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Cthulhu Tarot Cards (Major Arcana)
Major Arcana Tarot cards inspired by Lovecraft with the amazing art of Sara Bardi, and the new Cthulhu cult statuette for collectors.


Thanks a bunch to all my Patrons (who will get the cards for free) for supporting my art in general and this little project in particular! Now if you too want to buy the tarot deck just click up here! We ship worldwide! :D

Ok, I have just finished ploughing thorough the complete H.P.Lovecraft’s stories

And why is The Colour out of Space so rarely mentioned whenever HPL is being talked about?! 

It’s all Cthulhu this and Cthulhu that and he’s the most boring part of the whole mythology=_=


The way the horror just slowly creeps on you in the Colours is so insane until the resolution of the family drama bashes you over the head with how awful it all is. This is not Thing on the Doorstep last minute twist (which I fucking love too, but still), this is something that happens overtime and ends up with trees alive, people jumping down the well and crumbling to dust, and fuck the farm exploding into space would not happen, the image of the mother of the family turning to dust/rot/crumbs while alive is enough to sell me on the HP O_O

I stopped trusting the freaking Tonsil Stone, I am not picking that shit up ever again, fuck you Patches=_____=


Uhm… elder things.


Been to my favourite store in Florence today :D these guys are great! They do their best to promote roleplay culture and have a soft spot for Lovecraftian stuff, reason why they’re the ones behind “The Call of Lovecraft” a fantastic local convention about cosmic horror in gaming.

(Just imagine NecronomiCon but much smaller, filled with loud italians and no political drama in sight :P)

jack-masquerovich  asked:

What do you think BB is all about outside the lore inside the game? Like, have you seen how the dark souls are about the pain of birth? Do you think there's something similar behind the game?

jack-masquerovich added: Also, it took me a while to say this because anxiety, but I think the one soul possessed beast I’m the workshop tower is holding the door closed, not trapped behind it, because such door is opened from it’s side. Maybe it has something to do with the yarnhamites with the peculiar look that are in that area?            


Fist question, I think that Bloodborne doesn’t shy away from being “about the pain of birth” XD but at the same time, I would say it’s more about the pain of keep living after the loss of something, whether it be a child, a mother, a husband, faith, hope, whatever.

Miyazaki stated in an interview that:

(…) in the world of Bloodborne, babies that are treated as “special” in one way or the other are offered as lures to the Great Ones. The Great Ones have all lost their children because of their positions, and as a result, they’re attracted to these special babies. The babies are one way of calling them. This story setup was something I came up with pretty readily in my mind. When it comes to living creatures, the stronger or more advanced you are, the fewer offspring you produce in your life. Even with human beings, the birth rates in more advanced countries lower, right?

So basically, the more we ‘evolve’, the more it pains us to lose what we obtained. For Great Ones it’s their children, for the Scholars is knowledge (just think about Micolash lamenting not his imminent death, but the fact that he will forget all he learned), for Ludwig his honor as a defender of the Church and so on.

Cosmic horror as a genre often depicts maternity and femininity as terrifying. To quote dear old Howie Lovecraft, a lonely woman living in the countryside of fictional Massachusets can give birth to the unholy spawn of Yog-Sothoth (two lovely twins) because why not. And in Innsmouth, which is the major inspiration for Fishing Hamlet, the locals mixed with creatures from the sea giving birth to ‘unnameable’ hybrids.  

The bed of chaos birthed all the demons just like Lilith from Jewish mythology and Annalise is desperately trying to conceive a divine child while poor Arianna gets impregnated and gives birth in the course of a few hours. It’s a common theme and a quite explicit one in cosmic horror. Nothing really secret or hidden here ;)

Second question:

I noticed too and it even looks like the poor beast man is… sad? I don’t know, just kneeling there in front of the door. The huntsmen patrol that roams outside are the ones wearing the butcher set from the DLC (even if they were there since launch, meaning that the set in question was already loaded in the game before the DLC) but there’s also a snatcher… and a brainsucker…

There’s a lot of different people in that small area and if I recall correctly that’ also where all the small shop signs are hanged outside of the doors (has been a while since I paid close attention to that area so I may be wrong) mmmmh… this requires further investigation on my part.

I have a strong belief I’m the reincarnation of H. P. Lovecraft.

I mean, there’s the undying love for tentacles and everything creepy, I love short stories that end in death, I’m kind of a weird loner, I always considered Cthulhu to be my spirit animal and all my creatures come from your worst nightmares… Oh and I recently discovered I was born on my man’s HPL’s 100th birthday!


anonymous asked:

So, why do you think Ebrietas carried Rom's corpse to the Altar of Mourning (I refuse to call it Altar of Despair that was such an over the top translation)? Do you think they were buddies and she was trying to revive her? She seems sad when we enter her boss arena, ignoring us and all...

I don’t think the petrified spider on the Altar to be Rom to begin with. Their bodies are very different… the spider on the altar looks a lot like one of her babies all grown up.

That’s how I see it: the Choir tried to replicate the success of Byrgenwerth (Rom is a legitimate Great One after all, and Micolash and his pals wish to be granted eyes just like her) possibly with the help of Ebrietas. Someone was turned into Rom 2.0 and Ebrietas finally had someone to chat with who was not an inferior human being who would go crazy just by interacting with her for too long. The Celestials Emissaries seem to serve the same purpose. They are members of the Choir who evolved into a form better suited to understand and absorb the Eldritch Truth.

H.P Lovecraft’s tale “Through the Gates of the Silver Key” describes the conversation of the protagonist with an avatar of the Outer God Yog-Sothoth:

“I accept. I will not retreat.”
The waves surged forth again, and Carter knew that the BEING had heard. And now there poured from that limitless MIND a flood of knowledge and explanation which opened new vistas to the seeker, and prepared him for such a grasp of the cosmos as he had never hoped to possess.”

But the price to pay for such knowledge, that the hero never questions (These revelations came with a godlike solemnity which left Carter unable to doubt. Even though they lay almost beyond his comprehension, he felt that they must be true (…) ) is the loss of his identity as a person. His mind becomes so potent that he can see past, present and future at the same time, perceiving even the lives of his ancestors, descendants and inhuman incarnations. In fact, the only reason why Carter manages to save his consciousness from complete dispersion is that he invades the body and mind of an unfortunate alien guy who had nothing to do with him except the fact that they’re technically the same person in different worlds/dimensions… well, it’s complicated :P

What I’m trying to say is that we know that the Eldritch Truth is overwhelming and that the goal of Master Willem was to make our minds ‘fit’ to absorb and understand such revelations. Rom was considered a success despite her apparent ineptitude (Azathoth, Lovecraft’s supreme god, is also ‘blind and idiot’ so I would say  that the scholars were definitely on the right track) and I don’t think is a stretch to assume that the Healing Church was trying to recreate her ascension.

As for Ebrietas, her behavior is what marks the most important difference between Bloodborne’s Great Ones and Lovecraft’s Old Ones/Other Gods. The Great Ones have GOALS (and feels ç_ç). It’s clearly stated in various item descriptions that they yearn for a progeny, Moon Presence clearly has an agenda of her own and the Wet Nurse protects a special newborn. In addition, they’re said to be sympathetic and the fact that Ebrietas willingly helped the Choir is proof of this.

“Members of the Choir are both the highest-ranking clerics of the Healing Church, and scholars who continue the work that began at Byrgenwerth.
Together with the left behind Great One, they look to the skies, in search of astral signs, that may lead them to the rediscovery of true greatness.“ (Choir Garb)

So, the spider-like being that we see on the altar may be a failed attempt to recreate Rom and just like the Orphan of Kos mourns the death of his mother, so does Ebrietas for someone she maybe considered as her child/kin or at least a powerful mind equal to hers.