique. Here students are taught weather manipulation, spellcasting, kulam a voodoo type magic and elemental magic. The school is located in a unplotable island hidden by a magical enchantment. Students were made to wear white linen clothing with color accents to distinguish year levels instead of wearing robes like those in Hogwarts since the weather is tropical. Wands are commonly made of bamboo or reed. Prized ones are made of acacia, ironwood, mahogany, and ivory. Wand cores may range from sea nymph’s hair, a dried petal of afloreldina (a rare flower that blooms in the ocean’s abyss), a mountain guradian’s mane, or a feather from a kuruko (a ligthing bird).